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Huge temperature anomaly over Europe: the climate is preparing to explode

Huge temperature anomaly over Europe: the climate is preparing to explode 1

The summer of 2021 brought with it, in addition to an unprecedented heat, many other anomalies to all continents. So in South Africa, for the first time in history, snow fell, Japan broke all historical records of summer temperature, China is sinking, in Brazil there is either drought or icy cold, which is not characteristic of this latitude. In general, there is plenty of adventure for everyone. 

These adventures also affected Europe – a permanent flood in Belgium and Germany, a gigantic hail in Italy, tornadoes in central Russia, which never happened before. However, it seems that Nature is preparing another surprise for the continent:

Huge temperature anomaly over Europe: the climate is preparing to explode 2

The screen was taken on the night of July 30, 2021, service , the temperature distribution is shown on the map. As you can see, the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Caspian Sea, Aral Sea and Persian Gulf have a pronounced temperature anomaly compared to the coast. The difference is very sharp and clearly runs along the coast-sea border, which is best seen in the example of Turkey:

Huge temperature anomaly over Europe: the climate is preparing to explode 3

On average, the temperature difference between the coast and the sea is 10 degrees, for the Turks the difference reaches 20 degrees. It doesn’t work that way!

Huge temperature anomaly over Europe: the climate is preparing to explode 4

The screen shows the temperature distribution in North America, where everything is within normal limits. So, the air over the Gulf of Mexico warmed up to 35 degrees and the same temperature in Mexico and Texas. That is, everything is distributed evenly. Why is there such a striking demarcation in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East? 

Something approximately similar happens on the map in the fall, when a cold cyclone comes from the North or from the Atlantic, blows off warm air from the mainland, but the warmed sea gives off heat and the air above the sea is warmer. But even in this case, it is warm on the coast, and the warm sea air can go hundreds of kilometers into the interior of the mainland.

However, it is definitely not autumn now and the border between warm and cold is very tough. How can this be explained? 

The first thing that comes to mind is some kind of geological process under Europe. All the seas that have gained warmth are located on the faults, the mantle is closer there, so maybe the mantle radiates something additionally, making the seas seem to boil slightly. 

The second possible explanation assumes some kind of games of globalists with the climate, which are now suspected by many. So, a number of conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the climate is deliberately let loose in order to aggravate the chaos that is growing every day due to the pandemic and against the background of which a New World Order will be proclaimed, which people exhausted by the madhouse will be terribly happy with. 

However, the mechanism of such a clear warming up of the seas by systems of the HAARP type is not very clear, since such installations operate over huge areas and it is impossible to draw an anomaly strictly over one sea or another. On the other hand, we do not know all modern climate control technologies, so maybe the globalists have learned to somehow warm up the seas. 

Nevertheless, what can be said for sure, and with any answer to the question above, such a temperature distribution does not bode well. Soon the weather will somehow bang, and in the regions where the sea was affected by the temperature anomaly. That is, residents of the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Caspian Sea, people in the Black Sea and those living on the coast of the Gulf need to prepare for weather surprises. Although, of course, there may be geological surprises.

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