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H2O for UFOs, or what if aliens steal our water?

Edward Snowden, who once worked for the CIA and fled to Russia, recently declassified information about aliens from outer space. According to him, the US government and intelligence agencies have been studying humanoids for a long time.

Snowden managed to copy more than one and a half million files. They are dedicated to anomalous forms of life on Earth and beyond.

Experts have concluded that little green men survive in extreme conditions. They are not afraid of ultra-low and high temperatures. Some aliens come to us from outer space, others live underground and even under water. Information about aliens is collected by representatives of the Pentagon’s special department DARPA. They are also responsible for secret developments for the military.

Precious resource

Flying saucers are often seen in sparsely populated areas over mountains and oceans. In 2017, in some incredible way, secret information appeared on the Internet that in November 2004 a group of US aircraft carriers was attacked by aliens. The ships were located near the San Diego base in the Pacific Ocean.

The Nimitz aircraft carrier is considered the flagship of the American fleet. It carries 75 supersonic fighters and is the largest floating airfield in the world. It was this vessel that aroused the greatest interest from UFOs. At the sight of flying saucers, the sailors were confused, not knowing whether to shoot at unidentified objects or not. While they were thinking, the unidentified craft disappeared into the depths of the ocean.

Interesting images were taken in 2018 as two spherical objects hovered in the sea six miles from Vero Beach in Florida. Exactly the same ones were recorded three years earlier. In 2015, eyewitnesses compared a UFO to two suns going into sunset. According to experts, flying saucers are so often seen over the seas and oceans because there are underwater UFO bases located in the depths.

In December 2018, experts spotted mysterious circles in the Aegean Sea in photographs taken from space. The diameter of the structure is 220 feet. The object resembles a flying saucer – the large circle is the base, the small circle is the cabin. According to ufologists, the circles are parts of a faulty plate that somehow surfaced from the depths.

In January 2019, mysterious white spheres appeared in front of NASA employees. Ufologists suggested that these were eggs that the aliens allegedly laid under water. According to another theory, these are security cameras connected to alien bases on the ocean floor. Space agency officials did not want to make public information about where and when this photo was taken.

Humans has studied only 5% of the world’s oceans. Unusual objects that accidentally appear on the surface are only a grain of what is hidden under water. Why are aliens so attracted to our water? And why don’t we even try to stop them?

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Ufology enthusiasts have counted more than 120 alien bases on Earth, 50 of them underwater. The aliens are based in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of both Americas. In the Pacific Ocean, underwater alien shelters are located near Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. The central part of the largest ocean is also under suspicion. In Russia and Ukraine, humanoids have chosen the Baltic and Black Seas. According to eyewitnesses, UFOs are most often observed in Crimea.

Esotericists say that in order to survive, guests from other planets have to harvest water from all areas of the Earth. Will there be enough resources for everyone, and won’t our planet turn into something like Mars? According to one version, four billion years ago there was also water there but it was stolen.

The depth of the Mariana Trench is thirty six thousand feet. The bottom consists of two tectonic plates, between which there is a crack where water flows out. Scientists have calculated that over a million years, the fault absorbed almost eighty million tons of liquid. It’s hard to imagine, but it sank sixty two miles below the seabed. But then its traces are lost.

Where does the water go? Could it be taken or bought by aliens? If so, on what terms do the aliens trade with Earth? And why do representatives of other civilizations value water more than gold and diamonds?

There is evidence that aliens are stealing our valuable resource. In 2017, water receded from the shoreline of Long Island in the Bahamas. Overnight, the ocean moved hundreds of feet back. Local residents had to rescue sea animals that were stuck in the sand while they were carried and rolled towards the water.

According to meteorologists, water from the ocean is carried away by storms, hurricanes and typhoons. In 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Bahamas and Caribbean islands. But why shouldn’t aliens do the same? After all, under the cover of a hurricane, they can create similar vortex funnels and pump water out of the ocean.

It is believed that water returns after a storm and hurricane. If the new coastline moves a couple of feet from the old strip, no one will notice. It is known that there are a thousand liters of water in one cubic meter. Let’s say the beach stretches for a mile. Due to the displacement of the coastline by just a few feet, a million liters of water are lost.

The aliens absorb the precious resource not only from the surface, but also from the bottom of the ocean, for example, from the Mariana Trench. At the lowest point of the gutter there is a seven-feet funnel. Three cubic kilometers of water go into the drain hole per year. For example, Lake Baikal contains 23,000 cubic kilometers of water. The chasm would have swallowed it in 7,000 years.

The hole in the Mariana Trench arose due to the superposition of one lithospheric plate on another and there is more than one such funnel in the ocean. There are more than ten lithospheric plates in the depths. There are gaps between them. It turns out that not three, but thirty cubic kilometers of water flow under the ocean floor every year.

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For a long time, scientists believed that the missing water rises to the surface of the earth and is released during volcanic eruptions. However, it is estimated that eruptions compensate for only part of the disappeared moisture.

According to ufologists, water is stolen by inhabitants of underground civilizations and aliens. Like us, humanoids also need it. The aliens are forced to purify and filter the salty ocean water as it is much easier to obtain the valuable resource from fresh water bodies – rivers and lakes.

In December 2018, a local retiree contacted the Tennessee State Police. She complained about the missing pond near her house – the reservoir disappeared in just one night.

In 2015, a US pilot photographed a flying saucer pumping water out of a lake in Nevada. In June 2018, residents of the Swedish town of Strängnäs witnessed a UFO hovering over Lake Mälaren. A round, luminous object used a laser beam to pump water out of the lake.

And there are hundreds of such cases. According to ufologists, fresh water is an ambulance for aliens. It reanimates the humanoids and allows the flying saucers to continue on their way.

Ufologists believe that the American government established contact with aliens after the Roswell disaster in 1947. Then an alien starship crashed in the desert of New Mexico near the city of Roswell. The bodies of the dead humanoids were taken and assistance was provided to the remaining, surviving part of the team. The rescued aliens returned home safely. Since then, the United States has entered into hundreds of contracts with aliens and communicates with them to this day.

On January 10, 2019, US astrophysicists received an unknown signal from space. These are repeating radio bursts, the energy of which can be compared to plasma emissions from the Sun. Exactly the same signal was already recorded in 2007. Then the researchers suggested that the radio pulses came to us from a dwarf galaxy, which is located at a distance of 1.3 billion light years.

According to some esotericists, both messages contained encrypted trade offers from aliens. What are the aliens going to buy from Earth? And what kind of deal will this deal be?

We are accustomed to perceiving humanoids as representatives of one intergalactic civilization but that’s not true. If there are many nations, peoples and countries on Earth, there are hundreds of times more of them outside our planet. Ufologists identify Nordic aliens from Sirius, gray aliens similar to biorobots, and reptilians. Along with them, thousands more races may live in the Universe, including creatures made of silicon and intelligent structures made of water.

Some humanoids steal water from the Earth, others make sales deals. This approach guarantees reliability and safety. The aliens are paying off humans with high technology. Conspiracists are convinced that if you gain access to secret documents of the US government, you can find written evidence of trade deals between aliens and Americans.

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Suppose little green men buy water from oil platforms in the ocean. It can be poured into tankers under the guise of oil. No one will guess what’s inside. In a secluded location, flying saucers land on the ship and transfer water to their tanks.

Of course, they could take goods without demand from all over the ocean, but this is not safe. While collecting water, the flying ships are vulnerable. While it stays dormant in one place, it represents a target for the enemy.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the aliens purchase the largest volume of water from the Netherlands. This state benefits from pumping out excess liquid, because half of its territory is below sea level. If the aliens are paying back Holland with technology, then we should expect a sharp scientific and technological leap in this country.

According to some reports, Japan and China have trade relations with extraterrestrial intelligence. It is cooperation with humanoids that can explain the sudden population growth and technological leap in these countries after World War II.

There is a belief that, in addition to water, the aliens have another reason to help the Japanese and especially the Chinese. It turns out that these people are alien relatives. Indeed, contactees describe the appearance of most humanoids as close to the Mongoloid type.

The aliens are not going to help humans just like that, they are interested in minerals and water. Perhaps they use them as fuel for their space craft. We thoughtlessly give and sell our resources to humanoids, without thinking that we ourselves will die without them.

According to marine biologists, if all the seas and oceans on Earth disappear, the air temperature will rise by 36 degrees Celsius every year. Humanity will not last even two years. The entire biosphere will perish along with people. But viruses and microbes will survive. As a result, our planet will turn into something like Venus, with an average temperature of 460 degrees Celsius.

Scientists have compiled a computer model of what our planet would look like without water and reminds of a deflated soccer ball. If the sea level drops by one three hundred feet or more, some seas will simply disappear, others will turn into lakes with salt water.

Residents of coastal areas will have to follow the new coastline. They will lose fertile soils. Cereals, fruits and, of course, drinking water will be in short supply. The world will be overwhelmed by wars for resources.

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If the sea level drops by less than a mile, we will lose not only water and food, but also air. The atmosphere will no longer produce enough oxygen. If the water disappears completely, then all the plants will die first, then the animals, and humanity will perish.

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Due to rising temperatures on Earth, fires will begin that will destroy all man-made objects created by human hands. In less than a year, the planet will turn into a lifeless desert, which will be fried by the Sun and blown by endless winds.

Such a prospect is unlikely to please modern people. Leaders of world governments who have entered into a secret conspiracy with aliens should think about who needs water more – them or us.

If tap water runs out

Earth without water would turn into a gray planet. Over time, due to volcanic eruptions, it would take on a red tint. The surface would be covered with red iron oxide dust, just like Mars.

The last rivers on Mars dried up 200,000 years ago, according to scientists. The shores of former seas and oceans are lined with pebbles, clay and sand. Only water could leave such traces. The latter evaporated, went into the ground or froze. But according to ufologists, water from Mars was stolen by residents of another galaxy.

Scientists believe that the Martian ocean occupied 20% of the surface of the entire planet. For example, the Atlantic occupies the same part in relation to the Earth. Clay and minerals have been discovered on Mars that could only form through contact with water.

But where did it go? According to esotericists, water was pumped out from the Red Planet by aliens. They did not plan to take all the liquid, but they made two mistakes: they did not study the soil and did not prevent the cosmic catastrophe when a giant meteorite crashed into Mars.

After the explosion, a critical amount of water remained on the planet, and the climate changed. One half of the liquid froze, and the other was absorbed into the Martian soil. The fact is that the soil there consists of basalt rocks and basalt, like a sponge, absorbs liquid, but to a certain limit. If more water remained on Mars, then perhaps the population there would be able to restore the atmosphere and melt the glaciers.

The tragedy occurred not due to the fall of a meteorite, but due to the fact that the guests of the planet were unable to calculate the amount of water produced. As a result, the humanoids were left without the most important resource, and the Martians left a lifeless house. Perhaps they moved to Earth, and we are their descendants.

According to scientists, a huge amount of water may be hidden in the depths of Mars. The same amount as the Indian Ocean approximately contains, and its area is twenty seven million square miles. In 2018, the Mars Express station discovered a subglacial lake with a diameter of 12 miles at a mile depth.

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Some scientists believe that life on the Red Planet can be restored. First we need to populate Mars with bacteria and over time, single-celled organisms will evolve, as they once did on Earth, and turn into intelligent beings. Actually, we send there devices that clearly have bacteria on them, so the process may have already begun.

The problem is that nothing will work without water. It is considered the main element in the Universe. There is water even in the vacuum of space, but it is difficult to extract it from the void. Life begins with it, which is why aliens are so actively hunting for it on Earth.

Scientists have compiled a list of cities that will soon be flooded due to melting glaciers and rising sea levels. By 2070, water will cover Shanghai by five feet, Amsterdam by six and a half, and three extra feet will completely cover Venice. America will lose its largest coastal cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Water flows into the Mariana Trench and other faults at the bottom of the oceans, leaves the shores, but at the same time the World Ocean does not decrease, but grows. Scientists attribute this to global warming and melting glaciers. Due to rising temperatures on Earth, ice is melting a hundred times faster than it was three centuries ago.

Environmentalists are frightening with forecasts: if the water level rises by two hundred and thirty feet, America will lose Florida and part of Alaska. San Francisco will turn into a series of small islands. Regions of China, Indonesia and Bangladesh will be under water. More than a billion people now live in these Asian territories. The Black, Caspian and Aral seas will merge in Russia. The Volga region will flood, Astrakhan and St. Petersburg will drown.

Scientists have been predicting gigantic floods for several years now. According to them, our planet was supposed to lose some cities already in 2010. It is strange that with such a catastrophic glacier melting, the sea level rises by less than three millimeters per year.

Ecologists have calculated that over several decades, about 2,500,000 miles of glaciers have melted. Their area is comparable to the territory of India. But where did the water go? According to ufologists, icebergs and glaciers are frozen reserves of aliens. The aliens melt them as needed. Most of it ends up on flying saucers, and not in the oceans.

UFOs are often observed in the Arctic and Antarctic, which means that the aliens have their own interests at the poles. In 2018, ufologists discovered an one hundred and thirty-foot disc in Antarctica in photographs from space. Part of the structure was covered with rock. According to experts, the alien ship crashed in the mountains or maybe it just parked and refilled its water supply?

Ufologists also spotted mysterious parallel elongated objects in Antarctica on Google images – pyramids or a UFO base. What if these are alien hydroelectric power stations?

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Scientists from NASA were puzzled by an iceberg of a regular rectangular shape, which they discovered off the coast of the sixth continent. It was as if a block of ice without a single crumb had been cut with a saw.

In 2018, scientists recorded low-frequency sounds made by glaciers. According to the official version, the snow creaks due to soil movements and strong winds. According to esotericists, the aliens are building new underwater and under-ice bases at the poles, and the grinding sound is the sound of construction work.

Today, ufologists record about 85,000 cases of UFO sightings annually. These are just illuminated aliens. If we assume that each of these craft was engaged in theft of water, then it adds up to a round number. But there are many more alien objects, and except for isolated cases, aliens buy water en masse from Americans, Chinese and representatives of other countries.

US physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman made a sensational statement. He accused his government of hiding the truth about UFOs. According to him, the CIA entered into a secret agreement with aliens, according to which visitors from outer space have the right to extract minerals and water on Earth. Aliens fill flying saucers with water and transport it to other planets. According to experts, they need it even more than we do.

Why do aliens need water? Representatives of underground civilizations use it in the same way as people – for household needs and drinking. Guests from distant planets fuel flying saucers with it. It is known that water can be decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen, which is a flammable gas. People don’t use H2O as fuel just because it’s not profitable with current technology.

Water is necessary to cool the aircraft which are shielded from cosmic radiation and ultra-low temperatures, but for some reason they overheat on Earth. Water fuels not only the ship, but also the pilots themselves. It is possible that long ago, humanoids replaced their food with it.

Aliens can also transport water to other planets. In order not to carry a heavy load, it is compressed into nanoparticles and restored at the final point of the journey. According to ufologists, aliens plan not only to revive their own planet, but also to generate life on other cosmic bodies with the help of water.

According to some reports, the aliens are now busy recreating life on one of the satellites of Uranus. In 2018, a US pilot made a loud statement that he had been abducted by aliens several years ago. The humanoids forced him to extract oxygen from the Earth’s atmosphere and transport it to Uranus. But this is not enough as for the planet to breathe, water is needed.

We are accustomed to considering water as an inanimate substance that preserves life on Earth and fulfills the whims of man. But everything can be quite the opposite. The main character on our planet is intelligent water and man is just a part of its experiment. It’s not for nothing that we are 70% liquid.

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It could turn out that the aliens are servants of water and they fly to our planet not to contact people, but to follow the instructions of water. The aliens transport it not as cargo, but as a passenger. Earthly water may have cosmic relatives and even its own planet.

It turns out that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations use water for personal purposes and for the benefit of the water itself. But there is a third option: with its help, aliens take care of the Earth’s inhabitants.

The Mariana Trench is one of the dirtiest places on the planet. Scientists examined deep-sea crustaceans living in the trench and were amazed at the amount of toxins in their bodies. It turns out that all the waste from the upper layers of the ocean flows here. Experts compare this water with the dirtiest rivers in China – the Yellow and Liaohe.

The Citarum in Indonesia is considered the dirtiest river on the planet with a gloomy entry listed in the Guinness Book of records. From above, the water area resembles a moving landfill. A five foot deep garbage layer completely hides the waters of the river. The length of Citarum is one hundred and eighty six miles. It flows into the Java Sea, and from there into the Pacific Ocean.

It turns out that all the dirty water flows out from the bottom of the ocean through the hole in the Mariana Trench. But why do the aliens need this poison? There is a theory that aliens filter water, clean it of salt, chemicals, heavy metals and place it in underground reservoirs. This is the gold reserve of all humanity, and perhaps the entire Universe.

Scientists are surprised when they suddenly find huge reserves of fresh water underground. For example, geologists discovered an aquifer where, logically, it should not have existed – in African Mauritania.

Scientists cannot understand how such an amount of clean fresh water appeared in the depths of the driest continent. Perhaps the aliens’ task is not to destroy, but to preserve life on the planet. If people thoughtlessly destroy all reservoirs, they will have a second chance for salvation – underground water.

Water is considered the simplest substance, but without it there would be no life on our planet. Jellyfish contain 99% liquid, watermelon 96%, potatoes 76%. A newborn baby consists of 80% of it, and an embryo of 90%. Water is more valuable than gold and must be protected both from strangers and ourselves.

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