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Has mythical Atlantis been found? Giant structures discovered off the coast of Spain

Has mythical Atlantis been found? Giant structures discovered off the coast of Spain 1

The mythical island, whose soldiers are believed to have laid siege to ancient Athens, is referred to in the first historical records as Timaeus or Critias. According to legend, Athens was able to repel the attack of the Atlanteans, and the island itself fell out of favor with the gods and was forever flooded.

Over the millennia, many adventurers and scientists have devoted their lives to finding Atlantis. However, the revolutionary find was made using satellite imagery.

On one of them, giant rings were found hidden under the sands off the coast of Spain. The image caught the attention of the physicist and amateur historian Rainer Kuhn. Studying it in more detail, he noticed something like large rectangular structures inside the circles, Express writes.

One of the figures was 250 meters long, while the other was “much larger.” Even with the help of electrotomography, it was not possible to explain what exactly these structures are.

“If there are round structures hiding under the coastline of Spain, who built them? Some find the first clues from Plato,” Kuhn said. However, most experts disagree with this theory.

“The problem with the history of Atlantis is that very few people believe in the existence of the city. Countless researchers have tried to locate Atlantis. Now many believe that he (Plato) may have simply invented it,” the archaeologist said.

According to him, this “philosophical history” included historical elements, which include the city of Tartess and the War of the Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age, so sometimes it can seem credible.

In 2006 and 2009, two archaeological studies were carried out in the Spanish national park of Doñana. The expeditions were led by archaeologist Sebastian Celestino Perez and historian Richard Freund. 

The main results of the work were the discovery of evidence of four tsunamis between 2100 BC. and 200 BC and numerous ceramic artifacts in the region. Evidence for the existence of Atlantis has never been found.


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