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“Humanity is waiting for a catastrophe”: the processes leading to the self-destruction of our planet and the consequences of the asteroid Apophis fall

Alarming anomalies are seen in all layers of the earth’s system. Ultimately, they will lead to a catastrophe on a planetary scale in the coming years, US scientists have warned world leaders. Furthermore, since the discovery of the asteroid Apophis, astronomers have been speculating about its possible collision with the earth. They do not rule out that the fall could happen in the spring of 2029, provoking extreme natural anomalies.

Doctor of Philosophy and physicist Allen Egon Cholakian recorded an appeal to the political leaders the United States, Russia and China. In a video published on the Earth Save Science Collaborative portal, the scientist said that a catastrophe on a planetary scale will soon await the Earth.

The oceans don’t do their job

According to scientific data obtained by Cholakian’s team, alarming anomalies were noticed in all layers of the earth’s system, the Earth’s core has become unstable and is shifting in an unusual way. 

“Recently, we have identified various alarming anomalies in all layers of the earth’s system. There is an unusual displacement and destabilization of the planet’s core, sporadic and chaotic acceleration of the Earth’s rotation and a change in its axis of rotation,” the scientists said in a statement published on the Earth Save Science Collaborative website.

What is happening on the planet has affected the oceans, the scientist noted. Huge masses of water have ceased to perform one of their most important functions. According to the researcher, until recently, the oceans were a compensatory and cooling mechanism, which has now stopped working.

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The current situation threatens the Earth, as it can provoke a catastrophe on a planetary scale in the coming years, Cholakian stated. The creation of an international scientific center that will bring together the best minds of the world can save the situation. Only in this way can humanity be given hope that a catastrophe will not happen, he concluded.

The fall of Apophis

Since the discovery of the asteroid Apophis, scientists have been speculating about its possible collision with the earth. Astronomers do not rule out that the fall could happen in the spring of 2029. 

Such bodies fall to Earth about once every million years. They become one of the reasons why certain species on the planet are rapidly dying out. But it is not specifically clear whether Apophis will fall to Earth. It is known that it will fly very close to our planet. 

Theoretically, an asteroid could hit one of the satellites and for this reason, Apophis received such fame. It could nosedive at the level of geostationary satellites, which are always above the equator in orbit and remain motionless relative to the Earth’s surface.

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If Apophis still falls into the ocean, then many countries will suffer and a catastrophe of a regional scale awaits humanity. Subsequently, not only cataclysms and tsunamis are possible, but also fires. Coastal regions around the world are more likely to be affected after a collision. if Apophis hits the Earth, then an area the size of a small country could be severely damaged.

The probability that it will hit the Earth is very small as astronomers are always monitoring its position and calculating its current orbit. Theoretically, people have nothing to fear but we need to wait and see, as always.

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If Apophis strikes our planet, then it will descent on the equatorial territories. although It can be assumed that the probability of such a collision is generally small. 

According to scientists, it is now very difficult to predict which specific territories will be affected by the asteroid’s fall. This can be calculated only in the next day before its approach to the Earth’s surface. It is simply impossible to find out before.

Disturbing news

Apocalyptic scenarios are not new to mankind. Some of them have been known since antiquity.

The Earth is doomed to perish and humanity will not be able to influence it in any way, but before nothing remains of it, billions of years could pass. At the moment, the Earth has existed for about half of its measured life. This information is confirmed by scientists involved in geological and tectonic sciences.

The blue planet has been in its place in the solar system for about four billion years, our planet still has about the same time, it varies from three to four billion years. 

Earth’s life, just as it began with fire, must end in fire. That is, when the sun expands and engulfs the Earth, it will be the end of the world.


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