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“Google Earth” user discovered a strange object about 3000 miles long

"Google Earth" user discovered a strange object about 3000 miles long 3

An unusual discovery was made by a user of the Google Earth service in early November 2020. On the map, he found a huge, 3,000 miles long object in the form of a white line (about 5 thousand kilometers). 

A mysterious video on YouTube-channel “MrMBB333” made Internet users think twice. The narrow cloud seen on Google Earth stretches 3,000 miles over the Earth.

"Google Earth" user discovered a strange object about 3000 miles long 4

The fact is that this is not the first time that objects extended in the sky appear in the sky. Similar phenomena were observed by users in different parts of the world. For example, a similar long cloud was observed over the Earth in 2019.

Some researchers believe that this could be a laser beam, while others are sure that this is a trail from a passing meteorite. Someone thought that the long trail belongs to a passing hypersonic missile. Then the question arises, who launched it and for what purpose? In general, there are many questions, but so far not a single reasonable explanation.

The video has already gained more than 27 thousand views, and since its upload to the YouTube channel, it has caused a lively discussion on the Web.


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