Huxley’s world becomes reality: WHO issues guidelines for editing the human genome

Against the background of the stories of the ideologists of globalism about the new “waves” of coronavirus and the delights of digitalization, WHO launched a procedure to legitimize the editing of the human genome, noting among the “side effects” the change in the traits of descendants, that is, the actual destruction of the genotypes of peoples and the creation of faceless biomass and the destruction of any ethnic group thanks to the genetic data of each person. 

If these people are not stopped, that humanity as we know it will disappear within the next 10-15 years. And this is not a fictitious date.

One of the points of the plan, “suddenly” came true. Two new reports published by the World Health Organization (WHO) provide the first global recommendations for “correct” editing of the human genome. This was reported by the website of the organization.

“Editing the human genome has the potential to expand our ability to treat and heal disease, but the full effect can only be achieved if we apply those capabilities to the benefit of all people, rather than exacerbating health inequalities between and within countries,” – Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, retold the speech of the ideologue of globalists almost word for word.

There were also voiced the “pros and cons” of the new medicine. In the pluses, of course, they wrote down “more targeted treatment and prevention of genetic diseases. Somatic gene therapy, which involves changing the patient’s DNA to treat or cure a disease, has been successfully used to combat HIV, sickle cell anemia and transthyretin amyloidosis. This method can also significantly to increase the effectiveness of treatment of various oncological diseases.”

Both narrators “fear” (if not to say that they are sure) that all this will not be very good for everyone, but rather exclusively for the rich. For the rest – medicines and vaccines from big pharmaceuticals. 

“However, there are certain risks, for example, when editing the germ line and the inherited human genome, which alter the genome of human embryos and can be passed on to subsequent generations, changing the traits of descendants,” the WHO said.

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And this is the very “icing cake” that pleases globalists very much and causes terrible fears for everyone else. In fact, the WHO reported that thanks to gene modeling, they will create a faceless gray mass without a homeland, faith, nationality, memory, and most likely also without gender. Yes, of course, culture, upbringing and education remain, but, firstly, they are being transformed, and secondly, each ethnic group or super-ethnic group has its own features.

And here, once and for all – there are no more people, no nations, but there is biomass under the control of “supermen” from the world government. And then all the problems of the “owners of money” will be solved by themselves: there will be no need to conquer the ‘enemies’, since there will be no ‘enemies’. And if someone “kicks up”, the “humanists” will quickly nullify this ethnic group thanks to the genetic material of every nation they have with the help of a “directed virus”. 

For Christians, this is nothing more than the Apocalypse, for the rest (except for the stubborn transhumanists and liberal bloggers) – an absolute world diktat in the style of the described “Brave World” by Huxley. 

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Of course, as is customary in the new brave world, with its digitalization and vaccination – not a word about the voluntariness of the experiment, not a convincing detailed story about its ultimate goals, finally, not a single thought about safety issues and the consequences of the project was said then. 

So, as in the case of vaccinations, artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of the state, we are keeping pace with the globalists here. And it is clear where we are going – they do not even hide it, presenting it as the highest good.

Freemason Huxley, in his famous fantastic book, described the results of these transformations as the dictatorship of the “Alf” from the world government and the division of people into castes precisely thanks to the editing of the genome. 

Those who do not want to enter this “wonderful world” will be driven into it with the help of a “friendly dictatorship” (like the current compulsion to injections with GMO drugs under the guise of a covid vaccine), which will become the basis of future governance.


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