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And when this cometh to pass: a first time in history event in space could be a biblical sign 5


Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is flying towards the Earth, which was last seen near our planet 50 thousand years ago, when mammoths were still...

"Paradise Lost": how the Earth's magnetic field shutdown erases the memory of civilizations 6


It is known that there is a connection between the work of the brain and the Earth’s magnetic field, which we feel during magnetic...

The Found and Lost Atlantis Library 14 The Found and Lost Atlantis Library 15


In 1965, on the territory of Ecuador, entrepreneur and ethnologist Juan Moricz, with the help of local Indians, discovered the oldest man-made underground communications...

What is the secret of the planet Nibiru 50 What is the secret of the planet Nibiru 51


New theories regarding Nibiru overthrow the object as a kind of cosmic “annihilator”. Nibiru, which supposedly approaches our planet, is no longer a destroyer of...

Dead Cities in Antarctica 55 Dead Cities in Antarctica 56


As everyone knows, the unknown depths of the planet Earth have always attracted researchers and scientists of all times and people with their enigmatic...