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Humanity – settlers from Phaethon or Mars, and not the first inhabitants of the Earth?

Humanity - settlers from Phaethon or Mars, and not the first inhabitants of the Earth? 1

People were always intrigued by the origin of mankind, and even more diverse versions appear in the light of this searching for an answer process. There is an unusual version such as the resettlement of humans from other planets of the solar system to Earth. To be more precise, the relocation from Mars or Phaethon.

Even in scientific circles, there are still disputes that in ancient times there could be another large planet in the solar system, and it was located between Jupiter and Mars. They named it Phaeton.

We know practically nothing about Phaethon, if, of course, it really existed, but some interesting facts can be noted.

For example, at this point in time between Mars and Jupiter, you can see a huge accumulation of asteroids and all kinds of space debris. Some researchers suggest that this accumulation of debris is the remains of the ancient Phaethon.

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Please note that the version with the existence of Phaethon is not an invention of the yellow press, but a completely scientific version.

After the discovery of Uranus in 1781, a group of 24 astronomers was even created to search for the missing planet, which, in theory, should exist according to mathematical data. However, instead of a planet, scientists gradually found only more and more asteroids, and then it turned out at all that instead of a planet there is only an asteroid belt.

Since then, the opinion has been preserved that these asteroids are the former Phaethon.

There is a belief that initially people could appear on Phaethon, or, in extreme cases, on Mars. But if everything is clear with Phaethon, then the situation does not need any clarification with Mars. When something bad happened to Phaethon, then Mars at that moment in time could be habitable. However, we should recall that these planets were almost like neighbors.

When Phaethon scattered into countless asteroids, Mars could get a few bonuses and suffer irreparable damage. Thus it turned out that due to one accident, life could leave the entire solar system. But we still have Earth.

Whether it was the Phaetonians or the Martians, they simply had nowhere to go, except to move to Earth. Thus, it becomes clear why people are so unadapted to survival on Earth, because this is not our homeland.

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Our bone structure, biological rhythm, lack of claws and other characteristics could be initially adapted to completely different conditions, which is why life on Earth is so difficult for us. This is not to mention the difference in the atmosphere and gravity. That is why our mind is superior to other creatures on Earth, because we are strangers here.

The musculoskeletal system of people is not adapted to earthly conditions. The reason is a relatively recent appearance on Earth. Indeed, after 50 years of living on Earth, 80% of earthlings begin to have serious problems with joints, bones, cartilage, and so on. Our body cannot withstand the constant load that gravity exerts on it. Do you know what is the main cause of aging of the body? Oxygen! It is this substance that oxidizes the cells. But, without it, a person is not able to survive. However, If the hydrogen content in the air were higher and the oxygen content a little less, then the aging rate could be noticeably reduced. 

Scientists have discovered a number of exoplanets, with an exact proportion of these substances. Theoretically, a person would live much more comfortably there than on Earth. The same goes for water. We are accustomed to the formula of water (H2O), but this substance also has a very destructive effect on the human body. 

You also noticed that 24 hours in a day is clearly not enough for people. It is extremely difficult to have time to do all the things in this period of time and go to bed on time. An experiment was conducted in Canada where people were placed in special bunkers for six months. There they could not keep track of the exact time, and a few weeks later their daily routine switched to a biological clock. It turned out that the human genome contains information about the 28-hour schedule. The scientists modeled Phaeton’s flight trajectory, made adjustments regarding the forces of attraction of neighboring planets, and it turned out that it was there that the day lasted approximately 27 hours and 56 minutes. 

According to approximate estimates of scientists, Phaethon disappeared about 16 million years ago. Given the possible errors in the calculations, even from a scientific point of view, this version is by no means meaningless.

It is interesting that in the solar system there were theoretically three planets in the belt of life: Earth, Mars and Phaethon. It is with the third planet that researchers associate human origin. In their opinion, on the fragments of the planet Phaeton, located in the asteroid belt, scientists have found traces of oxygen and hydrogen. Moreover, their content is quite consistent with the comfortable living of us. As for the force of attraction, it was somewhat less than on Earth. That would also have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Maybe we didn’t actually evolve from monkeys, but arrived on Earth as a result of a catastrophe on our home planet? Phaeton was destroyed, Mars was not habitable, as its third satellite was about to crash to the surface of the planet and destroy the atmosphere. 

Earth remained and considering that Phaeton’s civilization could be taken by surprise by the destruction of the planet, hundreds were saved. They arrived on Earth in ancient times and founded the first civilizations. Or maybe they did not establish anything at all, but degraded to a primitive level and only centuries later, humanity began to develop in new realities. 

It is even more surprising that in some myths there are stories that painfully resemble the story of the fall of Phaethon. Now it is difficult to say whether this is just a coincidence or a piece of real history, that part of it that our civilization could forget over time.

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