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Graphene in vaccines for Covid-19: The issue has reached the European Parliament 

Graphene in vaccines for Covid-19: The issue has reached the European Parliament  1

The results of the Spanish researchers, who claimed to have found graphene oxide in three coronavirus vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, were confirmed by a study conducted by a laboratory in Britain.

The Spanish team led by Professor Dr. Pablo Campra, a researcher at the Universidad de Almeira, found that the Covid vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer, contained 99.2 percent graphene oxide (747 ng / ul), and only 0.8 percent mRNA (6 ng / ul).

The graphene oxide content of the Cormirnaty was detected in Spain by means of a electron microscope transmission and the quantities were determined by spectrometer absorption. According to the manufacturer, the vaccine should contain 30 micrograms of mRNA per 0.3 per milliliter, embedded in lipid nanoparticles.

Read Dr. Campra’s Report one and Report two

British laboratory study finds graphene oxide in Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines

An unnamed study by a laboratory in Britain seems to confirm the findings of the Spanish Campara report (2021) that graphene oxide has been found in three coronavirus vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca.

The study was conducted to verify or not the findings of graphene-related compounds, such as graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, and to list any other biological residues that may be interpreted as toxic to the human body.

UNIT was commissioned by EbMCsquared to analyze the contents of four vaccines and determine if any of the following components were present in the samples: graphene, graphene oxide, parasites, biological filaments.

The four samples that are the subject of this first research by UNIT belonged to Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Analysis of all four contents of the vials identified similar objects. For convenience in the nomenclature and related descriptions per vaccine, these inclusions are presented and defined separately below;

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The inclusions identified were

   Graphene nanocords coated with polyethylene glycol

    Composite Form of Graphene 1

    Composite Form of Graphene 2

    Microcrystalline calcite with carbonaceous inclusions

    Graphene nanoforms with and without fluorescence

    Graphene nano-objects

    Graphene nanocylinders

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, names are currently being hidden, so this is not clear evidence, although there are already two reports by Dr Campra from Spain mentioned above.

MEP asked for an answer from the European Parliament

Sergio Berlato, an Italian MEP, asked for clarity in regards to graphene in Covid19 vaccines. He referred to the recent study by Dr. Ricardo Delgado Martin and Dr. Pablo Campra, mentioned above.

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Berlato further pointed out that in 2018 a team of researchers proved that graphene could convert electrical signals into extremely strong terahertz signals at trillions of cycles per second. The silicon-based electronic components we use today achieve x-gigahertz clock speeds, where 1 GHz equals 1000 million cycles per second.

Scientists have shown that graphene could convert signals at these frequencies into signals a thousand times higher than silicon-generated signals, according to Berlato.

“Graphene is therefore able to absorb radiation, which means that it is extremely toxic and harmful to human health when this material is included in a vaccine,” he said.

And he asked the European Commission if, given this latest investigation, it intended to carefully examine the presence of graphene in Covid vaccines from an independent laboratory.


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