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‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’- First video released from UFO-obsessed billionaire’s haunted ranch

'Hunt for the Skinwalker'- First video released from UFO-obsessed billionaire's haunted ranch 90

Daniel Oberhaus

The latest film in Jeremy Corbell’s ‘Extraordinary Beliefs’ series digs into the history of Skinwalker Ranch, an alleged hotbed of UFO activity formerly owned by Robert Bigelow.

There’s something strange happening in northeastern Utah. Over the last four decades, residents of Uintah county have reported hundreds of UFO sightings, dozens of bizarre and inexplicable cattle mutilations, encounters with otherworldly beings, and other paranormal activities. Although these sightings are reported throughout the county, they are especially prevalent on a 500-acre plot of land known as Skinwalker Ranch.

This remote stretch of high desert is the backdrop to Hunt for the Skinwalker, the latest addition to the “Extraordinary Beliefs” documentary series produced by Jeremy Corbell. With a runtime of just over two hours, the film is a visually stunning deep dive into the history of one of the strangest and most high-profile UFO investigations ever undertaken. The film features hours of never-before-seen footage collected by the reporter George Knapp during his seminal investigation into the bizarre occurrences at the ranch, which he collected in the 2005 book, Hunt for the Skinwalker. Corbell’s film is nominally a documentary, but it has the heart of a horror flick-a unique thematic combination that perfectly suits its deeply unsettling subject matter.

Corbell has been working on Hunt for the Skinwalker for years, but he told me that the publication of the New York Times story last year about the US Department of Defense “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” (AATIP) put his documentary team into “overdrive.” According to the Times, the program was created at the behest of Nevada Senator Harry Reid and most of its $22 million budget was funneled to Bigelow Aerospace, a company founded in 1999 by the billionaire hotelier Robert Bigelow, a close friend of Reid.

Among the many events studied as part of the secretive program was the now infamous “tic tac” UFO spotted by Navy pilots off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

The premise of Corbell’s documentary is that AATIP is only half the story. Long before the Times revealed the Pentagon’s secret UFO program, Bigelow was bankrolling the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a “living laboratory” on Skinwalker Ranch that represents the largest ever scientific study of unidentified aerial phenomena in history. Bigelow’s UFO lab was founded shortly before he purchased Skinwalker Ranch in the mid-90s and employed several physicists until its operations were shuttered in 2004. These scientists were tasked with studying the multitude of anomalous phenomena reported by the ranch’s previous owners and locals in the surrounding area.

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© Jeremy Corbell
The ridge on the ranch known as the “path of the Skinwalker” for the frequent reports of paranormal activity in the area.

Skinwalker Ranch first came to Bigelow’s attention in 1996 after a journalist for the Deseret News wrote about the strange phenomena reported by the Sherman family, who had lived on the ranch for years. The Shermans reported dozens of odd events-such as being approached by wolves that wouldn’t die after repeatedly being shot at close range with high powered rifles and brutal cow mutilations that left no trace of blood beside the carcass-but strange phenomena had been reported in the region for years.

In 1974, the plant physiologist Frank Salisbury collected hundreds of UFO reports from residents in the Uintah basin region of Utah, which includes Skinwalker Ranch and a Ute reservation. According to Corbell’s documentary, Ute tribal members have recognized the otherworldly phenomena occurring in the area for centuries. They characterize these events as the work of malevolent tricksters, similar to the ghostly “skinwalkers” of Navajo folklore.

After Bigelow established NIDS at Skinwalker Ranch, he hired the biochemist Colm Kelleher as the project’s deputy administrator. Bigelow’s collection of scientists studying “anomalies” in a secluded desert research lab quickly garnered the attention of the local press, including Knapp. In a series of articles written in the late 90s for the weekly Las Vegas Mercury, Knapp tagged along with the investigators as they tried to get to the bottom of the strange happenings at Skinwalker Ranch.

george knapp skinwalker ranch

© James Corbell
George Knapp on the eve of the New York Times story.

Knapp kept his video camera running all during his visits to the ranch and much of this footage is shown for the first time in Corbell’s film. Hunt for the Skinwalker pivots between Corbell’s visits to the ranch last year and Knapp’s old footage to create a detailed portrait of Bigelow’s obsessive, two-decade hunt for extraterrestrials.

“There seem to be more restrictions to accessing the ranch than even our government’s most secret military bases,” Corbell told me in an email. “No footage has been allowed off the ranch-ever. There was a veil of secrecy for two decades, but that veil has been officially lifted by my film.”

In Skinwalker, Corbell places a premium on the testaments of local residents who claim to have seen UFOs or experienced paranormal phenomena in the region. Although the film also features a short interview with Bigelow conducted by Knapp, this plays a surprisingly small role in the film.

“Robert Bigelow has moved on from what he was doing at the Skinwalker Ranch,” Corbell said. “He has never gone on camera publicly about Skinwalker Ranch, so this is the first and likely only time you will ever see that.”

Notably absent are updated interviews with Kelleher and the other scientists who were involved with NIDS. This isn’t all that surprising, given the eye-roll effect the phrase “UFOs” tends to evoke from other scientists and the fact that NIDS turned up next to no scientific evidence of paranormal phenomena occurring at Skinwalker Ranch. Nevertheless, there are documented incidents of bizarre cattle mutilations that are detailed in Corbell’s film that seem to defy all explanation.

'Hunt for the Skinwalker'- First video released from UFO-obsessed billionaire's haunted ranch 91

© Jeremy Corbell
One of the many mutilated carcasses discovered on the ranch. Noticeably missing: any sign of blood.

At one point in the film, when Corbell is sitting around a campfire with several of Skinwalker investigators and locals, he says he “no longer has the luxury of disbelief.” Although Corbell’s deep knowledge of UFO history makes him the perfect filmmaker to tackle a documentary on Skinwalker Ranch, I couldn’t help but wish he had leaned into his skepticism a little bit more. Generally speaking, Hunt for the Skinwalker can be described as enthusiastically credulous- no belief is challenged and Corbell never entertains alternative explanations for the otherworldly phenomena experienced by his subjects.

For example, there are a number of prominent military and air force installations in northern Utah, which could account for many of the strange bright lights reported by locals. Indeed, a 2002 report by NIDS suggested that the black triangles seen by many residents were likely military blimps, although this was never officially confirmed by the government.

One of the hardest aspects to account for is how widespread accounts of paranormal activity are in the Uintah region. Over the decades there have been thousands of reports of unidentified aerial phenomena and confrontations with otherworldly entities. While the sheer scope of these reports lends them some credibility, mass hysterias are also deeply American. One need only consider the witch scares among puritans, when hundreds of people claimed to have seen evidence of witchcraft, to see how such ideas can run rampant among isolated populations.

Corbell disagreed that his film was wanting in skepticism, but he acknowledged that his approach to filmmaking precludes him from trying to fit the experiences from others into a neat narrative. Tackling fringe subjects required Corbell to seriously consider the nature of what constitutes evidence of an event. For him, eyewitness testimony is a powerful sort of evidence, as are the mutilated carcasses, photographs, and video evidence collected by scientists at NIDS.

“This was frustrating for the scientists who studied it and I understand that,” Corbell said. “However, it’s the job of science and journalism to investigate the unexplained, not to explain the uninvestigated. By refusing to immediately explain away the uninvestigated with the prosaic does not indicate a lack of skepticism-quite the opposite, really. I’m skeptical of skeptics, too.”

'Hunt for the Skinwalker'- First video released from UFO-obsessed billionaire's haunted ranch 92

© Jeremy Corbell
The anonymous new owner of Skinwalker Ranch, who is continuing investigations into paranormal occurrences at the site.

If anything is certain, it’s that there is something deeply weird about Skinwalker Ranch and Corbell’s documentary does a fantastic job of capturing the paranoia, fear, and wonder of those who claim to have experienced the inexplicable. Although Bigelow sold the ranch in 2016, this is a mystery that is far from solved. To wrap the film, Corbell sat down with the anonymous business magnate who has since taken up the mantle of investigating paranormal activity in the region. As the anonymous source acknowledged, the hunt for the skinwalker is far from over-if anything, this is just the beginning.

“We still don’t know what we’re dealing with and that’s the bottom line,” Corbell told me. “The events and phenomena experienced and studied at Skinwalker Ranch appear like a performance by a discriminating, precognitive sentient intelligence.”


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Indians and aliens – “I was told that there are four aggressive species in the universe, and humans are one of them.”

Indians and aliens - "I was told that there are four aggressive species in the universe, and humans are one of them." 105

Dr. Ardi Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University, who is a native of the Cherokee tribe, has studied Indian stories about the “Star People” and collected stories of encounters between aliens and native Indians over the years.

Here is one of the stories she recorded, which she recorded from the words of a female elder named Tali:

I have seen star creatures all my life. The first time I was about 8 years old. I picked berries by the river. I watched the ship descend and land across the river. I crossed the river, stepping carefully over the rocks so as not to get my feet wet. I was curious; I’ve never seen anything like it.

As I approached, the door opened and I went inside. I remember that the star beings greeted me. There were two women. One combed my hair and said that I was beautiful. After that, I often met with them.

Sometimes I brought them flowers, sometimes stones. My grandmother told me that stones have a soul, and I tried to explain it to them. I don’t think they understood. But they taught me to heal with my hands. Star doctors taught me how to treat diseases with my hands. They taught my grandmother how to heal.

When my grandmother died, the star beings were very saddened and I was tasked with continuing her work and learning about herbs and healing people naturally and metaphysically.

They are light, tall and thin. They are much smarter than us, but they are interested in our development. They travel the stars and learn from others throughout the star system. They collect information about the aging process of earthlings. They are trying to understand why we die so young.

Star people live much longer than we do. The normal age for them is 1000 Earth years. They do not have such diseases as we do. Their civilization does not consume alcohol and tobacco.

They choose who they will be, their job and stay on it forever. They become experts in their field, which leads to many discoveries that improve their lives. Star physicians visit Earth constantly. They mostly watch, but all over the world there are “helpers” who serve them. Both my grandmother and I were their assistants.

Star people call themselves observers.

They weren’t cruel. I was told that there are four aggressive species in our universe. People are one of them.”

Dr. Clarke ends the story like this:

“For the next five plus years, I frequently visited the reservation to meet Tali. She remained strong and mobile until her death at 95. On the day of her funeral, several people saw a UFO appear and hover in the sky. I was one of them.”


In the stories of many people who have come into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, there are references to the fact that they are just observers. It seems that some of these creatures are just curious observers of planet Earth, collecting data, as if some of them are carrying out scientific missions to bring information about other planets and civilizations back to their planet.

We are not alone in the universe. Perhaps one day we ourselves will become aliens for someone exploring another planet.

Can we change?

As for the fact that humans are one of the most violent species in the universe … We are empathetic beings with tremendous potential for good. We really can, but we do not change, and if you were an alien watching what is happening on our planet, you would probably be intimidated by how aggressive and cruel we are …

It is a pity that we are in a group of worlds characterized as aggressive, but I really hope that we will change. People can change, but only by standing at the edge of the abyss and realizing that if they do not change, human civilization will simply disappear. We are already on the edge of the abyss. We have actually destroyed the house we live in and the name of this house is Earth.

Humanity has only two ways – to change or die out.

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The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO’s in the public domain

The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO's in the public domain 106

The Black Vault, which publishes declassified data, has posted on its website an impressive archive of CIA documents related to UFOs. The founder of the project, John Greenwald, says that he received all the documents by official means from the hands of the organization’s employees.

And suddenly, the CIA declassified its entire database of UFOs. That is, the secret service has documents from the 1980s and everything shows that conspiracy theories are becoming a reality. Already, the “Black Vault” website contains several relevant documents, which can be downloaded by anyone.

The term “Unidentified Flying Objects” is commonly used in the documents.
Some of these may be due to light reflections or errors in the pilot instruments. However, some are objects of inquiry by the Pentagon.

The CIA claims that they have nothing else, but it is not possible to verify this statement.

It was possible to obtain information thanks to the Law on Freedom of Information, and the process itself was launched at the turn of the 70-80s of last century. 

The representatives of the special services had to admit that the public ultimately has the right to find out the secrets of the government, but the process of transferring information is not really regulated. According to Greenwald, he spent 25 years in endless meetings, disputes and bickering with the CIA, until he finally got what he wanted.

But not everything is so simple – the researcher was handed a box with about 10,000 printed sheets of very low quality. He had to scan them manually, some things could not be disassembled at all, many documents were scattered. 

“Starting about 20 years ago, I struggled for years to get additional UFO records from the CIA,” Greenwald said in an email to Motherboard. “It was like pulling teeth! I went around with them to try and do it, finally achieving it. I received a large box with a couple of thousand pages, and I had to scan them one page at a time.”

The CIA used the rather outdated .tif format, so software processing is also difficult. Ufologists don’t have to talk about a gift, it’s more like trying to get rid of garbage in order to get rid of annoying researchers. 

“Researchers and curious minds alike prefer simplicity and accessibility when they look at such data dumps,” says Greenwald. “The CIA made it INCREDIBLY difficult to use its archives in a sensible way. They offer a very outdated format (multi-page .tif) and offer largely unusable text output, which I think they intend to use as a “search” tool. In my opinion, this outdated format makes it very difficult for people to view documents and use them for any research purposes.”

However, there are also enough mysterious stories there.

Thousands of files were uploaded in the first 24 hours after release, Greenwald said. Some documents are crisp and clear, while others are almost impossible to decipher.

According to Greenwald, one of the most interesting documents in this article relates to the fact that the Assistant Deputy Director of Science and Technology passed on some serious information about UFOs to the CIA back in the 1970s. After that, it became extremely difficult to obtain information from the government about extraterrestrial phenomena.

The release of the documents comes six months before the UFO report to be released by the US government. This means that the revelations are not made at this time randomly.

In particular, intelligence experts have 180 days to formulate an official report on signs or secret aircraft near US military bases, which will be released later.

The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO's in the public domain 107

Greenwald posts the files in the Black Vault, as he claims that publishing the files is a matter of public interest and notes that citizens have a right to know.

“The public has a right to know!” Greenwald says. “When I started my research almost 25 years ago, at the age of 15, I knew there was something about this topic. Not from viral online pranks, not from secret meetings with insiders that no one has ever seen. No, this is all UFO evidence straight from the CIA and NSA. I feel like I’ve almost achieved what I set out to do – give people easy access to important material so that people can form their own opinion about what’s going on.”

The aliens are already among us.

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Trump-signed bill obliges US federal services to publish UFO contact data

Trump-signed bill obliges US federal services to publish UFO contact data 108

The incumbent president of the United States signed the government spending bill this Sunday. The bill signed by Trump, among other things, obliges the US federal services to publish data on contacts with UFOs. American magazine Newsweek told about it in its publication. This provision appears in the report of the Special Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Senator Mark Rubio. 

The document is an annex to the new Exploration Permit Act. It says that the US Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence and other officials must report on the facts of observation of aerial objects that could not be identified. They are also called “anomalous flying vehicles”. Of course, this is not only about “alien ships”.

Reports must be submitted no later than 180 days from the date of entry into force of the law. The special committee demands to include in them a detailed analysis of investigations of UFO “intrusions” into American airspace, which were conducted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The publication calls all these requirements a “request”, stating that they are not binding, since they have no legislative force.

If the executive branch fulfills this important request, the nation will finally have an objective basis for assessing the validity of this issue and its implications for national security.
– said the former director of human resources of the Senate Intelligence Committee Christopher Mellon.

The request from the special committee came after the appearance of the footage of flights of mysterious aerial objects, which were filmed by the pilots of the naval aviation in 2004 and 2015, published by the US Department of Defense.

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