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Human herd on the run from free range farms to intensive-meat processing plants

Human herd on the run from free range farms to intensive-meat processing plants 1

To artificial intelligence, the creative potential of mankind is unnecessary. Keep in mind that an “alien” intelligence is also hiding behind the screen of artificial intelligence.

The masters of world civilization have begun to actively destroy the old world order in order to clear a place for the new one, according to the principle “the worse for the old, the better for the new.” There is only one place for life, therefore, the adherents of the new destroy the structures and mechanisms of the old in every possible way, without worrying about the logic and justification of their actions in the eyes of their victims. There are no revolutions without senseless destruction and cruelty. These reforms require logic and proof, and revolutions are not obliged to prove anything to anyone, only then they can win, due to the impossibility of returning to the destroyed past.

The mass consciousness was deliberately taught that the highest level of world politics, the ruler of the destinies of states and peoples, is geopolitics, although, in fact, it is a faithful servant of cosmopolitanism, and the official world political leaders are just “errand boys” for this very cosmopolitan backstage. As soon as this very backstage puts pressure on these very political leaders, they begin to gush with absurdities and destructive decisions, which we now observe everywhere.

Cosmopolitans now need a lever of pressure on the obstinate representatives of the world elite, for this they were lured into the trap of the occult and the sacrifices of entertainment.

The all-round destruction of the old world order is the essence of the main trend of the outgoing 2021 year. In the past year, the behind-the-scenes pressure on world politics, on world business and the administrative elite has grown many times over and developed into a mass terror of sabotage.

Wrecking is the core profession of official politicians in the era of the artificial collapse of the old world order. Destruction, demolition of the existing rational world order: to break the logistics, destabilize the energy supply, if not physically, then organizationally, administratively. To break the supply of goods, to make the movement of citizens as difficult as possible, to obstruct, to prohibit – this is the essence of the present moment of the new world revolution. 

There are everywhere far-fetched, exaggerated, false reasons to complicate, worsen and destroy people’s lives, within the framework of the old world order. And again, the world is dominated by the logic of the “inverted system”: the more absurd, the better and more effective. The organization of an absurd fight against a fake enemy is one of the essential elements of such sabotage.

Why are energy prices now artificially raised to the skies? – To bring down both mass production and mass consumption. Do not forget that progress in industrialization and mass, popular consumption in the 19-20th century took place as more and more new types of energy were involved in production. 

The amount of energy consumed and the standard of living of the population are in direct and closest relationship, and now energy resources are made fabulously expensive, inaccessible to the population, in order to dramatically reduce the standard of living of this very population all over the world. In a word, fast forward to the archaic and the extinction of the “surplus” population.

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Energy hunger will necessarily be followed by food and information hunger, and any other hunger, with shortages and deficits.

It must be understood that the NWO, a digital civilization, is a much more primitive, flawed civilization and culture, in comparison with the old verbal modernist civilization. Even now, the younger generation is much simpler and more primitive than the educated people of the early 20th century, and then the decline in the intellectual and spiritual level of the population will only accelerate, under the pressure of virtual-digital standards of education and pastime.

In the new digital world, a man-number will not live a free life, according to his own understanding and calculation, but only move from one regulatory location to another, having verified himself with a QR code, when moving from one permission to another. You are provided with service inside the location – and you move on to a new location, according to a predetermined AI algorithm. In a word, not an old free life, but a new conveyor existence. 

Future digital person

A future digital person will envy primates in nature, like exotic birds in a zoo envy free birds soaring in the air. However, dreams, ideas, emotions, spiritual impulses – they will all die out in the soul of a digital person, like “nonsenses and absurdities.”

The human herd on this planet has always been under the supervision and control of their shadow masters, it is just that in some epochs and civilizational orders, these owners allowed their herd of people to play with sovereignty and independent development, and now they intend to shorten the leash for this herd to a minuscule.

Many “thanks” to human programmers who have created tools for total control over the behavior and management of each of the representatives of this human herd, for their fellow tribesmen.

The human herd does not have and has never had a full-fledged subjectivity in this world, so do not be surprised why now this herd so easily and simply runs to an electronic concentration camp.


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