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Dark side archaic knowledge: Is black goo carrying the wisdom of all living things? 5


A mysterious oil is said to sleep deep inside the earth’s crust, which was already known to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. A smart...

Inexplicable holes found at the bottom of the Atlantic: it is not known who left them 6


Scientists studying a submerged mountain range in the mid-Atlantic have stumbled upon an inexplicable phenomenon: a series of holes that appear to have been...

Mysterious Stone Structures 16 Mysterious Stone Structures 17


Are you of an adventurous spirit and probing mind that wants to “dig deeper” than the standard and frankly worn out concept that the...

A Russian enigma 94 A Russian enigma 95


Volume dials were turned up, computers began recording, forum posts were hastily typed. Something big was happening. “OBYaVLENIYA KOMANDA 135” For the first time...