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Great “psychics and seers” predicted exactly when the pandemic would end

Astrologers and sages of the past and present have described events in different ways, which are very similar to the influence of covid. Fans of conspiracy theories believe that the world must atone for its guilt – only then will the attack finally go into oblivion.

Prominent predictors spoke of a mysterious and forgotten disease that modern researchers have interpreted as the coronavirus pandemic. The general logic is guessed in the reasoning, although not all of the clairvoyants described in detail the anxiety and devastation of millions of people.

We recall the most ominous predictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic and its end, and remind that any “prophecy” is just a version retold by a subjective source.

“Doctors will be powerless”

According to numerous publications in the media, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga announced a pandemic. She could suddenly be reminded of a “mysterious and forgotten ailment.” Roughly speaking, Vanga foresaw the point of no return – even now those who have had covid disease admit that after an illness they cannot feel the world as before.

However, the articles on the topic of the revelations of the Bulgarian healer are not so unambiguous – they also contain the keys to salvation. The world will not collapse into an abyss, but will continue to live, but according to completely different laws. 

Netizens believe that Vanga meant technological progress and the partial transition of mankind to a virtual language of communication. The Zoom platform, updates to well-known social networks and messengers, distance learning and working days without leaving the home computer – this is a real global restructuring, to which not everyone adapts.

Baba Vanga

The pandemic’s finale was raised multiple times in Vanga’s predictions to the topic. The healer’s godfather Sergei Kostornaya urged not to rely on specific dates. In his words, the people themselves are “pushing back” the date of the end of the coronavirus epic. At the moment of incandescence, even the luminaries of medicine will be powerless before an adversity.

“One day this world will end, but the end will not come soon. Do not be afraid! Live in harmony and help each other. Living in fear is not life! ”   – Kostornaya told the words of his famous relative.”

The seer had predictions in store for each country. She promised an improvement in well-being. But they will not be able to feel the money physically – most likely, Vanga meant the dominance of plastic cards, cryptocurrency and stocks. Moreover, the peak in the development of this kind of payment for services will fall on the pandemic.

500 years of ignorance

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Michel de Notrdam (Nostradamus) is perhaps the most legendary predictor in the history of mankind. Modern researchers are looking for answers to questions about the 21st century in his lifetime works of the 16th century curious lines from the prophecies about the “great plague” from the “sea city”. / César de Notre-Dame / Public Domain

Enthusiasts saw in them references to the beginning of the pandemic – the first infected were residents of the city of Wuhan, located at the confluence of the Han He River into the Yangtze. 

Fans of conspiracy theories and secret symbols are convinced that of all the soothsayers, Nostradamus was the closest to unraveling the causes of the virus. Now they blame humanity for learning too late about the treachery of fate – it turns out that all 500 years since the death of the soothsayer, the whole planet lived in ignorance.

“The great plague in the seaside city will not end until the death and blood of a righteous man, condemned without crime, are avenged. And a noble lady, offended by pretense,” the astrologer wrote.

There is no exact interpretation of these shocking words yet. Nevertheless, experts have already had several versions. 

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Nature is man’s best friend

Last spring, the statements of the 15-year-old boy Abigya Anand became very popular in the media and blogs. It was he who predicted covid six months before the pandemic. The words are confirmed by statistics – the prophet spoke of an increase in the number of deaths even before the third wave of covid. As subsequent events showed, he was absolutely right.

Prt Scr / Adella Astra

The life of the entire planet will return to a peaceful course closer to the spring of 2022, the young man said. However, humanity is on the verge of new dramatic events. “Something” will happen between December 2021 and April 2022. Covid will leave, but in its place there will be more than one dangerous epidemic.

“New varieties will appear and people will suffer from weakened immunity. That is why we need to make the body strong and resistant to various diseases. This will be useful in the future, because humanity will not only face this virus, but other new diseases will appear,” one of Anand’s prophecies says.”

He called the suffering of the earth “payback” for the abuse of wild animals killed for food.

Anand advised followers to abandon aggression, go to nature and strengthen the body with the help of medicinal herbs. Nature is the best friend of a person in trouble, the young astrologer instructed those around him at the end of 2020.

Victory of the man, not of the stars

More experienced Vedic astrologers also spoke about the end of the pandemic. Thus, Dr. Ajay Bhambi argued that the first favorable conditions and active actions against the pandemic will begin in April 2021, when Jupiter enters the sign of Aquarius. But these are just prerequisites – Bhambi relied on people and their dedication, and not on the stars and planets.

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Prt Scr

“We are entering a new astrological era, and it requires us to develop a new way of thinking – to learn to see the pain of another person, to become more merciful, attentive, kind,” the Hindu said. – Think, why are we on this planet – to destroy or create? Reorient yourself from material values ​​to spiritual ones. If this does not happen, then humanity will have to prepare for new epidemics.”

The movement of Saturn will force you to “plow” and look for new ways for implementation. If a person is “burned through” his life before and during the pandemic, the giant planet is unlikely to spare him. The main task for today is to learn cruel lessons and emerge victorious from the pandemic. Only then will Saturn stop influencing the course of events, Bhambi concluded.

End of a Pandemic, beginning of a new one?

The fact that COVID-19 is near its end, conspiracy theorists, pastors and WHO bosses have been denying for a very long time. 

Similar opinions are shared by a huge number of people, on the basis of which conspiracy theorists think that the next wave of the pandemic will be something like Ebola or hemorrhagic fever caused by the Marburg virus. 

Moreover, surprisingly, the famous WHO doctor, Tedros Gebreyesus, warned about the Marburg virus, as well as a huge number of other great medical luminaries and scientific organizations. The complete list of warnings is here.

The only thing unclear is when it would all begin, and who will be the Firestarter.


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