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Inexplicable holes found at the bottom of the Atlantic: it is not known who left them 5


Scientists studying a submerged mountain range in the mid-Atlantic have stumbled upon an inexplicable phenomenon: a series of holes that appear to have been...

The Mummy's Revenge: Altai princess is blamed for misfortunes and natural disasters around the world 6


The mummy of Princess Ukok, allegedly protecting peace throughout the world, was unearthed by archaeologists in the Altai Republic in the nineties. Since then,...

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls 7 Mystery of the Crystal Skulls 8


One of archaeology’s most compelling mysteries is that of the 13 crystal skulls. The crystal skulls have been some of the most powerful mystical...

Was Da Vinci in The Last Supper ? 22 Was Da Vinci in The Last Supper ? 23


Code cracked? Leonardo da Vinci used his own face for two apostles, Thomas and James the Lesser, in his popular painting ‘the Last Supper’,...