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How did the natives of Atlantis look like?

How did the natives of Atlantis look like? 5

Many people mistakenly imagine that the Atlantis natives had blue skin similar to the Avatar characters. This is wrong. It seems that if we study all the ancient writings that relate to the Atlantis lost city, we will see that natives of Atlantis look exactly like humans.

How did the natives of Atlantis look like? 6

The women of Atlantis were described by the writers of that time as some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

How did the natives of Atlantis look like? 7

The Atlantis civilization is said to be a highly advanced one. I had a technology not seen. They were so advanced that they could make their objects levite, they had shuttles they could travel to the whole universe. But unfortunately their advanced technology has been the reason why this civilization has found its end. They seem to have died in a huge war using a lot of the latest generation weapons like atomic bombs and laser guns.

Here you can see a very interesting story about Atlantis:

I hope you liked this article. My personal opinion is that natives from Atlantis were actually an alien race that came here on Earth and at some point in time they left Earth.


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