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How ancient is Ancient Egypt: deciphering the rare Dendera zodiac signs

How ancient is Ancient Egypt: deciphering the rare Dendera zodiac signs 1

Dendera is a city located in Egypt in the middle reaches of the Nile, on the left (western) bank of the river. known throughout the world for the ancient Egyptian temple of the goddess Hathor – a mysterious place, surrounded by many legends.

In this temple is the so-called Dendera Zodiac – a strange, so far not really explained artifact, as amazing as the temple itself, on the construction of which generations of people who lived during the time of Alexander the Great and up to the last Roman emperors worked. The round Dendera zodiac is a topic of many disputes among scientists and lovers of mysticism and esotericism, who are inclined to see on it an encrypted date of either the happened or the coming Apocalypse.

According to historical chronicles, Europeans became aware of Egypt in detail only after Bonaparte’s campaign there in 1798, and until that time there was practically no information about this country. Under Napoleon, there were artists and scientists who took notes and sketches in distant countries, and therefore the result of the campaign was an album with drawings and a multi-volume description of Egypt. It was then that Egyptology was born and Egyptian objects began to be dated.

According to the Scaligerian chronology, it is generally accepted that Egypt is several thousand years old, and all Egyptian finds were pulled up to it. For example, when a list of pharaohs with names was found that did not indicate the periods of their reign, Egyptologists agreed to consider that for every 100 years there were 3 pharaohs, that is, each ruled an average of 33 years. 

However, it is possible to determine more accurate dates of certain Egyptian events, since they are encrypted in the zodiacs – maps of the starry sky with images of constellations. These cards are a kind of clock: by drawing a certain position of the planets relative to the constellations, you can encrypt a certain day, that is, each day has its own astrological time or horoscope.

But why make such huge zodiacs in temples, if not in order to save some important date for posterity?

Zodiac from the temple in Dendera

The original of this zodiac is kept in the Louvre, and only a copy exists in Dendera. 

The bas-relief, dated to around 50 BC, depicts the 12 constellations of the zodiac, the five planets, and a lunar and solar eclipse.

The next circle of images is human figures, this is how the planets were depicted, and they are in a certain order relative to the constellations. Therefore, a date is encrypted in this zodiac. But what?

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Dendera circle zodiac
Dendera zodiac circle

The zodiacs located in the tombs of the pharaohs contain dates associated with the reign of the pharaoh: the date of birth, death, or reign – at least you can determine when this pharaoh lived at all. And there are a lot of such zodiacs.

Have scientists tried to decipher them? Yes, back in the 19th century. However, these zodiacs were soon declared a figment of the imagination of the ancient Egyptians: such planetary combinations, that is, horoscopes, did not appear in the real sky, from ancient times to the Middle Ages.

At the beginning of the 20th century, numerous researchers became interested in the zodiacs, however, they were unable to decipher these dates.

And in 2021, a couple of scientists discovered something that they had not noticed before: it turns out that every Egyptian horoscope contains two horoscopes, the main and a hidden one. The main one is the specific date of the event, the hidden being the position of the planets on the days of the solstices and equinoxes. This allows us to more accurately determine the date, i.e., confirm the decryption. The symbols used for the planets of the main horoscope are different from the symbols of the planets of the hidden horoscope.

To decipher the Egyptian horoscopes, a computer program was created that allowed to calculate the dates encrypted by the Egyptians, based on the positions of the stars, planets and constellations.

Let’s look at another Dendera zodiac, which was attributed by Egyptologists to 15,000 BC, but later the date was moved to 1000 BC.

Dendera zodiac
Dendera zodiac

This zodiac measuring 25*42 meters was located in the temple in Dendera. To decipher it, scientists used sketches of this zodiac from the Napoleonic album, since the original lost some signs and symbols after its restoration. With the help of software, the date encrypted in the horoscope was obtained: 04/22/1168. AD

A large number of famous Egyptian zodiacs were deciphered using the same technology, and all of them gave dates in the range of the Middle Ages of our era. That is, no date was found earlier than the 10th century AD.

Does this prove that the history of Egypt, like the history of the world, is very different from what we know? The official version is of the opinion that all Egyptian zodiacs are the products of the imagination of local astronomers and artists and all the dates on them are random. But why, then, did not any of the dates accidentally fall into the BC period? 

It is in vain that the Egyptian authorities do not allow scientists to seriously study what remains of ancient Egypt. Not without reason, fearing that the ancient one would not be so ancient.

A great number of testimonies have accumulated that leave no stone unturned from the generally accepted history of the Earth and the official scientists agreed not to touch anything, because mountains of paper were spent on rewriting each other’s dissertations, and “scientific” works.

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