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How Humanity Can Run Out of Money and Freedom: The Movie That Makes You Understand Where the World Is Heading

How Humanity Can Run Out of Money and Freedom: The Movie That Makes You Understand Where the World Is Heading 1

It is important for each of us to understand what the proposed changes will mean for the global monetary system, which we believe not many are aware of. The changes, if allowed, could be the most devastating event in our lifetime and possibly the greatest suppression of freedom in modern history.

This is the coming nightmare of the digital world. It is just around the corner, as a minister recently stated that “By the middle of next year at the latest, we will have digital identity and a new way of identifying citizens through digital identification”.

Currently, all the major governments are testing their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) pilot program, a cashless society is coming, with every penny you receive being recorded and made known. 

Access to your money will belong to the “state”, in the end, the One World Government, and it will be controlled and programmed by it.

Decisions about how, where, when, what you spend your money on will be the privilege of the “state”. This is for complete control, so that the plebs do not even have the thought of showing freedom in at least some business, aspect of their existence under the NWO.

All money will depend on the Internet – vulnerable to cyber attacks, power outages and technical failures.

All your monetary transactions will be tracked and controlled by the “state”. Access to your money can be blocked by banks by order of the One Government, as happened recently in Canada and Australia.

Money with an expiring date

The CBDC funds will be programmed and if you need to spend a certain amount of AI currency within a certain period or your money is overdue, your “money” could be “burned out”. And this is already happening in China – digital consumer vouchers.

For example, your personal CBDCs can be programmed so that you can spend them and buy something with them only within a certain radius from where you live.

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CBDCs can also be programmed so that, for example, if you don’t use all the CBDC funds by a certain date, say the end of the month, they will expire and you will simply be left with zero funds. China has tried this recently.

From this it becomes clear how it can be that “you will have nothing and you will be happy.” As for “happy”, it’s hard to say.

And here’s another aspect: the fact is that you simply will not be able to accumulate CBDC using the new “monetary system, the “assets” of which have an expiration date, time, place, etc. It’s easy to disapprove a purchase if you’re not trustworthy in the AI’s opinion. It’s almost like a universal basic income with limits on what you spend on Chinese social credit with a system and program to reduce net zero CO2 emissions (limit on meat, petrochemicals and so on).

Rich Planet TV’s Richard Hall made the following video explaining the dangers of smart money, and the elimination of liquid money. The Covid pandemic with the New Man, the Vaccinated Man, the Digitally Certified Man, is part of the plan already in place.

That is why it is very important for everyone to watch this video. The explainer film should be shared widely, especially to those who believe that the blockchain system is “private” and will “beat” the system, as well as to younger generations who believe that liquid money is or would need to be phased out.

Here is the documentary:


The UK government will soon introduce fundamental changes to the way money works. The changes are being planned by Central Banks around the world, including the Bank of England. These changes once introduced will affect everyone.

So what are these changes? The proposed changes refer to the fact that you will no longer have complete control over your expenses. In fact, what I am planning is to replace money with something that is fundamentally different. So they don’t just want to remove cash from the economy, but money itself.

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Be careful, because if the new monetary system is put into operation, it will be very difficult to remove and could signal the beginning of the end of people’s freedom.

To explain the future changes that are in store at this time, let’s explain a little about how money works today.

Let’s imagine that John decides to buy his daughter a birthday present from Argos. He selects the product he wants and then pays fifty pounds using his debit card. You might think that this fifty pounds is immediately transferred from John’s bank account to Argos’ bank account. But it doesn’t happen like that.

A record is created showing that John’s bank owes Argos fifty pounds and John’s bank will actually show that the money has left his account. But the actual transfer of funds does not take place at the time of purchase.

John’s fifty pound transaction is one of the fifty million transactions that take place every day in the UK.

Although every time the bank can show that the money has been transferred, the actual transfer of funds between banks only happens once a day. Once every twenty-four hours, all payments made to and from each of the UK’s more than 300 registered banks are tallied to determine how much is owed or owed to each bank. The Bank of England, which is the Central Bank to which all the banks in the system are linked, represents the total amount of money that each bank owes or is owed on that day. The Bank of England then mediates the exchange of funds between all other banks.

Therefore, the Bank of England knows nothing about John or the fifty pounds he spent on his daughter. John’s money is only a small fraction of the huge capital transfer.

This means that the only organization that could see what John is doing with his money is his own bank. The Central Bank cannot see how John spends his money or when he spends it. John’s bank is required not to disclose details of his expenses to anyone. This means that there is a large degree of anonymity and privacy about how John decides to spend his money, meaning that the government or central authorities such as the Bank of England cannot directly restrict John when he uses the his credit card because they can’t see what John is doing with his money.

If John paid the gift with fifty pounds in cash, the purchase would be completely anonymous.

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No one, not even John’s bank, would know how he spent his money. So cash transactions are truly anonymous and debit card transactions have a high degree of anonymity because only your bank can know about them.

So what is this “new system”? The name of the new system is Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC. It is sometimes called “smart money”.

Let’s see how it works.

Let’s imagine that John decides again to buy his daughter a birthday present from Argos. His phone has a smart e-wallet or app from which he pays fifty pounds for the product.

The app communicates directly with the Central Bank, the Bank of England, and money is transferred from its digital wallet to Argos’ digital wallet in less than a second.

The transfer of funds takes place at the time of purchase and the transaction is recorded and approved by a central computer system on a central blockchain program.

A blockchain program is a special computer program that accurately records information and cannot be changed. The central computer system runs continuously and processes hundreds of transactions per second as it unfolds across the entire economy, with all public procurement processed through millions of digital wallets.

It looks like something great! And it’s faster and simpler than the old system!

But there is a fundamental difference: all transactions are aggregated in real time, at the moment they occur. In other words, a single system will be able to record every digital transaction in the economy as the transaction takes place.

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This is the essential difference in the case of the new digital currency system, the difference that is important for everyone to know.

All transactions are aggregated in real time, at the moment they occur. The people designing this new system have made it very clear that it will be useful, in their view, to use artificial intelligence algorithms to block certain public transactions in real time, for various reasons.

So what does this mean for John?

Let’s say a new lockdown has been imposed and the government wants to stop people from traveling to the country. With this new system, a simple change could be introduced that would mean John’s digital wallet would only work if he was within a certain distance of his home.

Argos is two miles from John’s house and he decides to go buy a present for his daughter’s birthday.

He wants to pay the fifty pounds for the product using the app. The app communicates directly with the Bank of England’s computerized system and the system rejects John’s payment before it takes place because the system knows that John is two miles from his home and that John’s digital wallet has been restricted to use only a mile. Now John can’t shop unless he gets close to his house.

His money is now useless wherever he wants to go. Why doesn’t John use cash? It would be a good solution for John as long as the cash is still being used…

So how could this new system be introduced?

The Prime Minister called an emergency meeting to discuss the unprecedented slide into recession in England and the global economy. Inflation is out of control and high interest rates are causing thousands of foreclosures.

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All ATMs and OTC cash withdrawal services are now blocked and millions of people are set to lose their savings as central banks are declared insolvent.

The Government and the Bank of England are fast-tracking the introduction of a new Central Bank digital currency that all bank customers in England will be able to receive in exchange for money held, which, in many cases, is now impossible to withdraw from personal accounts . The government says the new digital money will help the economy recover from recession and will be used to bail out public and corporate money held in millions of bank accounts through banks on the brink of collapse.

– It says I can’t withdraw cash from this account. They blocked our money.

– Leave John! I really want to go home!

– We only have a hundred and twenty lire, and when they run out, we have nothing left.

– I can not believe it! The bank blocked our money!

– I had 25,000 lire in this account and he will not return it to us!

Download the CBDC digital wallet app today and earn digital pounds as a free bonus. If you switch your existing account funds to the digital wallet now, you will receive free digital pounds for each account you switch. You can then pay with the digital wallet using the app on your phone just like you would a debit card. Download the free app now from the UK Government website or app store.

– John, we need to download the digital wallet. See if we can move to that.

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– We have no other choice, my love!

– Wow, they’ve been moved! And they also gave us a cash bonus. It is incredible!

– How do you know it works?

– Go baby! Everyone is using this money now. Ok, I’m off to Tesco to try it out. That’s how it goes!

Recent figures show that the public’s use of cash has halved in the past 12 months. Experts say this situation is due to the sheer success and ease of use of the new CBDC digital money. The government has announced that all cash will be phased out completely over the next three years.

– I don’t even remember the last time I used cash. It seems so cumbersome and old-fashioned to play with coins every time you want to buy something. Now it’s much simpler.

…three years later…

– Did you see the remote my love?

– Ha, ha, look what I found! Do you remember these?

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– What will you do to them?

– Well, I don’t know.

– Look, why not keep them? I’m going to put them in a frame.

Recent evidence presented at the annual Climate Change Conference showed that only a drastic reduction in fossil fuel use will help protect against climate change.

The government has announced petrol and diesel restrictions for everyone in England, which will be enforced using smart money. Each digital wallet will be limited to 15L purchases per week, after which the digital wallet will be limited from making further purchases with it that week.

– Wow, nonsense!

UK Government: Growing concerns about obesity and ill health must be tackled using the smart money network. The government is proposing to limit the total number of sugary products that can be bought with each e-wallet each month.

– What;

UK Government: Experts say the new pandemic, which is ten times more contagious and deadlier than the coronavirus, can only be overcome by minimizing all human contact and staying at home as much as possible. To enforce these measures, all digital wallets will only work within one mile (1.6 Km) of the residential address. The shopping schedule will be staggered so you can shop for a 2 hour period each day. All non-core purchases will be declined.

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– Oh my God!

UK Government: In an effort to stimulate economic growth, the government aims to ensure that all monetary benefits provided to the public are spent within a certain period of time. From August 1, all cash benefits as well as new social credits must be spent within two months of receiving them. Cash benefits will expire and have no value if not spent within two months.

– Wow, I’m putting an expiration date on the money!

UK Government: The vaccination rate for the recent pandemic is now 95%. Those who are not vaccinated will have restrictions on the digital wallet. For the 5% unvaccinated, shopping will only be allowed at certain times and up to a mile from home. Some goods such as alcohol, travel vouchers and restaurant payments will not be available to the unvaccinated and their digital wallet will not work outside of England.

– Wow!

UK Government: Concerns are growing about people growing and supplying their own food outside of government-approved companies. The government will restrict the purchase of all seeds and other agricultural products for all those who are not registered as farmers.

– Why do they do this?

UK Government: The government aims to reduce the amount of red meat people eat, for environmental and health reasons. With the digital wallet you will be allowed to buy 8 ounces (230 grams) of red meat per week.

– How much is 8 ounces (230 grams)?

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UK Government: To protect the environment, the government is introducing limits on the quantities of the following products that can be purchased with the digital wallet: aerosol cans, single-use plastics, coal, meat, chocolate, fish and coffee.

– What about figs?

UK Government: In an effort to encourage good behaviour, the government rewards you with digital coins directly in your digital wallet if you report someone breaking lockdown rules or if you report a person who holds extremist views. Anyone categorized as expressing extremist views may have their digital wallet restricted.

– What does this mean, extremist views?

If you give up cash, you give up your freedom and you give up the freedom of future generations. Ease of use of the new money is not important. What is important is that the centralized management of digital money could be used to control every aspect of your life. Say “Yes” to holding cash and say “No” to centrally controlled smart money.


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