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Has a live dodo been caught on camera ?

Has a live dodo been caught on camera ? 1

A video has appeared online showing what looks like a dodo in trail camera footage from Costa Rica.

The demise of the dodo is so well known that the species has become synonymous with the very concept of extinction.

Once native to the island of Mauritius, the dodo was utterly fearless of humans when the first explorers arrived there, making them an easy target for sailors. The last confirmed sighting of a live dodo occurred over 350 years ago and for a while many people didn’t even believe that the species had ever existed at all.

This month however a strange video appeared on the Internet which was allegedly filmed from a trail camera in the jungles of Costa Rica. The recording appears to have been triggered by a lizard in the foreground but after a few seconds a familiar bird can be seen foraging in the background.

As if to confirm its identity, the bird walks right across the camera just before the footage ends.

Could this be real evidence of a live dodo or is the video simply a clever hoax ?

Source: Facebook


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