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Mysterious luminous stripes photographed above the Earth. Scientists are still arguing about the nature of their origin 5


Alan Dyer, an amateur astronomer from Canada, photographed a rare and still mysterious phenomenon in the atmosphere – the so-called Steve (Strong Thermal Emission...

Dark side archaic knowledge: Is black goo carrying the wisdom of all living things? 6


A mysterious oil is said to sleep deep inside the earth’s crust, which was already known to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. A smart...

Why are octopuses so alien alike? 18 Why are octopuses so alien alike? 19


The television series anthology Twilight Zone, appeared on the CBS channel from 1959 to 1964. Each episode is a separate story, the characters of which are...

The magnetic soul of the universe 20 The magnetic soul of the universe 21


“In 1945, the primitive appearance of pre-intelligent primates on planet Earth blew up the first thermonuclear device. They did not suspect that they created...