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Have alien hidden messages encoded in human DNA?

Have alien hidden messages encoded in human DNA? 3

Is it possible that the answer to the question whether we are alone in the universe lies deep within each of us, encoded in our DNA, waiting to be discovered?

This is a puzzle that has fascinated humanity for centuries and even made us build spaceships to explore the heavens beyond what our eyes can see.

But are the aliens no longer here and gone? Imagine that they have really visited this planet and left traces of their presence in something that makes each of us unique, and are just waiting to finally discover the origins of the human race?

In 2013, two scientists at the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute in Kazakhstan published an article in Icarus, suggesting that the search for extraterrestrial life should be expanded to include human DNA research.

Physicist Vladimir Sherbak and astrobiologist Maxim Makukov are convinced that we have been genetically developed by beings from another solar system. These founders probably did this when they visited here hundreds of millions of years ago. Or maybe they sent an information-packed signal into space that reached Earth and somehow triggered changes in our DNA. Or have they inseminated our planet from space with extraterrestrial genetic material that has evolved elsewhere (probably on the planet they originated from).

Have alien hidden messages encoded in human DNA? 4

The idea that we (and our DNA) are the product of alien engineering is known as panspermia and has gained enthusiastic support not from anyone but from James Creek, the co-founder of the DNA double helix. From the point of view of panspermia for our planet, our creators deliberately chose to put their own DNA in humans and then leave us on Earth for an experiment.

How can such a theory be supported? The two Cossack scientists explain.

Makukov and Cherbak say that human DNA looks like it was created with mathematical precision. “The simple arrangement of the code reveals a whole set of arithmetic and ideographic patterns in symbolic language. In addition, it involves the use of decimal notation and logical transformations that are accurate and systematic.”

Note that there is a recurring digital pattern in human DNA:

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Makukov and Cherbak have noted a specific repetitive digital pattern in human genetic code. When looking closely at the various mathematical ratios, fractions and constants that appear in the calculations and measurements of human DNA, they find numerous cases where the number 37 seems to play a significant role.

In their research journal Icarus, scientists described nine cases where the number 37 could be deduced from performing calculations somehow related to the chemical structure of DNA, and calculated the chances of it happening at random at ten trillion to one.

The number 37 matters when it comes to the human body:

“In the metric system, the normal body temperature of a human being is 37 degrees Celsius. And according to recent estimates, there are approximately 37 trillion cells in the human body. So even beyond its inclusion in our DNA, the number 37 helps us determine who we are in some fundamental ways. This is exactly what we would expect if that number were included in our DNA as a sign.”

Clearly, there are more questions than answers when it comes to either DNA or aliens, not to mention whether a connection can be made between the two. The human genome is already partially deciphered by scientists, but we are still far from proving that there is an intelligent life beyond our planet.

The mysteries remain, and in time we may finally find their answers. Until then, we can only keep looking.


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