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How Bilderberg Will Use Technology to Rule by 2050

How Bilderberg Will Use Technology to Rule by 2050 1

By Aaron Dykes | Truthstream Media

The End of Privacy, the Era of Big Data and the Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) are all milestones in an ongoing plan for social control – taking shape and updating annually at the elitist Bilderberg conferences. 2014 only amplified that trajectory…

The lure of the infinite possibilities of the Internet, the convenience of “smart” gadgets, endless entertainment and various environmental pretexts are letting “them” take control of a world where they monitor your lives and steer it via digital authorizations and a digital global currency.

In 2013, the world was officially put on notice that its watchdog agencies were really spying on the population as a whole en masse (a la Edward Snowden). By 2025, devices, gadgets and household appliances will send vastly more data about you to the Internet than you or your Facebook friends ever could, and by 2050, Americans will live in densely-packed smart cities where their lives are controlled by real-time data flows about their energy use, carbon footprint and digital permissions.

The ranking members of the oligarchy – already dominant in banking, finance, business, politics, foreign policy, covert intelligence and war industries – have now been meeting now with the Silicon Valley leaders of technology (i.e. the power brokers behind Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more) – to solidify “their” control through electronic data over the entire globe.

Veteran Bilderberg reporter Aaron Dykes, of Truthstream, breaks down the 2014 agenda for the secretive Bilderberg group – a nexus point for the power brokers that emerged from the post-war world now engaged in shaping the Things to Come for the 21st Century.


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