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Here’s Why Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens

Here's Why Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens 9

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It appears that the Native Americans do not have any fear of aliens as cultures who were deeply spiritual can remember a time when star people used to interact freely with human beings.

Before the Europeans discovered the Americas, the land had been populated by many cultures, and there were millions of people. However, Native Americans were almost annihilated, and this meant that their ancient knowledge went with them and it is something that might never come back.

Native American Survivors Passed Down Stories About Star People
Here's Why Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens 10There were some survivors who have passed down stories and a lot of those stories revolve around star people. This is a term that says various beings came from the sky and shared a connection with human beings who had been worthy of teaching.

It was said that the ancient world had been in contact with many extraterrestrials who were advanced and this is evident by the many stories which detail the interactions. Many cultures have been separated by many thousands of years, and they refer to flying objects along with advanced technology that at the time was thought to be magic. These stories are very strong within the myths of the tribes of Native America.
Here's Why Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens 11
Richard Wagamese from the Wabaseemoong said that his people told stories about the many star people who came to Earth many generations ago. He said that the star people had brought with them teachings and stories that were spiritual along with maps of the cosmos and these had been freely offered. He went on to say that the stories tell of them being loving and kind and that they set a good example. When they had left Earth, his people said that they felt loneliness like no other.

The Hopi were a peaceful people, and they thought that their ancestors had come from the Pleiades and the demeanor of the aliens was seen in the lifestyle of the Hopi. This may mean that that the stories do have some truth to them.
Here's Why Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens 12
Legends from the Dakota point to the same star cluster, Tiyami, as being the primal home of their ancestors. The Cree also believed that their ancestors came from the stars, but they were in spirit form and then they turned into humans when on Earth.

The Lakota people often talk about mysterious and celestial beings that were able to manifest as spheres of light, and they would choose children to follow them when they went on a journey through time and space.

It was said by Stephane Wuttunee that Native American people would see the issue of aliens and abduction more along spiritual lines. Wuttunee had grown up in a community that was tightly knit and had heard stories that the elders had passed down to the tribe. All of the stories focused on star people and distant relations living in the stars and were told during traditional ceremonies or when sitting around the campfire.

Stories Of Flying Shields Could Have Been Stories Of Flying Saucers
Here's Why Native Americans Have No Fear Of Aliens 13
It was said that the star people were not feared and Wuttunee remembered being fascinated by the stories and the idea that ancestors had lived outside of Earth. Native Americans have talked about shields that fly for a long time, and it is thought now that they related to flying saucers. An Oglala Sioux holy man who toured with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show said that he had experienced flying shields a long time before the term UFO was invented.

He said that a disk had landed on him and the disk was concave with another one on the top of it. He said that it was quiet and that it had lights on it that were like neon lights. He went on to say that little people had come and each of the groups had talked in a different language and they could read minds. He said that he could read their minds and communication was silent.

All of the tribes of Native Americans were said to be connected to Earth with an umbilical connection and often talk about the destruction that we are on right now. Many tribal figures have said that this is the reason that the bond between the start people and humanity grew weaker.

So it seems that perhaps aliens have gone back to their homes and keep coming to visit Earth every now and again to see if humans have come back to their senses.


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