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Highly developed beings of the Universe. Life principles worth learning

Highly developed beings of the Universe. Life principles worth learning 1

For highly developed beings, cooperation, harmony and love are characteristic, rather than rivalry, conflict and fear. As a result, their lives are full of freedom, prosperity and happiness and we have a lot to learn from them, if we want not just to live, but to survive as a species.

In developed civilizations, everyone is highly sophisticated and perfected, with a high consciousness, therefore there are no wars, conflicts, violence, crimes, deception, etc. In the underdeveloped, such as the earthly, all this is in abundance, because the majority are underdeveloped, the consciousness is low, selfishness and egoism prevail.

Until the low-conscious ones are replaced by the high-conscious ones, there will be problems. The change takes place gradually, irresponsible people leave mainly through diseases, vices, etc., leading an unconscious and unhealthy life.

On one hand, the outside world lives its own life and affects a person. This is a low-dimensional worldview, a view from a position of separation. A person feels like a victim of circumstances and is sure that there are external forces that do not depend on him. 

From the expanded consciousness, highly developed being point of view, the world is them. Such a world perception can be developed in our unique time and become a conductor of new energies thus, help the processes of our Earth.

The secret to a happy and fulfilling life

Highly developed beings of the Universe.  Life principles worth learning

The unity of everything and everyone

Highly developed beings recognize the unity of everyone and everything. They know that we are all part of a peculiar, but multithreaded consciousness, which is everything that surrounds us.

They know that any action they take that affects another being or thing will ultimately affect everything else.

It is the most important foundation for their lifestyle.

They deeply know that what they do, they end up doing to themselves – and therefore treat everyone and everything with great care and respect.


Highly evolved beings always tell the truth. Basically, they cannot lie. At the level of consciousness of highly developed beings, their ability to feel energy and vibration is much greater (everything – energy, matter, light, thoughts, emotions, etc.), so any attempt to convey something false to them is meaningless.

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Words and deeds

Their actions always match their words. For highly evolved beings, adhering to the spoken word is a matter of honor and justice. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, they do not keep their word, they openly admit it.


Highly evolved beings act logically, never ignoring or hiding problems, as most of humanity does.

They live by principles, with a logical approach to life, knowing that bad deeds breed evil, and resentment destroys, so you should not waste your life on this.

No violence

Highly developed beings never, under any circumstances, kill another embodied being, unless it clearly threatens their life.

We are constantly at war and justify many of these actions by simple self-defense.

Meanwhile, a highly evolved being understands that their behavior is an action that determines who they are.

They simply do not create the conflict situations that cause this behavior.

Caring for the environment

Highly evolved beings will never do anything that could potentially destroy or harm the environment that sustains their society.

Highly developed beings of the Universe. Life principles worth learning

They understand and appreciate the interconnectedness and interdependence of every life. They know that there is a sustainable way to deal with the environment, and that being careful and caring for it will meet not only their own needs, but the needs of all future generations.

Separation and lack of ownership

In highly developed civilizations there is no such thing as “property”. This is because they understand that because everyone is one, everything that exists belongs to everyone who exists. Therefore, they are always divided equally with everyone.

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Highly evolved beings also view profit differently. They do not consider it beneficial if one person benefits from another.

In highly developed civilizations, no one receives individual benefits if they cannot be useful to everyone.


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