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Has the Baltimore bridge collapse been predicted by Bill Gates’ Quantum Break?

Has the Baltimore bridge collapse been predicted by Bill Gates' Quantum Break? 1
Photo: Microsoft Quantum Break

The collapse of the bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, after the Dali container ship crashed into it, turned out to be an extraordinary event for conspiracy theorists who rushed to discuss it in awe, and the discussion is still going on. So far, no phenomenal numerology has been found, but something else has been discovered.  

The picture at the scene of the emergency is reminiscent of footage from Hollywood disaster films. A huge span of the bridge collapsed onto the bow of a 300-meter vessel the size of a decent skyscraper and with a displacement of 95 thousand tons, ripping apart the plating of both sides. The destroyed 2.5-kilometer section of the bridge actually blocked the waterway. A pile of twisted metal structures sticks out of the water.

The significance of the incident is evidenced by the fact that US President Joe Biden personally commented on the incident, assuring that the bridge would be restored at the expense of the federal government in the shortest possible time. The media believe that this will take many months. Biden said that the disaster was an accident and not a terrorist attack or a deliberate act of sabotage. Similar statements were previously made by the FBI.

Quantum Break Xbox One

On April 5, 2016, Xbox One, with the support of Bill Gates, released the third-person shooter Quantum Break. The game starts with a dry cargo ship crashing into a huge bridge:

After this, the main character of the game begins to wander through the rubble, trying to save everyone:

However, rescuing drowning people is not the main plot of the game. The game is called Quantum Break, that is, “Quantum Rift” and it is about a chronal cataclysm – the emergence of a certain Rift from which an event called the “End of Time” will creep out, when time will stop flowing and forever come to a standstill in the entire universe.  

Although the idea is not entirely fresh, the plot does not shine with any great complexity, and the main buyers of the game are dudes who play basketball during the day, listening to rap music and have little understanding of theoretical physics, that is, they are ready to buy any pseudoscientific nonsense – the creators of the shooter approached the topic in an adult way.

First, they hired a team of writers who had worked on The Matrix, Terminator, Back to the Future, and other time-loop movies. Secondly, the main author was not a screenwriter, but an important academic from CERN, who came to the United States in his spare time and explained everything to the writers. And these are just some of the nuances listed on Wikipedia. 

Players also write that the Rift arose somewhere in 2021, when Bill Gates switched from gaming and started working on vaccines, so the “End of Time” falls somewhere in our days. The bridge there is not Francis Scott Key, but rather some kind of metaphorical one, which has absorbed many large bridges, so the game is another example of predicting the near future. And that’s the minimum.  

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And at the most, Quantum Break can be an attempt to tell countries and people about the temporary cataclysm that we entered with the beginning of the pandemic. 


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