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Gog-Magog War Prophecies?

Gog-Magog War Prophecies? 7
We would be remiss not to bring you an update on the current crisis in the Middle East and its prophetic import.  Therefore, as the prophetic time clock winds down, Israel’s pariah status is amplified – she is indeed becoming a “burdensome stone” to all the nations ’round about.  As we write this brevity, Isaiah 17 looms ever on the horizon – this article will bring you some fresh insight into what is really going on and some “old news” which now appears to be prophetically spot on… for what was said about a year ago is coming true today – but what was said some 2,500 years ago is really coming true today!

Prophecies of this magnitude stagger the wisdom of this world – it is altogether awesome that the belligerents obsessed with Israel’s destruction are killing each other at an alarming rate, are blasting Israel with rockets or are plotting and planning for her ultimate demise “no matter what the price” (so says PM Recep Erdogan), currently planning someway to stop the fighting, while acting as Islam’s standard bearer on behalf of Hamas.

There is but one final phase of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Oracle of Damascus.  The only thing we’ve seemed to have overlooked is Syria’s penchant to self-destruct.  But she is more than capable of extending her Civil War by incorporating Israel into the mix – that very well could be the case since it’s happening already.  Israel’s greatest concern has to do with Hezbollah’s response to her pending invasion of Gaza – when will the rockets commence from Lebanon…and there are over 70,000 of them?
How ready is the world for this?  You know and I know this can easily escalate – radically get out of hand... now that Turkey and Egypt are playing a major role in attempting to put the pressure on Israel to back off while giving Hamas a free pass.
The Almighty has given us this information – this prophetic insight – to prepare our hearts for the most prophetic week of human history:  The Seventieth Week of Daniel’s prophecy – again:  Are we ready?  There’s enough in this article and the former ones to elicit a response which is out of the ordinary – the ordinary of daily life – because it shakes us up – causes us to reflect on our own lives, family, fellowship and, of course, what impact will this have upon – if you’re a believer – your walk with God?  And, most of all – what is my responsibility as this unravels?
Folks – the world is changing and changing big time…we believe this is the countdown – get ready…rest assured, THE LORD OF ALL THE EARTH has allowed us to peer into the future to prepare, take heart, pray with understanding and increase in faith – and in hope of His Coming again in glory!

A RUINOUS HEAP…Damascus will cease from being a city

By Doug Krieger

Back in October, 201l, I wrote (see below) an update on the “Oracle” or “Burden of Damascus” – which at the time turns out to be far more prophetic than I had surmised.   Re-reading the material I would have to say that it would be nigh impossible to stone the prophet!  The sad truth of the matter is that we were slightly off in our timing but not in the growing intensity leading up to the termination of the Arab-Israeli conflict now approaching its seventh and final phase.So what’s changed?  Plenty.  For one, the Desolator of Damascus has terminated upwards of 35,000 of his fellow Syrians – Syrian has now plunged into full-blown Civil War.  Fascinating – Bashar Hafez al-Assad has exceeded the death count of his father, Hafez al-Assad.  There’s enough here to reconsider the possibilities of reincarnation!

We were wrong – instead of hanging Muammar Gaddafi, they shot him.  We were right, however, about Hosni Mubarak being ousted and the takeover by the Moslem Brotherhood, brainchild of Hamas.  Now, King of the South – Egypt, Sudan and the rest of North Africa (a.k.a. ancient Libya), along with the King of the North (at least Turkey – Iran will jump into the fray before long … for she is wholly engaged via Hamas, Hezbollah and now Syria) all are meeting to present a united Islamic Front in opposition to Israel’s “counter measures.”  By the time you read this outburst, the Arab-Israeli Conflict will have radically escalated with the invasion of Gaza, once again, to silence the hundreds of rockets being launched at Israel’s southern tier of cities – including Tel Aviv where three were killed by a “terror rocket” and also near Jerusalem a rocket landed.

Gog-Magog War Prophecies? 8

Israel – another war she does not want – but Israel MAY now face … as before when she launched retaliatory intrusions into Gaza … a war, as well, on her northern border with Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The “Party of God” (how incongruous is this?) launching some of their 70,000 rockets aimed at Israel (Israel, meaning: Prince with God).

“Last month (August, 2012), Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah claimed his militant group possessed precision rockets capable of killing a number of Israeli targets, adding that using those rockets would turn ‘the lives of hundreds of thousands of Zionists to real hell,’ possibly leaving ‘hundreds of thousands dead.’” (Israel Claims 70,000 Hezbollah Rockets Aimed at It, Rana Mohammed Taha, Daily News, Egypt, September 11, 2012)

Gog-Magog War Prophecies? 9

“Hezbollah and Lebanon’s Baath Party have called for the annihilation of Israel, blaming the Jewish state for spearheading a ‘conspiracy’ against the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah axis, Daily Star reports. In a joint statement, the two sides emphasized the need ‘to unify ranks in the face of the big conspiracy hatched against the resistance-rejectionist axis… The main enemy in Lebanon and the region is the Zionist entity and we must exert every effort and our energy to eradicate this arrogant entity,’ they said.” (What We Know About Hezbollah, Frimet and Arnold Roth, The Jewish Press, October 23, 2012)

King of the North and King of the South take aim…

“‘We will hold a joint press conference in Cairo to announce our stance regarding the attacks on Gaza,’ Erdogan said in a press statement.

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“He went on to say that he planned to contact a number of world leaders, including his Russian and US counterparts, to discuss means of ending the Israeli assault, which has so far left 22 Palestinians dead – including a top Hamas commander – and scores seriously injured.

“‘There is no room for any communication between our government and Israel,’ added Erdogan.

“Political tensions between Ankara and Tel Aviv erupted in mid-2010 following an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that left nine Turkish activists dead.” (Ref. see below)

Apparently, Erdogan and Morsi feel the same:

“Mr. Erdogan told journalists in Istanbul that he would be convening a joint press conference with President Morsi in Cairo to announce their joint position. He added, ‘We will defend Gaza whatever it costs us.’” (Erdogan:  Egypt and Turkey will defend Gaza whatever the price, MEM, Middle East Monitor, 16 November 2012)

Gog-Magog War Prophecies? 10

Indeed, Islamic bluster – especially when it comes to Israel – has become an art form.

By the time PM Erdogan gathers his thoughts in Cairo, he and his Moslem Brotherhood counterpart, will have uttered their own plethora of expletives toward Israel’s immediate self-defense-style invasion of Gaza – our unfortunate guesstimations are that the immediate 30 dead Palestinians will reach upwards of 2,000 fatalities with 20-30 Israelis killed…this would be a reasonable conjecture, given similar losses during the war known as Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009 (Note:  1,166 and 1,417 Palestinian and 13 Israeli deaths).

But what this will do is solidify the growing accord between Sunni Islamic states to the north (Turkey) and the south (Egypt) of Israel; and, there is no assurance that the 70,000 rockets will not be unleashed to Israel’s north with Syria at the ready to deflect attention from her Civil War.  Moreover, we could easily project that Bashar al-Assad might fancy an all-out war with Israel the best remedy for his precarious position…it will, however, simply be a fabricated “spill over” gone wild having Iranian, Russian and Chinese backing as some bizarre self-defense effort on Syria’s part; and, naturally, Iran would be delighted for such a demonstration of Arab anarchy.

Egypt and Turkey, meanwhile, will rattle their sabers but will not – at this time – engage Israel in that their alliances with the USA and NATO are too geopolitically onerous … the time is not ripe (yet) for the Gog-Magog War which will ensue shortly after Israel’s Defense Pact with the Willful King is signed, sealed and delivered.  This “covenant of understanding” will guarantee Israel’s security in that she will, in accordance with Isaiah 17, be altogether predisposed to accept this plausible accord known as “Your Covenant with Death; Your Agreement with Hell” (Isaiah 28:15, 18)…this will be the commencement of the Seventieth Week of Daniel’s “end of days” prophecy concerning “Your people and your Holy City” (Daniel 9:24).

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The infamous “Treaty with Death and Hell” will be signed as a result of the “face of Jacob shall wane” (Isaiah 17 – secular Zionism will have been bankrupted as a result of the  seventh and final phase of the Arab-Israeli Conflict known as the “Oracle of Damascus.”).

Yes, “if another comes in his own name, him you will receive” (John 5:43) – even so, the Antichrist – the Anti-messiah – will have arrived as the great protector of Israel – he will be the leader of the Western World – the “Ships of Tarshish” – the world’s great commercial trading empire will suffice the accord in collaboration with her trading partners in the Middle East who occupy the ancient lands of Sheba and Dedan (the Saudi Arabian Peninsula states).

Evangelical prophetic buffs who have the spurious notion that Antichrist will be some Turkish-Iranian-Assyrian-Islamic-Middle Eastern leader (even a Jewish leader) are so off the mark that it would be laughable, if they weren’t serious about their fabricated tales – tales wholly in counter distinction to eschatological truth taken from Daniel 7-8 – “Suddenly the male goat (viz., Alexander the Great) CAME FROM THE WEST…and out of one of them (the four Grecian horns) came a younger horn (i.e., the future personification of the Antichrist with “younger” connoting the leader of a power “younger in age” (not “little”) than the other horns) which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land.  And it grew up to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and some of the stars to the ground, and trampled them (Note:  This adumbration commencing with Antiochus IV Epiphanes has obviously had a cosmic morphing into the Latter-Days’ Antichrist) (Daniel 8:5, 9).  Likewise, as the “Eleventh Horn” in Daniel 7:6-8, he clearly is “sourced” in the “fourth beast” who proceeds in sequence from the Grecian beast (the leopard) and that Fourth Beast is most assuredly the Roman Empire which subdued the splintered Grecian cluster of horns/authorities – and this is most certainly FURTHER WEST than Greece!

Lastly, in the Gog-Magog conflagration (Note:  Not the Oracle of Damascus) those contesting the intentions of the King of the North (headed up by the Turkey-Iran Alliance) and the King of the South (headed up by the Egyptian, North African (ancient Libya) and Sudanese alliance – see Daniel 11:40-45) – that intrusion is confronted by the Western Trading Alliance known as the SHIPS OF TARSHISH (ancient Phoenician Commercial Trading Empire – whose efforts were ever-westward unto the Iberian Peninsula and beyond to the New World) (Please see:  Ezekiel 38:13).   The nations of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula (Sheba and Dedan) are united with the West against Gog-Magog/King of the North/South.  I find it altogether plausible that Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Gulf States are wholly in opposition to Bashar al-Assad.  “Commercial interests” will take precedence over Islamic Caliphate endeavors.  Islamic religious schemes are designed to justify Turkish-Iranian/Egyptian/North African/Sudanese intrusions against Israel.  They will be viewed by Sheba and Dedan, along with the Ships of Tarshish, as naught but a foil to justify their real intent:  The ultimate seizing of the treasures beneath the soils of the Middle East!

Oh, and by the way, Russia plays a bit part at this stage (both in the Oracle of Damascus and in the Gog-Magog War) – much to the patriotic chagrin of my American counterparts, so absorbed are they in fighting the Cold War, when in point of glaring econo-political fact the Socialists have taken over right in our own backyard without firing a shot … we’ll see who can “out-socialize” the Russians!).  If Gog-Magog is so wiped out as Ezekiel 38-39 suggests (taking 210 days to bury the radiated dead) – then, pray tell, what’s this business after the crushing blow that Antichrist levels against the Kings of the North and South (a.k.a. Gog-Magog) that he suddenly hears of “news from the east (China?) and north (Russia – for she’s all that could be left of the “north”) shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many” (Daniel 11:44)?  Astounding, the hapless Russians take it in the shorts one more time!

There is absolutely no way to explain Daniel 11:40-45 without these aforementioned considerations – it is the same war witnessed in Ezekiel 38 and portions of 39; the only difference is that Israel is the target of Gog-Magog in Ezekiel and Antichrist is the target of the Kings of the North/South in Daniel 11:40-43.  (Please see:  Russia has a Cameo Appearance in the Gog-Magog War)

A Ruinous Heap

The beautiful city of Damascus – for it truly is a sight to behold – has commenced its demise in ever-increasing strife which will not suffice any peace agreement.  The lines have been drawn in the sand between the belligerents.  No, we did not calculate the horrendous consequences of the Civil War being waged with every fiber of Assad’s being…he is literally fighting for his life…but so is Hezbollah, for they have thrown in their lot with Assad; therefore, Iran has everything to lose if Syrian is taken out…and so does Hamas, for she is but a surrogate of Iran.  There’s just too much to lose if Syria goes down.

How anxious are the nations of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula – including the Gulf States but especially Saudi Arabia, Jordan and even Iraq, to see Syria meet her fate…though the mercurial PM Maliki’s allegiance to Iran – for he is their toady – seeks to provide generous cover for Iran’s efforts to supply troops and weapons through and over Iraq’s land and air space.

Iran has been using civilian aircraft to fly military personnel and large quantities of weapons across Iraqi airspace to Syria to aid President Bashar al-Assad in his attempt to crush an 18-month uprising against his government, according to a Western intelligence report seen by Reuters.

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“‘It also flies in the face of declarations by Iraqi officials,’ it said. ‘Planes are flying from Iran to Syria via Iraq on an almost daily basis, carrying IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) personnel and tens of tons of weapons to arm the Syrian security forces and militias fighting against the rebels.’” (Reuters, Louis Charbonneau, Sept. 19, 2012)

Yep – so much for American powers of persuasion having much of an impact upon the corrupt regime of PM Maliki – a man we’ve kept at the helm of perhaps one of the most corrupt regime’s on earth…ranking FOURTH in the world, after last’s year’s abysmal “FIFTH PLACE” showing (they’re getting worse) and only chaotic Somalia, Myanmar and that bozo republic of Afghanistan is more corrupt than Iraq.

Incidentally, I had some well-meaning folks before all hell broke out in Syria who were very angry with me regarding my “misinterpretation regarding the demise of Damascus” – sorry, blame God!


Israel will silence Hamas – but it will be an extraordinarily costly intervention.  The Islamic world will be united, as always, in their rabid condemnation of Israeli apartheid in that the “Jewish State” is by definition as religiously racist (though it is not meant to be) in tone as the would-be Islamic Caliphate … the dream of PM Erdogan and the Mullahs of Iran (what a team they make!) – but, then again, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (even if that friend is my enemy, sort of).

Israel’s “semblance” of notifying the West – viz., telling President Obama what she plans to do in spite of America’s “I guess I have your back – yuh think?” has little choice in the matter.  It’s just that the “situation” will unravel faster than Whirling Dervishes swirling in circles.

Israel’s immediate foes, again, involved in the Oracle of Damascus are:  Gaza (Hamas); Lebanon (Hezbollah); the Palestinian Authority known as the “Fortress of Ephraim” now domiciled in Ramallah; and, of course, Syria – Damascus.

How will this “ruinous heap” occur?  Will it be through her own Civil Strife?  Perhaps through a catastrophic chemical arsenal release confirming where Saddam Hussein’s “chemical weapons of mass destruction” were transferred – things will simply get “out of hand” notwithstanding the West’s stern warnings to the contrary.  Or, forbid, she becomes the recipient of Israel’s Samson Complex wherein the “nuclear option” (tactical nuclear weapons) are reluctantly utilized due to a conflagration of rockets raining down of Israel’s urban cores – who knows, in the “fog of war” a couple just might land on the Dome of the Rock!

When will this happen?  Grief, it’s happening NOW!  Yet, most of the American Church is fast asleep wondering one of several things:  (1) What was General Petraeus thinking?  (2)  If Europe’s in Recession – when will they take us down?  (3) How soon should I get out of the stock market? – Since it’s going to collapse in any event; (4) Why are people shopping at the mall so much when this whole house of cards is comin’ down in any event?

Other inane considerations notwithstanding – we seem to think that what’s going on across the pond has little daily impact upon our own existence here.  Sadly, as Dene McGriff has said, some 1.5 quadrillion in derivatives has got the whole earth playing a bizarre form of Russian roulette – only thing is this six shooter has five rounds in her chambers with only one bailout left, and that’s iffy.  May the Lord have mercy on us all as these incredibly accurate prophetic events unfold in our time.

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Copyright 2012 by Doug Krieger

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