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Great White Brotherhood: ascended masters of the underworld

Great White Brotherhood: ascended masters of the underworld 9

Great White Brotherhood: a mythical extraterrestrial society that would inhabit an underground kingdom of ancient origin and of mysterious nature, different from the surface.

The Great White Brotherhood is a set of alien beings superior in level of consciousness (also called “Ascended Masters”). They would live in an underground world, with various entries on the surface of the Earth, such as the Gobi desert, the Himalayas and the Andes.

Information about the Great White Brotherhood has been revealed by connoisseurs of Theosophy and philosophical / religious doctrines cataloged as of the New Age, based on Hinduism, Buddhism and other traditions.

The Great White Brotherhood, Agartha and the Hollow Earth

Great White Brotherhood: ascended masters of the underworld 10
The Great White Brotherhood would have been formed by some historical figures, mythological beings and ancient gods. Courtesy: Gnostic Warrior.

Agartha would be an underground kingdom described by occult writers as Helena Blavatsky. This kingdom would have several entrances in different places of the surface as in the Gobi desert, the Himalayas, the Andes and the Amazon.

According to research, various ancient civilizations talked about this underground world, part of the Hollow Earth. They called it with different names:

  • Shambhala in Tibet (central city of Agartha);
  • The Golden in the Amazon;
  • Valhalla of the Nordics;
  • Alberdi or Aryana, according to the Persians;
  • Avalón, of the legends of King Arthur;
  • Land of Asar of Mesopotamia;
  • Amenti Land of the Egyptians.
Great White Brotherhood: ascended masters of the underworld 11
Map of Agartha

Agartha would be inhabited by an ancient people race, older than known history by surface humans. They would live very peacefully, they would be spiritually superior and positively influence nearby towns on the surface.

This intraterrestrial town is the Great White Brotherhood, 32 beings of extraterrestrial and extradimensional origin, who would have settled here 12,000 years ago after the destruction of Atlantis. It’s mission was to continue supporting the human evolution.

These aliens would actually be configured as subtle energy, as beings of light, already being part of the Fifth Dimension. That’s why they are called «Ascended Masters».

Pay Juan, a “king” of the underground world

Great White Brotherhood: ascended masters of the underworld 12
The “King of the World” inhabited by Agartha. Courtesy: White Brotherhood.

There are several stories in different centuries that tell encounters with kings of the Great White Brotherhood. One of them was Pay Juan, known as the King of the World himself, in the area of Mongolia. Pay Juan appeared in the play Mundus Subterraneus (1665), by Athanasius Kircher, German priest and scholar.

André Chaleil also stated in his book Les Grands Inities by Notre Temps (1978) that the esoteric from different eras spoke of Agartha and that the figure of Preste Juan indicates that it was a main ruler over there.

Baring-Gould in his book Cliff-Castles and Cave Dwellings in Europe (1911), tells of an encounter with an intraterrestrial king sitting on a golden throne, located under a mountain in Germany. This was in the thirteenth century. Maybe it was Preste Juan himself.

Agartha in India

Great White Brotherhood: ascended masters of the underworld 13
Map of the Hollow Earth. (Public domain)

India presents a more complete history of Agartha. Anglo-German historian Friedrich Max Muller (1823-1900), concluded that ancient Hindu texts speak of different races of humans in that area of ​​pre-Vedic India, when it covered a huge area in Central Asia.

In those times there would have been a «Cradle of humanity» on an island seated in a sea located in what are now deserts of Central Asia. In the gobi desert, as written.

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That island was called Shangri-La, where an extraordinary human race lived, with skills to master the elements of nature like air, water and fire. They were the mere and exclusive «Children of the Gods», endowed with amazing knowledge.

It could be interpreted that this superior race of “Children of the Gods” must be the same Great White Brotherhood, the 32 aliens evolved. This is only part of the information about this intraterrestrial society. There are many more revelations about this arcane underground world.


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