Has NASA discovered Hell? It is in the Cancer constellation, and it is unimaginably creepy

NASA announced the discovery of “biblical hell” – the most terrible and unimaginable place in the universe. This is where the new James Webb Space Telescope will be sent on one of these days to see the conditions of a “Super-Earth”, located 50 light-years away. NASA is preparing to see something from the realm of nightmares.

We are talking about a planet called Janssen (55 Cancri e). In fact, it was discovered back in 2004, but only recently its terrible essence became clear.

Actually, the planet is twice the size of the Earth – there is even a comfortable gravity.

“The temperature of the planet is several times higher than the melting point of metals, so huge red-hot rivers flow down it. The day side of the planet is covered in oceans of lava,” NASA said.

Imagine if the Earth were much, much closer to the Sun. So close that the whole year lasts only a few hours. So close that gravity has locked one hemisphere in constant scorching daylight and the other in endless darkness. So close that the oceans boil away, the rocks begin to melt, and the clouds pour lava.

So that you understand: on earth, a year lasts … a year, and there – 17 hours and 40 minutes. That is, in less than our day, the planet manages to turn around its star. it’s so close that it almost touches the planet.

Because of this proximity, Janssen is always turned to its star on one side. Like the moon to the earth. And on this side the temperature is 2400 degrees. It’s actually an oven.

What about its night side? Perhaps an incredible and eternal cold? On the contrary, it is 1100 plus degrees.

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The vert first thought that comes to mind is what is there, an ocean of lava? Because no rock can withstand it. There is a dense atmosphere with eternal clouds. Under them, there is a hot “frying pan” and diamonds covering the entire surface.

So to speak, sin number six, the love of money. There are volcanoes erupting all the time. Whether they erupt in gold, or immediately in IOUs of the US Federal Reserve, this is unknown to us. It is these volcanoes that create the clouds that make this world utterly terrible.

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Although the planet is not close to us, you can look at this world with naked eyes. You can find Janssen at the very center of the Cancer constellation. The parent star is quite bright, and you can see it perfectly, you just cannot distinguish it from other neighboring stars. You can just stand and think about your sins. The sky seems so peaceful, but it’s deceiving.

Early observations from NASA’s less powerful Spitzer Space Telescope show that something mysterious is going on at planet Janssen because the hottest spot is not the part directly facing the star.

One theory is that the planet has a “dynamic atmosphere that moves heat around,” NASA says.

Another idea is that Janssen rotates, creating day and night, but also creating a monstrous reality in which the surface heats up, melts and even evaporates during the day, creating a very thin atmosphere that Webb can detect.

In the evening, the vapor cools and condenses to form lava drops that rain back to the surface and become solid again at nightfall.

The first observations are expected in the summer, the telescope is able to detect the presence of the atmosphere, scientists say


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