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How the church wants to fight artificial intelligence

How the church wants to fight artificial intelligence 1

The Church calls for toughening ethnic norms regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). This idea has already been supported by many companies, one of which is the technology giant Microsoft.

How the church wants to fight artificial intelligence 2

The appeal, which was published by the Catholic Church, carries 6 principles for Artificial Intelligence. The church wants AI to have: transparency of actions, realize its responsibility , act impartially , engage , be safe and as confidential as possible .

This is commented on by the fact that such principles will have to protect people, namely, “ weak and destitute ”, under this phrase, perhaps it was meant that not all people can affect artificial intelligence.

The Vatican also proposed the introduction of new control systems for the technology of “face recognition” on the streets.

How the church wants to fight artificial intelligence 3

IBM’s vice president (a company that produces software and other products for IT services) said AI is an incredibly powerful technology that will help us shed light on many secrets and make our world a lot better — but only if if artificial intelligence respects human values.

The church wants to limit the use of AI without the knowledge of people. For example, thousands of companies are located all over the world that use software to recognize people’s faces without their knowledge. in the databases of such companies there are already more than 3 billion images of people’s faces. But mainly these data are used to catch dangerous criminals.

How the church wants to fight artificial intelligence 4

The Vatican also insists that AI provide information to people about why it made such a decision in order to reveal a lack of bias in decision-making.

Representatives of the Vatican hope that the number of companies that will help with the cross-section of artificial intelligence will increase. They also hope to cooperate with investigators, so they planted Artificial Intelligence norms of morality and ethics .


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