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Haunted House Attraction May Actually Be Haunted

Haunted House Attraction May Actually Be Haunted 1

A home has been a part of their family since 1944 but it wasn’t until recently that something strange started happening at the Benton family farm house in Walton.

Now paranormal investigators are flocking to the home trying to explain the unexplained.

The family that owns the home has been using the house as a haunted house attraction every October.

“Dad really thought that we should tear it down or it needed to make money somehow and that’s when we thought of a haunted house,” Mary Marcum said.

But this house could really be haunted and not by spookily dressed characters.

The family believes gutting the walls may have sparked these unexplained happenings.

“Until the walls came out, I would have told you, I slept there since I was a baby,” Marcum said. “And nothing ever happened but after that, things started happening.”

They brought in a psychic into the now vacant home and that’s when Marcum said they began learning about the spirits inside.

“She (psychic) said he was right behind me and then all of the sudden this gray bag moved from one side of the couch to the other,” Marcum said.

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Others on the farm said they have had some sort of an experience too.

“I was in this room using a hammer and nailing boards over the windows to box them off and didn’t think anything of it the first time,” Charles Gillum said.”But I came back twice to get my hammer and it would be gone. The third time I went in here and the hammer was on a nail hanging like somebody put it. I didn’t know ghost could move things but now I believe it.”

The doors have been recently opened to the general public for paranormal investigations all year round.

“I want people to come in just because why not,” Marcum said. “Why not see what is going on.

If anyone is interested in booking a tour and paranormal investigation at the haunted farm home, additional information can be found at and



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