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Humanity has already faced coronavirus in ancient times, and it spurred the evolution of our ancestors

Humanity has already faced coronavirus in ancient times, and it spurred the evolution of our ancestors 1

Humanity is much more familiar with the coronavirus than we previously thought. Moreover, it is likely that it was he or similar infectious diseases that helped shape the current appearance of a person. This conclusion was reached by an international group of scientists who discovered traces of ancient viruses in the genome of modern people.

The interaction of viruses with human cells occurs through proteins that are encoded by specific genes. It is a dynamic system in which traces of previous changes can be found, just as the appearance of a tree’s rings indicates important events in its life. 

As part of the global fight against coronavirus, scientists with the help of the 1000 Genomes Project began to look for traces of the past effects of viruses on human DNA and found them.

Professor Kirill Alexandrov
Professor Kirill Alexandrov from Queensland University of Technology

Scientists have used evolutionary analysis to find evidence of the coronavirus epidemic raging among the ancestors of East Asians. Corresponding markers have been found in a number of ethnic groups in Southeast Asia who live in countries such as China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

“Coronavirus” found in 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic texts

In India, a researcher of ancient traditional medicine, Dr. Smith Naram, while studying 5,000 years old Ayurvedic scriptures, discovered a chapter that describes the symptoms of a disease very similar to the coronavirus COVID-19.

A chapter titled “Crimi”, which means “infections”, was found in the texts of the Charaka Samhita collection. It describes something that cannot be seen with the naked eye, since it is “Maha Sukshma”. That is, it is something so small that you cannot find it without a special tool.

The Charaka-samhita describes in detail how this something settles in the human respiratory system. Moreover, “Maha Sukshma” in the ancient text is described as a round shape with “heavy” thorns.

“I was amazed at how close the description of Charak Samhita is to the description of the new coronavirus,” says Smita Naram. “It explains how Sleshma Krimi, after settling in the respiratory system, causes coughing and shortness of breath, and sometimes leads to death. “.

These ancient texts contain recommendations on the diet of infected people, as well as practical advice on strengthening the immune system, especially the respiratory system, using various medicinal herbs.

Adaptation and immunity

The first clear signals of changes in the genome of ancient people appeared 25,000 years ago, the pressure continued until about 3000 BC. That is, our ancestors suffered from dangerous viruses for thousands of years, but eventually adapted to them, significantly improving their immunity.

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Scientists do not presume to say whether these were precisely coronaviruses, or a number of very different strains. Maybe humanity has repeatedly been hit by several large and dangerous viruses, or all this time it was constantly sick, like we suffer from the flu every winter. But the fact is obvious – no matter how many epidemics there were in the past, they eventually made our species stronger and healthier.

Delta strain: 5 seconds are enough to get infected

Experts presented new conclusions regarding the mutated strain of coronavirus, which, unfortunately, are disappointing: you can become infected with Delta in just 5-10 seconds, and not 15 minutes, as mentioned earlier. This makes the new virus one of the most contagious, a WHO spokesman said.

Another news that is frightening is that people who have had coronavirus are also in danger. Delta is an overly contagious strain that eludes almost any immunity. Even if you have antibodies in your blood, the chance of infection is still high.

The first signs indicating the presence of Delta in the body:

  • sneezing;
  • nasal congestion;
  • sore throat.

Symptoms are the same as for a common cold, the temperature rises and a cough appears. In some cases, nausea, abdominal pain, hearing problems, diarrhea and skin rashes are possible.

According to the latest statistics, Delta is already available in 92 countries. It is possible that this particular virus will cause a new deadly wave, which is outlined this fall.

The most difficult situation is now in Portugal: the Delta accounts for about 70% of infections. In Catalonia, the incidence is still at the level of 20%, but after a few weeks this figure will increase significantly.

Delta is officially recognized as the most dangerous variant of the coronavirus: it is not only more infectious, but also deadly. It is 1.6 times more aggressive, patients are 1.5 times more likely to end up in intensive care.

Note that for the first time the virus appeared in India, in an extremely short time it managed to spread throughout the world. There are no details about the possibility of deterring the virus. Developed vaccines are likely to be ineffective.

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