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Has the Pentagon been in a DEFCON 2 defensive state Since August 10?

Has the Pentagon been in a DEFCON 2 defensive state Since August 10? 1

The resource, has published a paid material, according to which, on August 10, 2021, the United States, for some unknown reason, entered the DefCon 2 defensive state, which has not happened since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hal’s readers, in view of the importance of the material, shared it a couple of days ago and now it is in the public domain:

I received information that the US military has “changed its defensive state (ie,“ DefCon ”). Upon further investigation, I was told that we were “at Defcon 3”, but I was unable to figure out why.

I contacted other sources and at 4:54 pm ET they said, “We’re at DefCon 2 because of Iran …”

The same source also said that the status could also be instantly transferred to DefCon 1 “… if ISRAEL acts against Iran independently …”.

This last part gave me goosebumps. Israel openly declares that, in their opinion, it is time to start a war against Iran, and they have also repeatedly stated that they are ready to do it alone, if need be.”

Even on September 11, 2001, during the attacks of that day, we only reached DefCon 3.

The only time we’ve been to DefCon 2 before … was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

THIS is how serious DefCon 2 is. It is not easy to install or for trivial situations.”

Something was being prepared for August 8-10, 2021 in the Middle East. And so, as it now appears, on August 10, the US military appears to have been transferred to DefCon 2.

This is the maximum alert level , which was announced in the United States only twice – during the Cuban missile crisis and during Operation Desert Storm (this was a local announcement, only for the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Therefore, the Middle Eastern mystics were confirmed, at least in part: something on the 10th of August was about to happen.

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Fortunately, the nuclear war did not start, and it is possible not to worry, but in fact the cause for concern has only intensified.

So, if a preemptive strike on Iran was planned on August 10, then it was a very, very serious and large-scale operation that the generals had been working on for months.

Such documents are not thrown into the trash in one fell swoop, and now this plan is either put in a safe, or it is still on someone’s desk. In this case, its implementation can begin at any time.


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