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Hummingbird Pyramid Discovered Among 17 Ancient Temples

Hummingbird Pyramid Discovered Among 17 Ancient Temples 3

By Alex Putney | Waking Times 

A monumental discovery was recently made south of La Maná, Ecuador on November 17, 2013 while exploring low mountains along the Calope River. The megalithic ruins of an ancient temple have been partially exposed by the dynamite blasts of roadworkers and the erosive action of water, uncovering large sections of basalt foundations along two sides of a structure exceeding 70m in height.

The La Maná region has drawn attention for decades after the Head of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Mines Dr. E. Guillermo Sotomayor (1918-2009) made the surprise discovery of a cache of hundreds of ancient relics that included dozens of magnetic stone artifactswith inlaid designs that fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Sotomayor’s years of research concerning a set of 13 magnetic stone cups led him to recognize the astonishing purity and curative effects of the springwaters of these mystical mountains.

Thick kaolinite clay beds filter rainwater while the activity of lightning and the presence of precious metals below ground imbues the water with trace gold and silver nanoparticles, forming the natural electrum colloid venerated by the pyramid-building Paleo-Sanskrit culture as the elixir of life: ‘Soma’.

Four decades have elapsed since those initial discoveries of ancient artifacts and sacred Ayurvedic water sources in La Maná, yet international public interest and intrigue surrounding this lush cloud forest location has only grown. Gold mining activity in the enclosed valley immediately south of La Maná had dredged up thick layers of ash and debris associated with volcanic outbursts that peppered the entire area with a rain of tiny gold pellets that are absent in more recent soil deposits.

Hummingbird Pyramid Discovered Among 17 Ancient Temples 4




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In 2013, exploration of the low mountains rising to the south of the valley mines and the Calope River provided a wealth of megalithic evidence that had not been recognized by previous investigators of this area. Newly recognized Paleolithic technologies for the manufacture of synthetic stone, bulk concrete and binding cement recently identified at archeological excavations on pyramids in Bosnia and Indonesia provide a cultural precedent for remarkable basalt structures located here in Ecuador.

In particular, the giant monuments of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids constitute architecturally reshaped and refaçaded mountains with beautifully paved apex platforms and causeways that are closely replicated in the soil-cloaked forms of the mountains of La Maná. After thorough investigation, several restructured mountains in the La Maná area have been confirmed as artificial constructions.

The most visible of these hidden ancient monuments is a riverfront pyramid construction that presents a triangular north-facing plane rising at a consistent inclination angle of 45° to its apex, over 70m in height. The symmetry of this ancient construction can be clearly observed from across the Calope River, while the apex platform and rear causeway are most visible from due west (above).

This ancient monument has been named the Hummingbird Pyramid, after the great variety of local hummingbird species whose rhythmic wingbeats symbolized psychoacoustic influences among all ancient cultures of the Andes. The apex of the Hummingbird Pyramid (0.9978°S 79.2283°W) is situated closely along the 1° south latitude, 7,472 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. This resonant distance interval represents 30.02% of the Earth’s mean circumference of 24,892 miles, exactly corresponding to the 2:3:5 Fibonacci proportional relationship known as the Golden Ratio.

This sacred geopositioning relationship between the Great Pyramid and the La Maná pyramid complex was visually expressed in the designs of the UV fluorescent Third-Eye Pyramid and World Map stone artifacts. A pair of palm-sized octagonal stone disks engraved with UV fluorescent circles reference the mandala of Sanskrit tradition that has been decoded in previous works as thequantum iterated function [ zn+1 = zn2 ], expressing the global distribution pattern of infrasound standing waves.

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Commonly referred to as Schumann Resonance, this fluctuating set of resonant planetary frequencies is composed of the sum of cosmic, solar, lunar, planetary and terrestrial vibrations that find continuity in the resonant cavity of Earth’s atmosphere. Earth’s energetic cocoon was extolled as the Akashic Field in votive passages from stone tablets preserved at Paleo-Sanskrit cultural sites on every inhabited continent of the world, praising the beneficial actions of Indra, the divine personification of resonant infrasonic influences from the planet Jupiter upon all living organisms of Earth.

Resonant interactions of elements within all living cells were well recognized by the highly advanced biological and spiritual sciences of the global Atlantean Sanskrit culture as the eternal source of the flame of all life, illuminating every cell from within. In their complete knowledge of the kundalini physics of the qi meridian system, our Atlantean forbearers designed arrays of massive, solid-state electromagnetic healing temples that focused and transduced planetary resonance.

Before any discussion with the community members of this area on such complex subjects, one local resident and guide to the region mentioned the unusual recurrence of rumbling sounds in these thickly forested mountains surrounding the magnificent Seven Cascades. He stated that ultra-low frequency sounds often resounded during the nighttime hours, especially during the rainy season months from December to April, and suggested these mountain peaks were used by ancient people for transmitting communications over long distances. Tesla would have agreed with that suggestion!


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