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Great Reset Underway and countdown to… hell: The Rockefeller Foundation President announces a global ‘food crisis’

Great Reset Underway and countdown to… hell: The Rockefeller Foundation President announces a global 'food crisis' 1

The president of the Rockefeller Foundation, Rajiv Shah, told Bloomberg Television that a “massive and immediate food crisis” was emerging.

Shah put forward what could be a timetable for the next global food crisis that could begin “within the next six months”.

He said disruptions to the global supply of fertilizers caused by the war in Ukraine would have an “even worse” impact on the crisis, drastically reducing crop yields around the world.

The foundation has views closely aligned with the World Economic Forum (WEF), advocating a “global recovery”.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab said in early 2020, months after the virus pandemic began:

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to think, re-imagine and bring our world back to create a healthier, fairer world and a more prosperous future.”

Schwab and other members of the global elite are calling for a global restart, including Rockefeller Foundation’s Food Initiative CEO Sarah Farley, who is constantly delivering the same message.

Farley’s note on the WEF website entitled “How to reimagine our food systems after COVID-19”  describes the need to “redesign supply chains”.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s senior vice president of Food Initiative, Roy Steiner, recently said, “People are spending a lot of money on foods that are bad for humans and bad for the planet.”

And where could Steiner probably refer? Oh yes, of course in animal husbandry and the fact that it uses huge amounts of natural resources, such as water and animal feed, to produce meat. The WEF has supported the need to introduce insects into the human diet.

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Shah’s “prediction” of the food crisis is an ominous warning that the elites will use the facts as the perfect opportunity to carry out their plan and begin the transformation of the global food supply system. Meat becomes food for the rich while the poor workers will eat insects and berries. The big reset has begun.


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