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Hunger stones appeared in the rivers of Germany and the Czech Republic while European Union urges its citizens to ‘eat crickets, worms and grasshoppers’ instead of meat

Hunger “Stones ” appeared in rivers in Germany  and the Czech Republic, a result of the drought in Europe.

These stones were used to mark desperately low river levels that would predict famine.

On the stones were written messages that could only be read if the river bed fell below a certain point.

The photo of the article is from a “stone of hunger” in the river Elbe.

It is an inscription from 1616 that says: “If you see me, weep.”

The European Commission has approved the consumption of insects

The European Commission has approved the consumption of crickets, worms and locusts as food for European citizens due to an unprecedented food crisis, the planet is expected to find itself. In addition to fuel price shocks, global food prices will rise by 8.5% by 2027, according to the UN’s adverse scenario.

The increase in the price of fertilizers contributes decisively to the increase in the price of food, as CNBC reports citing the US Bureau of Agriculture, some fertilizers are expected to increase by up to 300% from the price they had in September 2020.

“Last year the price was about $270 a ton and now it’s over $1,400 a ton,” Meagan Kaiser, of Kaiser Family Farms and director of the United Soybean Board, told NBC adding, “It’s scary.”

According to the European Commission, we are urged to turn into insect meals not only because we will not have food soon enough but we will also be doing good for the environment:

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– high food conversion efficiency of insects
– less greenhouse gas emissions
– less use of water and arable land
– use of insect-based bioconversion to reduce food waste

Yes, that’s what the campaign says!

The Commission’s advertisement for the consumption of insects by EU citizens:

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While the text of the campaign states verbatim:

“Whether it’s a snack or a food ingredient, did you know that there are currently three insects approved in the EU ‘novel food’?

The house cricket, the yellow mealworm and the migratory grasshopper are the three types of insects approved as ‘new food’ on the EU market.

The International Food and Agriculture Organization indicates that insects are a highly nutritious and healthy food source.

Insects are high in fat, protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals and can facilitate a shift towards a healthy and sustainable diet.

Eating insects is safe.

“Novel food” can only be approved if it poses no risk to human health.  It must undergo scientific evaluation before approval to ensure its safety.

It’s up to you whether you want to eat them or not!

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The use of insects as an alternative source of protein is not new and insects are regularly eaten in many parts of the world.

Let’s try it!”

It’s neither a joke nor a troll. It is the “bitter” reality of the new world being imposed to live in along with many others. 


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