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Huge structures discovered in Antarctica and the Atlantic: Scenarios for What They Can Be (video)

Huge structures discovered in Antarctica and the Atlantic: Scenarios for What They Can Be (video) 1

Two huge structures have been found in the Antarctic and Atlantic, and no one can say at this time what exactly they are.

#MrMBB333 claims to have found a colossal structure through Google Earth in the Antarctic, while others are talking about something just as huge on the bottom of the Atlantic!

The user who talks about the discovery in Antarctica in a related video enlarges the image to an area where, in fact, a huge square structure emerges from the ice.

Most rationalists and skeptics, see only a strange piece of ice that looks just like a building.

“From the top to the ground, it’s about 600 meters – incredible,” the narrator said in the video, adding “it’s too big and too symmetrical to be a random creation of nature.”

The video has caught the attention of the internet and some users are offering their own opinions and assumptions.

“Can it be a giant monolith from an ancient civilization?” one wonders, while another says that the huge “building” looks like a “huge battery”.

“To me it looks like a tent, hovering above the ground, maybe a boat? It creates its own shadow, ”commented a third.

At the same time, another huge construction site was found by Internet users at the bottom of the Atlantic, which refers to an underwater base.

In fact, the video talks of ‘roads’ and ‘bridges’ and that these probably lead to a chamber below the base.

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