Hermes Trismegistus, a man who lived during the reign of the Egyptian gods, who became a deity and was worshiped for 7 thousand years

Since the appearance of the first myths and legends in different countries, there has been a clear pattern of worship of all kinds of gods. You can argue for days whether they really were gods or aliens, or maybe all together at once. But one thing is for sure – people revered them and brought them gifts!

One of these deities was the Egyptian god “Thoth”, “Hermes Trismegistus” or “Atlas”, as he was also called.

According to ancient legends, after the death of Atlantis, only a small group of people were able to escape. They scattered all over the world, part led by Hermes fell into the lands of Egypt.

It was here that he received his “divine” power and ruled Egypt for about 7000 thousand years. Many may have a simple question, was he not a god before?

He wasn`t and few people talk about this, but in order to understand this in more detail, we need to understand Hermes Trismegistus’ biography.

It will not be a discovery for anyone that the inhabitants of Atlantis were a highly developed civilization, with technologies that are beyond our control today. Most likely, “Thoth” was a priest in Atlantis and surpassed in his knowledge even the fellow tribesmen of the Atlanteans. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that he was a mortal, that is, a man.

On all images, “Thoth” is depicted under the sun (the god “Ra”), thereby emphasizing that he is a mortal man, and the deity is higher than any of the people.

According to legend, having got to Egypt with such a “baggage” of knowledge, he was noticed by the “god Ra” (do not forget that the time of the appearance of Hermes in Egypt dates back to the time of the reign of the gods) and immediately made him his right hand. The main occupation of Hermes Trismegistus was the writing of books on astronomy, medicine, history, mathematics, and geometry. He brought writing to the lands of Egypt.

“Thoth” has always been considered a conductor between ordinary people and the god “Ra”.

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It is not surprising that local Egyptians worshiped him on an equal footing with other deities, since Hermes showed himself only on the positive side, bringing knowledge and wisdom to people. According to one version, it was he who became the chief engineer in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

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When referring to the emerald tablets, there is no mention of the acquisition of supernatural power by Thoth at the time of his arrival in the lands of Khem, nor of his meeting with the god Ra. God Ra was not a being of our dimension, they communicated only through the pyramid of light in Atlantis, as well as with many other masters. The very same power of Thoth was in his wand with a magic crystal, which was later installed on the main pyramid in Giza.

At what exact moment did Hermes Trismegistus turn into a full-fledged god “Thoth”?

In all the images of this deity, you can see an unusual object in his hands, nicknamed the “Caduceus”. About the legend, as soon as “Thoth” took possession of this object, he gained immortality (they say that he ruled Egypt for more than one millennium).

A person who has this wand in his hands gets access to three worlds at once: the gods, the dead and the living.

During his reign, “Thoth” wrote dozens of multi-volume works, most of which have been lost for centuries. Some researchers claim that part of the knowledge of Hermes was safely hidden in the secret rooms of the Egyptian pyramids.

Given the fact that the Egyptian authorities do not always meet archaeologists, there is a suspicion that the Egyptians discovered some artifacts and are studying them on their own.

But questions regarding the figure of the god “Thoth” still remain. For example, if after receiving a magic wand he became immortal, then where did he go after millennia of rule?


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