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Conspiracy Theories

Are the Hunger Games Real?

by T.S. Caladan 

Could we be once again seeing some form of truthful reflection or what is really going on behind the scenes of Hollywood in the Hunger Games series?  These films, like many others, often show the unaware public a theatrical play or representation of what has been actually occurring in secret enclaves.


Why wouldn’t the real elite that run the planet just LOVE the Hunger Games?  New World Order obviously financed the series.  Examine posters for film #2 ‘Catching Fire.’

We have a pagan ode to the SUN.  We have the element of FIRE as in Prometheus stealing from the gods.  Later, the main character of Katniss Everdeen transforms into a dark image with wings (‘mocking-jay’).  She represents the Firebird or Phoenix that has risen from its ashes.  She is referred to as the ‘Girl on Fire’…a rebirth into a new Order.  Mason Manly P. Hall wrote that the symbol for America is not the eagle, but (secretly) it is truly the PHOENIX; New World from old.  These are all Illuminati themes.


The main character symbolizes legendary ‘Diana’ with bow.  Was Katniss written to be skilled with the bow to represent Lady Diana that the elites of the world may have murdered?  Her death happened (coincidentally) near a garden in Paris dedicated to legendary Diana.  If the idea sounds absurd at first…notice the release date for the HG sequel.

The date is exactly 50 years TO THE DAY that those who held the Torch previously…assassinated JFK, the President of the United States.  NWO enjoys small touches like that; words; phrases; symbols; #s in films that the average person would not notice.  But, to Hollywood Insiders…They know exactly what is going on with extremely dirty dealings behind the curtains.

There are Hunger Game parallels to Harry Potter and even Twilight series of films.  Generally, the commonality is feeding killing; sanctioned murder; Witchcraft; paganism; darkest of evil Magick (with a K) and other Masonic ideas…to our teenagers and even children (Disney, for example).


Above poster for HG2 contains the Firebird Phoenix and ‘FIRE’ is a part of the sub-title.  She is posed like a Statue of Liberty or Lady COLUMBIA seen on our money with the classic, cloudy background.  Why was such a series financed about setting the world ablaze with killing each other?  (‘The Purge’).  NWO is showing us exactly what THEY have been doing.  Superrich elite hide in darkness and pull deadly strings.  You will not know what you are seeing on film unless you have realized the many KEYS (symbols) to understanding their madness.

No producers in their right minds would ever fund millions on such a twisted HG society unless something is really up that we commoners do not know.  And let’s get it straight: it is not the Hunger Games!  Don’t PG an R-rated thing like bloody, tribal WARS that the movies do so they can reach larger audiences and promote violence like it is sweet syrup.  These films are not romantic.  IT’S THE KILLING GAMES!!  


     Possibly, the metaphor is precisely what has been happening in the real world for centuries.  We die in endless conflicts while wars are, essentially, merely the frivolous ‘games’ (tricks) that aristocrats PLAY on us.

     Same can be said for Harry Potter.  First, a corrupt literary world saturated us with the J.K. Rowling novel which she probably did not write.  See the televised story of Harry Potter with actress Poppy Montgomery playing J.K. Rowling.  It was totally bogus.  We’re supposed to believe a big agency accepts HAND-WRITTEN sheets from a first time author?  The ms. wasn’t even TYPED!  Also, we’re supposed to believe corporate execs simply were in ecstasy when they heard a story of a being so evil its name could not be uttered…fed to our CHILDREN…and youngsters playing with demonic forces?  Really?  See how far YOU would have gotten in London if you would have tried that.   

     Let’s go through the Hunger Games and analyze some of the lines and story in an attempt at speculative decoding.

First lines in the film are, ‘…saw some turkeys on the way here, crossed right in front of me like I wasn’t even there…stupid birds, start to think they own these woods.’

The ‘turkeys’ could stand for US; ‘stupid birds’ or twits who twitter on Twitter.  We think we have a Democracy and own the country (woods) but in truth…we are owned and programmed by a few (‘republic’) overlord masters.

Kat and Peeta (Peta? – represents goodness/compassion, lacking in elites) board a train on a tribute tour as previous winners.  Train also takes them from poor communities of general masses to the Capital where a group of elites live and run their society.  This is identical to the train taking Harry, Hermione and Ron from the ‘muggles’ universe to the land of Hogwarts and magick.

Katniss is full of regret for her participation in the elite’s Killing Games.  ‘I did what I had to do to survive.  If I didn’t, I’d be dead.’  Does this ominous line in a movie have actual dire and dark consequences in regard to the real actress, Jennifer Lawrence?

Storm troopers take Katniss to President Snow (Donald Sutherland), head of the controlling/fascist empire.  There are various snow scenes.  SNOW refers to deception or a snow job.

Leader Snow worries of rebellion and tells her that some see her trick with the berries (first film) as defiance and seeds of revolution.

Katniss replies, ‘it must be a fragile system if it can be brought down by just a few berries.’

President Snow says, ‘you fought very hard in the Games, Miss Everdeen, but they were GAMES.  Would you like to be in a real WAR?’  (‘no’)  ‘Good, neither would I.’  Here is a hint that the ante will be upped; meaning: everything will be amplified in the Next Level…as in degrees of Freemasonry.

Snow basically orders her to continue the charade of love for Peeta for the sake of their society.  Kat agrees or has no choice.  They are heroes.  They are media darlings and (false) symbols of what their society represents.


On the train, just before they see trucks and armaments, a PYRAMID is formed by the tracks; looking out the rear as the scene fades to black.

One of the couple’s guides to the posh world of Aristocrats is Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks of Modern Family).  She is an elite that is as phony and ditzy as they come; a perfect agent of superficial commercials for the State.



One scene has her in a stunning red dress with hair whipped up in nearly ram horns.  Their guide into the decadent world of Capital elite could be construed as the Devil or boatman/Death-specter of the ‘Reaping’ to come.  Tick Tock…We first view Effie seen against a statue with wings coming out of her head as she SLUMS visiting the simple home of Kat’s family.

Trinket tells Katniss to enjoy the honors bestowed on her; ‘you’ve earned it.’  Kat fires back: ‘BY KILLING PEOPLE?!

Good guy, Peeta promises money to families of fallen friends in the Games.  The concept is mind-blowing to Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and the elites.  GIVING without a blood-oath-deal is an act they cannot comprehend.

When trouble breaks out (storm troopers flexing their muscle), innocent people are shot and killed.  Filmmakers were careful to not show blood-and-guts as to keep HG PG-rated.

More revealing dialog was when Haymitch speaks to a frightened Katniss.  She pleads, ‘I never meant for anyone to get killed…just get me through this trip; just help get us through this.’ (crying).

Haymitch replies, ‘what about them?!  Who’ll protect them?  Wake up!’ (clicks fingers)  ‘This trip doesn’t end when you get back home.  You never get off this train…you are Mentors.  Now, every year they’ll drag you out and broadcast details of your romance.  Every year, your private life becomes theirs (public)…your job is to become a DISTRACTION so people forget what the real problems are.  You’re going to smile and read the cards Effie gives you…and you’re going to live happily ever after.’

Was the veteran actor (Harrelson) telling newcomer and ‘rising star,’ Jennifer Lawrence, you can’t get out of the deal you signed with the evil Industry!  Even if you go home and pretend to be normal; you’ve signed a Blood Oath to ‘The Industry’…and your goose is cooked.  Enjoy the super glamour and stardom now because there will be consequences later.

The stated ‘Mentors’ is another stage where they move up in degrees and must recruit a new, younger batch of innocent prospects to pass the Torch to.

Like in ‘Rollerball,’ rules to the Hunger Games were changed to suit the governing elite.  Because it was the special 75th anniversary of the Games, winners of all Districts had to face each other in a new Quell.  The news devastates Kat and other winners who have to put their lives on the line again.


The news also shocks Johanna MASON (Jena Malone), a former winner who goes into a tirade later.  She’s made to parade in front of Capital cameras, dressed as an elite, but will soon have to fight.  She screams, ‘deal was if I win the Hunger Games, I get to live the rest of my life in peace!  But, now…you want to KILL me again!  Well, you know what?  [email protected] that!  And ____ (we have the few F-words allowed in a PG movie).  She also stripped in an elevator, but we missed the naughty bits.


Jena started acting at a very young age.  Of course, she had performed in numerous G-rated roles for Disney and other mild productions.  She was always the image of purity and cuteness.  Then, she grew up and her roles have drastically changed to a darker side.  She played ‘Rocket,’ an unwilling prostitute in ‘Sucker Punch.’  Is her real story of Hollywood decadence; going down the wrong path…mirrored in her roles?  Was there good reason to cast Jena…or, is she a sweetie in real life without any affiliations to the dark side?

Is the inclusion of Mason’s explosion of emotion; to be roped into Kill/Or Be Killed AGAIN…symbolic of starlets who have had some fame, but now want OUT and cannot get out?  Possibly, the public has no clue to what’s written on celebrity’s contracts in invisible ink.

There is a special, lavish Party at an exclusive Capital mansion; bathed in red, white and blue colors.  It is reminiscent of the Rothschild mansion, featured in Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that also includes exotically dressed Party (cult) goers.  Blue is the prime color which means ‘bluebloods’ or Royals.  Do the costumes and people at the HG Party look familiar?


The Hunger Games aristocrats were directly taken from not only Rothschild parties (look up Google images of guests in masks; some with antlers and bizarre items on table), but also from ritualistic practices that are a part of the Occult world; a part of the world of the Rich and Famous.

‘Winners’ from Districts or low rungs of society marvel at the FOOD and culinary delights at the extravagant Party.  (They also have very advanced technology, but only for the elite as we saw in ‘Elysium’).  Rich guests are spoiled snobs that stuff themselves while the rest of the planet virtually starves to death.  ‘Only the rich 1%, poor 99% and no middleclass exists’ describes the futuristic society.  Is this not what we are quickly rushing toward; too many having too little and too few having all the Power and Authority?  HG could be talking about today.

[note:  My last article on W-M concerned the murder of Stanley Kubrick; who I believe (like many celebrities) was seduced by the secret elite.  At its conclusion, I threw in a thought that POSSIBLY Philip Seymour Hoffman was also killed MAYBE because he didn’t want to play THE GAME anymore; and the heroin OD was a lie.  I was not fully aware of who was in HG2 upon viewing it for the first time very recently.  As you probably know…we’re coming to the entrance of P.S. Hoffman into this film.  (surprise to me)  When I realized that, Bells at Notre Dame went off!!  Something’s going on behind the scenes.  In a film, that I’m speculating tells Insider secrets of real Kill-Games and other gross things like blood-drinking and Satanism/tribal paganism…also has ‘the Hoff’ as the elite’s Game-Maker!  Now, what the hell does this all mean in the real world involving what MIGHT be his murder?  Do some of the lines in the film relate to what will happen to Hoffman?]

We meet Plutarch Heavensbee, Head Game-Maker.  Hoffman tells Jennifer Lawrence,if you abandon your moral judgment, you can have fun.’  Was he talking about Hollywood?  Look at what the real Plutarch was known for: ‘Parallel Lives and Moralia.’  Did Hoffman show signs of Moral Judgment and NOT want to go along with the dictates of his handlers?  Was he skating-the-edge with them, close to BEE-ing in Heaven?

Hoffman’s character tells Katniss, being Head Game-Maker was never the most secure job in the world (refers to other deaths at the position.  Does the title here reflect Masonic titles like Master Mason, etc?).

‘Then, why are you here?’

He answers her with, ‘same reason as you…I volunteered…ambition.  A chance to make the Games mean something.’  (Do stars on the rise see only riches and ‘volunteer’ then later realize they have a big price to pay?)

She says, ‘the games don’t mean anything.  They only mean to scare us.’  

President Snow, with the blue mansion in the background, drinks a toast.  The toast he drinks is BLOOD.


Hoffman to President Snow, ‘I agree she (Kat) should die, but in the right way at the right time; moves and counter moves…they think she is one of them; we need to show she is one of us…’

Snow (Sutherland) says, ‘Fear does not work as long as they have Hope.’

Hoff replies of their plan, ‘they’re gonna hate her so much, they’ll probably kill her for ya.’  Hoffman, the Game-Maker, directs WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES? in this fantasy.  Was Philip in charge of real ‘who lives and who dies?’ situations…and refused some terrible act he was ordered to do?  Simply speculating, folks.  Even thugs in street gangs have been ‘asked’ to kill someone, or they get ‘whacked.’

People are picked in the Hunger Games as they picked out of a Witch’s hat in Harry Potter.  On CBS’s ‘Survivor’ (childish Lord of the Flies-version of HG), what do the tribes do?  They pick out of a container in some kind of RITUAL.  What we see in films could be G-to-PG, vanilla reflections of tremendously evil and cruel acts committed behind the scenes.

Does Hollywood always have to throw secrets in our ignorant faces while making productions where only THEY have the Key?  Did you know ‘magick’ WANDS were made from only holly?  ‘Hollywood’ creates magick spells, illusions and lies.  At one point, she is called ‘Katnip.’

Haymitch explains to Kat, ‘forget everything you think you know about the Games…it’s not about trust, it’s about staying alive.’  In the back is a statue-like girl with her mouth covered; one eye and strips over her face…which could represent Illuminati secrets within secrets.

He says to Kat, ‘most of these (elite) people have been friends for years.’

Kat responds, ‘that just puts us higher on their Kill List.’  [Hear fearful Randy Quaid on YT speak of Hollywood’s Whack Squad].

Harrelson says, ‘do it your own way and you go it alone…I know these people.  They will hunt you down…both of you.’  (Lawrence & Hoffman?)

Later, Fennick asks Kat, ‘you want a sugar cube?  If we see something sweet, we better grab it. (horse-stable)  Money; anything you wanted…’

She says, ‘well, I don’t like jewels and I have all the money I need.  What have you done with your wealth?’

Fen: ‘I haven’t dealt with anything as common as money in years.’  He confesses in a whisper that the most precious item is ‘secrets.’  They are new to The Industry and dazzled by its initial sweetness (cube).  Did the ‘I have all the money I need’ refer to real life Jennifer Lawrence?

We see Hoffman behind a force-field.  Is he next to go?  Kat performs and bows to the elite on the balcony.  Patterns on the wall are similar to Masonic, checked floors.

One brilliant participant in the New Games and friend of Kat suggests to Caesar, the MC (Tucci), ‘if the Quell was written into Law by men, it can be unwritten.’  The right thing to do was fluffed off for the cameras, of course.

After more parades and phony speeches in the elite’s media-show, Kat asks, ‘does anybody believe this?’

Harrelson answers with the truth, ‘apparently, everybody.’  Sad fact is any dog-and-pony show; sports, music spectacle; war; news or political events over the media…are believed by the general public.

      Effie says she is ‘very sorry,’ but her hands are tied by higher forces.  Haymitch says good advice, ‘remember who the real enemy is.’

At one point, all the winners hold hands in unison.  ‘United’ is often used and seen in print.  Also the phrase, ‘we’re a team’ is repeated in HG2.

There are ‘trades’ for lives as you can replace another in the Games.  What real world deal does this aspect symbolize?  (Do they test Love by asking if one will sacrifice their life for a lover or family member?)  The old lady sacrifices herself.  Do these stage-characters actually refer to real people?

Snow and Heavensbee are always watching and influencing the ongoing Games.  They have Big Brother ‘Eyes in the Skies’ and monitor everything.  A Blood Rain occurs and drenches Jena; very Biblical.

Jena yells at the monitors, ‘what if we set your backyard on fire?!  You know, you can’t put EVERYONE in here!’  She sadly adds, ‘they can’t hurt me.  There’s no one left that I love.’  The mind-set today is the elite CAN control everyone via television screens and other media.

We hear the words, ‘keep me alive for the next six hours’ as we view a profile of Seymour Hoffman.

Hunger Games display faces of the dead on large screens.  The Academy that gives out Oscars will soon display their dead on large screens, which will include Philip Hoffman; James Gandolfini and Paul Walker. 

HG Elite rulers of Earth have dropped bombs and completely wiped out District 12 and other Districts!  Gamers use an electrical cord to tap into lightning, not unlike Prometheus.  The dome eventually crashes and lets the SUNLIGHT shine down.  Filmmakers just had to add fires all around Katniss as she is saved.  The girl, unlike Lady Di, rises into a craft and is rescued.  The ship is triangular.  Kat has gone through Hell and appears brutalized, but is alive; reborn again.  Last scene lends itself to the next movie…


In conclusion to consider…Elizabeth Banks (Effie) and Seth Meyers did a short, comedy-shtick during the last Golden Globes as presenters.  Both groveled to the cameras and said, ‘we will do ANYTHING to get ahead!  Anything!’  Now, Banks has a successful film career as well as a hit TV show…and guess who is taking Jimmy Fallon’s place on Late, Late Night?  Seth…hmmmm.  Also, heroin users are thin as a rail.  Hoffman had been a hardy man all of his later life.

‘They’ have set the planet on fire with continuous wars, hatred and lies.  In future, THEY may choose to literally set the world on fire; as long as the most powerful of madman Monarchs are safe.  We, the 99%, are suffering victims of Masonic/secret Elite.  Do we also have to have our noses rubbed in it every time we see a big budget movie?  And…you know…Jennifer Lawrence will probably win an Oscar for being in ‘American Hustle.’  We’ve all been hustled…

– T.S. Caladan (not one of THEM; just heard a few things over the years).




Conspiracy Theories

TR-3B’s are absolutely real but who ‘owns’ them?

In early October, on many UFO channels, two very unusual UFO videos were discussed. Their unusualness is that, in contrast to many similar clips, their reliability is beyond doubt and the “discs” can be seen very well there – you can even see some details. 

The first video was filmed from the International Space Station. For readers who, due to the remoteness from the city, have too expensive traffic, we present an enlarged program image of the “plate”

Well, this is the video itself:

A lot of incomprehensible video material comes from the ISS, but most often there are either just luminous objects in the frame, or some vague shadows, which skeptics later call pieces of foil, but here it is definitely not foil, and in general terms you can understand how these “saucer plates” look. 

The second very unusual video was filmed the day before over the state of New York:

Direct link to the original mufon.

This is not a computer graphics, nor a secret drone. This is a TR-3B, which, as we can see, exists and can be viewed in detail. In the center there is some kind of basic, apparently, an engine, three engines (nozzles?) in the corners and they obviously work on some other principle – their color is different.

What are the three small lights along one of the edges of the triangle is not clear. Either it is some kind of device for taxiing the apparatus, or signal lights. And this thing bears little resemblance to some kind of “extraterrestrial device”, which causes more and more concern among people. Why? 

If the Pentagon has had such aircrafts for a long time (triangles have been observed in the sky for at least 30 years), then why all this circus with F-35 and other airplanes? To keep people busy in their production and rip off money from buyers? Or are the squadrons with these strange vehicles not under the control of the Pentagon? But who do they obey then? 

Conspiracy theorists are now offering two main explanations for the situation – good and bad.

A good explanation suggests that Trump and his Space Forces are behind these secret ‘ashtrays’. That is, either these TR-3Bs report directly to him, or Trump was promoted to the White House by the people who are behind the development of these devices. And now, visually flying over some cities of the United States, some secret military from Area-51 made it clear to the Deep State who is in charge in America and in the world in general:

 The second possible explanation for the flashes of TR-3B is already very pessimistic and suggests that the military behind these technologies is precisely the same Deep State. In this case, the collapse of America is a foregone conclusion and no Trump can do anything there. 

In any outcome of the elections, first unrest will begin in America, then China, the UN and other “peacekeepers” will climb there to restore order, during which the Chinese MiG-21s will bring down F-35 packs, since an invisible UFO will fly in front of them and do all the work … And the whole world will be surprised by the “great Chinese power”. 

Then China will begin to establish its own order, spreading hegemony throughout the world. Someone will fall under it voluntarily, but someone will not agree with such a new order and a hefty war will begin that will cover the entire planet. The last battle will obviously be somewhere in the Syrian desert, where the Chinese, according to prophecies, will bring 200 million people. And at that moment, TR-3B will appear from the clouds and burn all the army – both from one side and the other.

Further landing ramps will fall, some cyborgs or genomutants will be dumped from the miracle-ships in formation and will report that so they say and so – from now on we will all live without wars, according to new rules, in a new global and friendly world. This will be followed by a general command to chip. 

We do not know which of the options is correct. We hope for the first, but the second is also not excluded. Everything will become more or less clear only after the US elections…   

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Conspiracy Theories

Chatham House – The Open Conspiracy Organization Emerged 100 Years Ago

HG Wells  in “The Open Conspiracy. Blue Prints for a World Revolution”(1928) wrote that in the twentieth century the world entered a dangerous phase of development, which could end in catastrophe and even destruction of mankind. The only way to prevent a catastrophe, Wells instructed, is the elimination of sovereign states and the creation of a One World Government, headed by a small group of people – representatives of the intellectual elite and big business.

The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution

The idea of ​​world domination has been nurtured for centuries by various secret societies (Templars, Freemasons, Illuminati). However, their plans and activities were hidden from the eyes of the authorities and the people. In the twentieth century, there was an argument to open these plans. And it was necessary to hurry, because scientific and technological progress was accelerating, remaining uncontrollable. The arms race continued and accelerated in exactly the same way.

At the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, these issues were discussed openly. It was decided to create the League of Nations, through which the British and Americans expected to begin building a new world order. True, there were disagreements between the ruling circles of the United States and Great Britain. London believed that the ideal basis for a united world was the British Empire, over which“the sun never sets.” In Washington, it was believed that America became the No. 1 power after the First World War and that it was she who should lead the movement towards a new world order.

Colonel House
Colonel House

However, both in the USA and Great Britain there were politicians who considered these imperial ambitions to be “prejudices of nationalism”, considering themselves a single elite of the highest Anglo-Saxon race. Such was Edward Mandel House  (1858-1938) – diplomat, adviser to President  Woodrow Wilson  (Colonel House). Lord Alfred Milner  (1854-1925), one of the key figures in the cabinet of David Lloyd George, was also a consistent supporter of Anglo-Saxon mondialism.

Lord Alfred Milner
Lord Alfred Milner

Colonel House was very upset when, while at a conference in Paris, he learned that Washington had rejected US participation in the League of Nations, the provisions of which were laid down in the Versailles Peace Treaty. He very much hoped that the League of Nations would become an instrument for the creation of a United State. After that, in the same place, in Paris, Colonel House met with British partners. They agreed that two organizations would be created in the United States and Great Britain, closely interacting and implementing the Anglo-Saxon project of building a new world order.

The first of these organizations was established a hundred years ago, in the summer of 1920. It was the  British Institute of International Affairs (BIIA) , renamed toThe Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)  in 1926  and still exists under that name. The Institute is also known as Chatham House, which is the name of the building in which it is located (next to Westminster Palace in central London). In 1961, the  RIIA  changed location, but the Chatham House name remained.

The preparatory work for the establishment of the  RIIA  was carried out by  Lionel Curtis , Lord Milner’s secretary. The status of the institute is a non-governmental non-profit organization that exists at the expense of voluntary donations. The first donation of £ 2,000 was made by Thomas Lamont  of J.P. Morgan Bank. John D. Rockefeller  has contributed  £ 8,000 annually to the RIIA since 1932. Later, the  RIIA  began to regularly receive large regular donations from American charitable foundations (the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and others).

The first head of the institute was  Robert Cecil  (1864-1958) – British lawyer, parliamentary, public and statesman, active employee and ideologist of the League of Nations, winner of the 1937 Nobel Peace Prize (for services to the League of Nations). Lionel Curtis was promoted to RIIA Honorary Secretary. The leadership of the institute also included former Foreign Minister  Edward Gray , former Prime Minister  Arthur Balfour , Lord Lothian, renowned English economist  John Maynard KeynesAlfred Zimmerman  (Oxford professor, author of The League of Nations and the Rule of Law). Zimmermann had a capable student, Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975). On Zimmerman’s recommendation, Toynbee became the institute’s first paid employee. Toynbee was later appointed director of the institute. At Chatham House,  Toynbee played the leading role for three decades (1925-1955). He directed scientific research and was at the same time a high-ranking officer of the British  MI6  (intelligence) service. Much of the RIIA research was done on behalf of MI6 .

Arnold Toynbee
Arnold Toynbee

RIIA did not arise out of nowhere. It became a superstructure over the rather secret organization “Round Table”. According to historians, this society arose as a secret in 1891 in South Africa at the initiative of Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902), a famous figure of British imperialism, who linked his life with the British colonial expansion in South Africa. Rhodes, a gold and diamond miner in South Africa, was associated with the Rothschilds. In 1910, the Rothschilds established the Round Table in London; the main public figure for the Round Table was Lord Alfred Milner. During the Lord’s lifetime, the Round Table was often called the Milner Group. Many historians believe that at the beginning of the 20th century the composition of the Round Table and the composition of the Committee of 300 (the world elite).

As Nicholas Hagger notes  in The Syndicate, the history of the creation of a secret world government and the methods of its influence on world politics and economy ”, the activities of the Round Table had two contours – external (open activity) and internal (secret activity). The task of the Round Table, writes the famous American historian  Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) in the book Tragedy and Hope, was “no less than the creation of a world system of financial control, concentrated in private hands and capable of influencing the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system will be completely feudally governed by the central banks of the world, acting in accordance with secret agreements concluded at frequent personal meetings and conferences. Quigley was very fond of the Round Table, being the official historian of this society.

The Round Table set out the task of creating a world government governed by international bankers. Many researchers of the Round Table activities believe that the program of this organization as a whole coincides with the program of the Illuminati Order in the 18th century. The successors of the Illuminati, members of the Round Table, viewed England as an Atlantic force, not a European one, and counted on the creation of a federation of English-speaking countries. Milner has established Roundtable Groups in South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and CIF. They were all run from England. They included the most famous politicians of the British government, and they were all devoted to the idea of ​​world government. The Roundtable has always wanted to transform the British Empire into a federal system that would eventually include both the United Kingdom and the United States.

The RIIA  was a continuation of the Round Table. After the death of Lord Milner in 1925, references to the Round Table became rare, and more often people began to speak of the Royal Institution. In 1931, Toynbee gave a speech in Copenhagen, in which he declared:  

“We are currently working with all who can make all the nation-states of our world forget about the mysterious power called sovereignty. And we constantly deny what we really do .

Nicholas Hagger believes that Toynbee was more American than British, as most of the funding came from overseas, from the Rockefellers:  

“For 40 years, Toynbee was actively involved in the RIIA’s efforts to create a world government. In his writings, Toynbee argues that nation states are withering away and will be supplanted by the “Rockefeller” world government. Although Toynbee’s work is fascinating, it is unfortunately completely unreliable .

Toynbee was a prominent member of the Fabian Society, ideologically close to the Labor Party. Toynbee and his associates Herbert Wells,  Bertrand RussellBernard Shaw, brothers Julian and Aldous Huxley did not rule out that the international socialist movement would become one of the possible ways to create the One State. In particular, Toynbee and his associates were very impressed by the Bolsheviks’ commitment to internationalism, although the Fabians and employees of the Royal Institute did not share communist views.

Among those who surrounded Toynbee, many understood that the building of the One State was a task for the distant future. It is necessary to move towards the cherished goal gradually. The creation of a united Europe, in which individual states would dissolve their sovereignty, was considered as a closer goal. Toynbee managed to live up to this time, when the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957 by six European states (1957), and later the European Economic Community (EEC) began to be created.

A year after the establishment of the RIIA, a mirror institution was created on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, called the  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) . The origins of the organization were Colonel House and  Paul Warburg  (1868-1932) – one of the initiators of the creation of the US Federal Reserve System. CFR members   included Woodrow Wilson, Colonel House, and a number of other influential politicians, bankers and businessmen. Particularly noteworthy are members of the Council such as  John Foster Dulles  (served as Secretary of State under President  Eisenhower ) and his brother  Alain Dulles (future first head of the CIA). A close informal relationship was established between John Dulles and Arnold Toynbee. John Dulles, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Rockefeller Foundation, has helped ensure that the Royal Institution receives regular financial support from the Foundation.

All publications on the Royal Institution usually refer to the  Chatham House Rule . It assumes that participants in closed meetings have no right to disclose the authorship of those other opinions outside the small circle of RIIA members  . Opinions can be published, but as impersonal. The rule is intended to encourage maximum openness and frankness in internal meetings. The official mouthpiece of the institute is International Affairs  and World Review .

Since 2005, the Royal Institution has established a prize – the  Chatham House Prize . It is awarded annually to “the statesman or organization that Chatham House members believe have made the most important contribution to improving international relations in the past year .” 

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Conspiracy Theories

Meteorite as a false flag? Shadow government prepares kinetic orbital strike

According to watchers, citing top NASA officials, on September 24, 2020 at 11:18 UTC, an asteroid designated as 2020 SW will approach the Earth.

The asteroid is small, about 10 meters, but the distance will also be quite small – 0.07 LD / 0.00019 AU / 28 423 km / 17 661 miles:

Meanwhile Express, again with reference to the nice guys from NASA reports that two more asteroid rocks are flying towards us – RH6 2020 and RQ3 2020, which will pass by the Earth in the next day. Both asteroids are about 50 meters in diameter, the distance to them will be crazy (about 10 LD), so the probability of something falling to Earth is excluded. However, the options may be somewhat different.

As the famous American conspiracy theorist Michael Salla recalls in his video for September 16, the Earth may collide not with an asteroid, but with a real orbital bombardment. Cleverly, this is called “kinetic orbital impact“:

As you can see from this explanatory video, a satellite placed in orbit can launch heavy and large tungsten rods on the Earth, the impact of which will be comparable in force to a meteorite impact. That is, practically an atomic bomb, but without undesirable damaging factors in the form of radioactive contamination.

Michael is a person known without any exaggeration and he has been studying the topic of orbital bombing for many years, suggesting that sooner or later the Deep State will use these weapons to organize one or another false flag. In particular, Michael posted another big article about this at the end of August.

When Michael Salla was just starting to raise awareness on this topic, they laughed at him, because people did not believe that certain intruders would shoot such things at their country. But much has changed since then, and the same fires in California leave no doubt about the deliberate arson. Therefore, if someone could encroach on California from orbit / from an airplane, then why not strike, for example, on New York?

In light of this possibility, any reports about asteroids are already suggestive, especially if these asteroids are trumped at all angles. There are also conspiracy theorists, who could well have given information – tomorrow a large stone will fall on Earth, but just do not tell anyone, since we told you the information in secret. And when something falls from heaven, everyone will know, there will be no need to explain anything to anyone.

On the other hand, something really flies near the Sun: If we assume that it is Nibiru, which brought a cloud of asteroids with it and these asteroids begin to fall on their heads, then the authorities may try to hide even this. And in this situation, people such as Michael Salla, who are sometimes called by the term “useful fools” by the special services, will become especially useful. That is, a person, speaking from a pure heart and not in any cooperation with the FBI / CIA, brought to the people information about some kind of “orbital strike”, which could be blamed for everything and even then start a small retaliatory nuclear war.

In general, the options can be different and, as it were, mutually exclusive, nevertheless, with any of the options, something healthy falls on the city and the people living there will absolutely not care whether it flew in Nibiru, or is it an orbital strike, or even a nuclear war.

That is why the probability of a false flag with bombing from orbit must be borne in mind – especially when NASA publicly discovers something there or conducts exercises about meteorite fall. As Michael Salla reminds, according to the scenario of the last NASA / FEMA exercises, the meteorite arrived in 2020, on September 20

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