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Do people live inside the hollow earth? Inner Earth has over 4 billion inhabitants? 5


Every day, more and more information appears in the media about our Earth, and in particular, that our planet has a hollow internal structure,...

"This is probably the strangest UFO you've ever seen": A woman from India saw an open door in the sky 6


A woman from India captured a curious rectangular shape that looks like a glowing doorway. A shadow form appeared in the sky above the city,...

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls 35 Mystery of the Crystal Skulls 36


One of archaeology’s most compelling mysteries is that of the 13 crystal skulls. The crystal skulls have been some of the most powerful mystical...

Was Da Vinci in The Last Supper ? 50 Was Da Vinci in The Last Supper ? 51


Code cracked? Leonardo da Vinci used his own face for two apostles, Thomas and James the Lesser, in his popular painting ‘the Last Supper’,...