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Ghosts & Hauntings

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary 9

CLARK, Philippines – The abandoned — and allegedly haunted — Clark Air Base hospital in Pampanga will be featured in an episode of National Geographic’s upcoming TV-documentary show “I Wouldn’t Go In There.”

“I Wouldn’t Go In There,” hosted by urban explorer-blogger Robert Joe, is a 10-episode series that will put the spotlight on 10 of the most reportedly haunted sites in Asia and shed light on the history and superstition that possibly gave the places its eerie reputation.

“The Clark Air Base hospital, which served as the air base from early 1900s until 1991 and is now currently abandoned, was cited by Ghost Hunters International as one of the most haunted places in the world,” said Fox International Channel’s Philippine head Jude Turcuato. This, of course, merited the location to be featured in the National Geographic TV series.

“We chose this particular place because this has the most number of supporting details and testimonials proving it is truly haunted,” Turcuato said.

Other places to be featured in “I Wouldn’t Go In There” include the Kadena Air Base in Japan and the Jingmei Detention Center in Taiwan.

But the series won’t be an all-out scare fest ala the Halloween specials of ABS-CBN’s “Magandang Gabi Bayan” during the 90s. Rather than highlight the reported supernatural sightings in the featured locations, the show focuses on the places’ history to explain why the locals consider them haunted, Turcuato explained.

Members of the entertainment press experienced the “haunted” Clark Air Base in Pampanga firsthand during an advance screening of the Philippine episode of “I Wouldn’t Go In There” on Friday, August 13.

Here are photos of the Clark Air Base during the screening and see for yourself why it is worthy of a National Geographic feature.

Clark Air Base Hospital (Contributed photo by Azrael D. Coladilla)

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary 10

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary 11

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary 12

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary 13


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