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Have The Russians Been Hiding This Lost Astronaut Recording From 1961?

During the Cold War, a.k.a., the most passive aggressive war in history, we competed in a race with the Soviet Union to get to space (along with other advancements in science). But while the American government was primed to soothe the country if one of our missions were to become tragic, the Russians were too proud and focused to share such depressing information to their people.

This video purports to be the lost recordings of a space flight that occurred in May of 1961. It features a Russian cosmonaut documenting her increasingly terrifying mission…

Because of her panicked reports about rising temperatures inside her vessel (and the possible sound of leaking air in the background of the recording), many believe this to be the last report of a Russian cosmonaut that was lost on her mission. Her government never reported her death.

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Whether this is actually an old recording from the Soviet space program, or just a hoax, it’s still chilling to listen to. I guess we’ll never know the truth.


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