Hierarchy of demons: who is responsible for what on earth?

All demons are divided into higher and lower, according to the hierarchy of demons based on Grimoire Verum (1517) and Goetia (1531).

The three highest ones are Lucifer, Beelzebub and Astaroth – they are also called the kings of hell. You probably know that all demons have titles: Knights, Barons, Governors, Dukes and Princes. It is not the demons who repeat the hierarchy of the Earth, but the humans who have adopted it from the demons.

These are the three most powerful spirits, but only Lucifer has the emperor title. Under him there are two great generals Commander-in-Chief Satanachia in charge of Europe and Commander Agaliarept in charge of Asia.

Beelzebub’s army generals Tarchimaki and Fleuretti are in charge of Africa. Astaroth’s subordinates are Brigadier Major Sargatanas and Field Marshal and Inspector General Nebiros.

Apparently, below the “impure trinity” is Prime Minister Lucifuge Rofokale, he is responsible for all earthly money and wealth and has three subordinates Baal, Agares and Marbas.

Commander-in-Chief Satanachia (in the grimoire Verum Put Satanachia) has power and will over all women and his deputies Pruslas, Aamort and Barbatos.

Commander Agaliarept is responsible for earthly grays and ministers, tells them how to judge and what laws to introduce, he commands the Second Legion of Demons and his deputies Viet, Gusoyut and Botis.

Flereti is able to send hail to the Earth and perform any work overnight, he has the Army of Spirits and his deputies Basim Pryusan and Eligor under his command.

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Sagratanas is engaged in espionage and propaganda, he commands several squads of spirits and the great demons Zorai, Valefar and Farail.

Nebiros is a necromancer seer and scientist. His gaze penetrates everywhere and he is responsible for those doomed to eternal torment. His deputies are Auperos, Naberrs, Glassialabolas.

Each of the voiced spirits has other smaller spirits in its subordination – this is how clear hierarchy of hell is built. There are quite a few demons – and each is responsible for his work on Earth or in Hell. 

For example, the demon Claunek is responsible for trade on Earth and is Lucifer’s favorite because it brings him a lot of money. And the demon Khil is responsible for earthquakes and has the power to cause them. The demon Guland causes diseases in people as well as pestilence.

In total, Satanachia or Satanis is subject to 54 great demons. Not all of them do evil. For example, Herpmel is responsible for medicine, and Trimasel teaches crafts. But it makes no sense to list all the demons.

Is it worth mentioning the ambassadors who are responsible for certain countries: Demon Belfgor in France, Mammon in England, Belial in Turkey, Rimmon in Russia, Thamus in Spain, Hutgin in Italy, Martinet in Switzerland. Now you understand why seemingly completely different countries – they act in exactly the same way, for example, they introduce lockdowns all at once – they just listen to the orders of ambassadors.

All this is of course interesting from a theoretical point of view but their world is fear and teeth gnashing. Once you try to contact or call one of these spirits, they will become interested in you and will not leave you until they destroy your life and drive you to the grave.

An inhuman fear still sits in those who attempted to come into contact with their world as this is not a place for a person and living people, it will eventually ruin your body and soul.

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