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Going GREEN…?!

Going GREEN...?! 3

 Personally we feel this “term” (Go Green) may actually be a bit miss-leading or giving a wrong concept. What is really behind this or should be behind this, is;

LOVE your environment and LOVE this planet and remembering that what you GIVE is what you GET. This also works on this subject even if not really felt so directly. But more important is, that this is also about LOVING YOURSELF!

Considering our current state and our environment, thinking about this in large terms may seem like an impossible challenge and on a personal level more complicated, expensive and troublesome than really worth it. However, when you come to think of the individual points and changes, it becomes a lot moreREAL and POSSIBLE, step by step so to say.

Unfortunately, over time we have kind of come to adopt this false attitude and thinking or conviction, that, if we as individuals do something good in our life, it’s like a drop of water on hot stone and it doesn’t really change anything? well, that is NOT TRUE and proper BRAIN WASH in friendly terms!

So… WAKE UP and get back to REALITY! Think about it? if YOU change, your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or others, may see this and respect you for it (even if at first they don?t fully understand). You may have just encouraged someone else to do the same and this chain reaction continues. The more do this, the more the markets and economy will also adapt to provide exactly ?that? more and more commonly. Remember that sadly money is still a driver for a lot and when they see that the consumption goes down in one area, they will produce and provide more of where the consumption is now increasing.

If you look around you, we can already see that happening in more and more countries. Now, even if it doesn’t? you know what?
YOU are making a CHANGE and that counts, no matter how small or pointless it may seem.

There we go? but what can you do and where should we start? Here are some suggestions from hundreds of further possibilities for “Going GREEN” and “LOVING YOURSELF MORE” 😉

… and NO, you don?t have to do it ALL at ONCE… even if you do just ONE, it?s ONE more!

Going GREEN...?! 4
  • Water… Use water filters or purifiers (Distillers, Reverse Osmosis) to use your own tap water instead of buying it. If you buy it, get it in recycled glass or carton bricks and recycle them again after use. You can also add-on or install “low-flow” taps, shower heads and flushes. If you can, collect your rainwater and make use of that whenever you can instead of tap water. Some more tips on saving water are;
    • Bath less and Shower instead
    • Shower with your partner, this is not only eco but fun 😉
    • Take shorter showers
    • Don’t let the water taps run when you don’t need them, an example would be when brushing your teeth
    • Don’t rinse your cutlery if you use a dishwasher
    • Believe it or not 🙂 use Car washes over washing your own car (unless you use the rain water) it is very often a lot more efficient and uses less water.
    • etc…
  • Energy and Heating… Switch to or start installing and using Solar, Wind, Water or Geothermal Energy in your home. There are many, many, many more “little” ways to save energy in your daily life too, such as;
    • Adjust your “temperature”, lower the overall temperature of your thermostats, adjust rooms temperatures according to their use, make use of your doors, keeping the warm rooms warm and the cooler cool. Each °C may save you up to 10% on your energy usage.
    • Use Energy saving lights? IMPORTANT, don’t get the “common” ones with the “twisty” tubes! They contain Mercury (Quicksilver) and are everything BUT eco- friendly, not to mention the health risk. You can get LEDs, even Halogen or then the normal ones (it?s more a question ?How? you use them)
    • Turn the lights off when you leave the room, don’t turn on the lights for as long as you can and use the natural light instead (open the curtains, decorate using light colours install more windows etc?
    • Turn of Computers, TVs, Stereos and other electronics at night or when you don’t use them.
    • Wash your laundry using Cold or Warm water instead of Hot
    • Hang dry your cloths, don’t use the tumble dryer
    • Use as little Hot water as possible, even when washing or showering yourself or any other general “sink jobs”
    • Don’t pre-heat the oven.
    • Use rechargeable batteries
    • Get yourself “solar chargers” for you cell phones, tables and even laptops
    • etc…
  • Transport… This is a difficult topic for many and really depends on your options. The overall statement is, to reduce driving your car. If you live in a city, stop driving, use public transport, bike and walk. If you live outside of a cities, try car-sharing or public transport if and where available. You can also change your car for a new more Eco friendly one (Hybrid or a Flintstones version, etc?), sure there is someone to make you a good deal 😉 Other little tips for when you have a car and use it are;
    • Maintain your car well
    • Use your cruise control when you have it
    • Sounds silly? but drive the actual speed limit indicated not slower and not faster
    • Try to reduce the amount of “trips” you make? combine your tasks
    • Depending on your job, check with your employer if you can work form home some days
    • etc…
    • Plastics and Teflon (PFOA / PTFE)… Try to eliminate these materials from your life and home completely. They are not only bad for your environment but also your health! We strongly suggest you inform and research this subject deeply. Replace your cooking ware with stainless-steal, iron, glass, wood etc? Toys and other house or usage accessories too with with wooden, metal, ceramic and generally recycled materials. In addition to this there are as usual many ways to reduce the use of plastic;
    • Stop using plastic bags altogether or reuse the ones you have
    • Use matches instead of lighters (can you imagine all the plastic lighters in circulation these days)
    • Don’t use throw away cups, plates and cutlery, get your own real stuff
    • etc…
  • Eating… Make the switch to Organic food (it will save you (money and health) on the long run). If you eat meat, try to reduce your intake and add more meatless meals a week, the environmental impact of large scale produced meet goes far beyond what you may expect (research it, it’s really shocking). Get locally raised and produced products whenever you can and get what’s “in season” where you are. Other points on this topic could include;
    • Don’t buy more than you really need (make your list at home and when in the shop, stick to the list and nothing else).
    • Eliminate Fast food? it?s not only bad for your health but the environmental impact they have goes beyond all reason? as it promotes extra driving/traffic, plastic, carton/paper, general waste, energy and the list just goes on and on?
    • Make your own garden (herbs, vegetables & fruits) if you can (oh and if you do, try to get “organic” seeds or learn how to harvest your own seeds, in short, do everything you can to NOT support Monsanto)
    • etc…
  • General Consumption & Recycling… Well? the title already says it? think about what and how you consume. Think before you buy, start recycling in all ways possible. There are many ways to support this and change your ways on a daily bases, even for those that already do a lot in this direction, there is always more one can do. Here some general suggestions;
    • Use Recycled materials everywhere and anywhere you can, in our days you can get nearly everything from recycled materials (glass, toilette paper, napkins, packing, paper etc?)
    • Make your own cleaning products or buy ECO friendly ones only and get the “refill” packs instead
    • Recycle anything and everything you can, especially electronics, glass, metal and plastics
    • Change the “purpose” of a used object, you would be surprised with the amount of ideas you can come up with to use something you don’t need anymore or that is slightly damaged for something else or give it to someone who doesn’t mind or then give it to a charity
    • Get more second hand? it doesn’t always mean second best?
    • Use both sides of your paper and reuse it if you can to pack, heat etc?
    • Put a “NO ADVERTISEMENT” sticker on your mail box and cut down on general junk mail
    • Read your Newspaper, magazines, books etc online
    • Make use of the Web, computers, tablets and phones, do your research online instead of using phonebooks and catalogues, pay your bills online, keep your notes, numbers and info on your device instead of paper or tell your Bank to send you online statements instead of mail
    • Borrow more and buy less
    • Shop, Buy and Go-out locally as much as you can
    • etc…

These are just a few examples of many other possibilities, new ways and discoveries are made all the time. This really is an interesting subject and for some even a hobby and challenge. We are sure you can think of so many more simple gestures that YOU could be doing immediately…



Wake Up! Message

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