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“Humanity behaves like a cancer”: experts on why aliens should destroy us

"Humanity behaves like a cancer": experts on why aliens should destroy us 1

In 2020, the US Department of Defense announced the creation of a special unit in the Pentagon to investigate UFO-related situations. A reasonable question: the cases and testimonies of many eyewitnesses have been filling the information field for more than a dozen years, but the creation of such a unit is happening only now?

Increasingly, pilots of combat aircraft become witnesses of unidentified flying objects, glowing balls and discs are watching over military bases, classified objects and in places where any disasters or military conflicts occur. 

“They were always watched. Above military facilities, they accompanied missile launches, many officers told us about the contacts. Naturally, no one reported this, because further – dismissal and a psychiatric hospital, at best.”

Never before has nature behaved as aggressively as in 2020: fires in California, a man-made disaster in Beirut, thousands of Kamchatka’s underwater inhabitants are thrown ashore, and a global epidemic of coronavirus occurs. All this, maybe imperceptibly, but quite actively accompanied by the presence of UFOs.

According to some experts, extraterrestrial civilizations can use – no less – asteroids as weapons. According to experts, special mechanisms are currently being developed that allow changing the trajectory of “fire stones” flying into the Earth. This means that no one prevents other forces from using this weapon against humanity.

“Many civilizations may well use asteroids as bases or spaceships, arranging special living compartments inside a hollow asteroid. The USA already has such a project, called “Rama”. They received a grant for it. “

However, some experts are convinced that if the aliens wanted to destroy us, they would have done so already. And all those catastrophes that are pursued by UFOs are just a way of communicating with humanity, along with the numerous symbols, signs and crop circles that are observed throughout the planet.

 All these events and signs may well be a remote device, with the help of which, if something happens, you can erase humanity from the face of the Earth, if the aliens need it.

“Unfortunately, humanity has recently been behaving like a cancerous tumor on Earth. That is why the processes that destroy us are included. Perhaps, for this, these symbols were created as a safety device when people start to get out of control or cross the forbidden line in their actions, ” a scientist shares his fears.


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