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Hide just like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak: Invisibility screens began to be sold in England

London-based Invisibility Shield Co is taking orders for its development – Megashield transparent invisible screens, the Daily Mail reports, referring to the Kickstarter platform.

Those who hide behind the screen become invisible to the observers standing in front of the screen. Almost like the Harry Potter characters who covered themselves with a magic invisibility cloak.

A screen can make several people invisible at once.

The background remains visible – a complete illusion is created that there is no one behind the screen.

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The effect is achieved through lenses that bend light, scatter it, and project the background whatever it may be into the field of view of observers. Those who are hiding can move but still remain invisible.

The screen creates the illusion of invisibility due to the lenses placed inside.

The megashield screen — which measures 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide costs £699 – quite expensive for a toy. According to the developers, you can not only have fun with the screen, but also camouflage yourself while watching wildlife. You can, for example, wait for “Bigfoot” in this way. And don’t scare them off, as usual. The capture reward will be lost.


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