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Highly Advanced Ancient Stonework Found At Wari

Highly Advanced Ancient Stonework Found At Wari 1

Although many individuals, who have experienced a comfortable, funded existence, regurgitating merely that which their masters permit of them. There exists a vast areas of research, which these same individuals, are commanded to overlook on a daily basis. With truths existing within, that are undoubtedly, not only perceived as controversial to their currently attested theories, but seen as a direct threat, to their highly profitable tales as to the true history of man.

Areas of historical interest that although hidden by mainstream academia, shed light upon a large chapter of human history, one far greater, and indeed incredibly more advanced, than that which we are currently led to believe.

And one such site can be found amongst the ruins of the Wari. It is located near Quinua, in the Ayacucho region of Peru, at an altitude of nearly 3km above sea-level. Once the capital of the Wari empire, which ruled the region sometime between 500 to 1000 AD, what one can find here is extraordinarily precise rock cut features, which predictably, due to their clearly advanced nature, avoid current understanding.

These precision cut andesite blocks, which are notoriously hard and thus difficult to cut, are so masterfully crafted, that according to modern attested academic theory, are currently unexplainable. However, just like the many other, as yet, unexplained ancient sites within Peru, could these ruins actually predate that which academia claims, as to the true origins, and indeed age of such sites? Could the Wari just like the well studies ancient Incas, have merely rediscovered these astonishing ruins? Possibly left over by a more capable, vastly more ancient civilisation, now lost to history?

If this were the case, then the clear similarities, which have already been established between these rock cuts, and indeed the design of these enigmatic stone blocks, could easily be explained, due to them originally having been the work of the same civilisation. It is undeniable that these stones were not cut with bronze age tools, tools which according to the academically claimed creators, were the only available at the time. Additionally, and Intriguingly, according to certain sources, elongated skulls were also discovered amongst the ruins of the site, could these mysterious remains be a clue as to the original builders of these enigmatic stones? And indeed, the ancient ruins found throughout Peru?

What do these rocks represent?

What were their original purpose? When fitted together, most of these stones would have formed some sort of pipeline, similar to that of the enigmatic Patara pipes, found in modern day Turkey, an enigmatic ruin we have previously covered.

Could this have been the original purpose for these stones? We feel that for academics to claim, that they have positively identified the builders of such sites, and continue to explain complete history of the so called builders, the Wari, yet, like the many other inexplicable sites found upon our planet, be incapable of explaining how they built them, is to us, clear evidence of conspiracy, and an attempt to obscure the true history, and indeed advanced capabilities of their builders. It is undoubtedly, highly compelling.

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