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‘Haunted’ hotel yields cache of mystery jars

'Haunted' hotel yields cache of mystery jars 1

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The Crescent Hotel as it appeared back in 1886.

Hundreds of bottles containing human tissue samples have been found at the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas.

Situated in Eureka Springs, the building, which has been featured on several paranormal investigation shows, has often been referred to as “America’s most haunted hotel.”

Much of its notoriety stems from one of its previous owners – Norman G. Baker – who in 1937 turned it in to a hospital and health resort where he conducted controversial research in to so-called “cures” for various ailments while simultaneously attempting to discredit conventional medical practices.

Now archaeologists investigating the site report that they have uncovered a large cache of mysterious bottles and jars containing some of Baker’s home-made medicines as well as some rather gruesome human tissue samples taken from patients during his time there.

The samples have since been sent to the crime lab at the University of Arkansas.

“Baker was a charlatan touting that he had the cure to cancer,” said hotel vice president Jack Moyer.

“Obviously that proved not to be the case.”

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Source: Atlas Obscura


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