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Goat Man Sightings

Goat Man Sightings 7

The Goat man is a hominid cryptid most commonly associated with Louisiana, Maryland and Texas. It is described as a hybrid creature; part man and part goat. Some claim it is a relative of the New Orleans evil cupacabra like cryptid the Grunch. The urban legends of them often tells of it killing young lusting couples in parked cars or scouring neighborhoods killing family pets. There are also tales of them breaking into peoples houses and usually the raping of it’s victims. And many attest from the areas that he haunts, it does not matter if your a man or woman he will overtake you and have sex with you none the less, writes Damien Jennings, for Haunted American Tours.

The goat man is a bipedal humanoid resembling the faun or satyr of ancient mythology. He has the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a man with ram’s horns growing out of his head. The creature’s size varies from one report to the next, ranging from 4’ tall up to as large as 12’, with most between 6 and 8 feet tall. Most goat men are reported to make high-pitched squealing noises when agitated.  Goat men have also been reported in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, and Michigan

Goat Man Kentucky

According to  Erin Early , author of,  the Pope Lick goat man is an urban legend of sorts centered around a railroad trestle in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky, just outside of Louisville. Legend holds that the goat man, a predictably half-man, half-goat monster, haunts the area around the trestle. Sightings of the monster originated in the late 1940′s or early 1950′s, and most who claim to have seen the goat man describe it as having the fur-covered body of a man, but the head of a goat.

Goat Man Sightings 8

While Bigfoot is currently the best known “wild man”, goat men have been reported in various parts of the country (primarily the southeast- Virginia and North Carolina, for instance) for decades. Certainly there are similarities between the Pope Lick goat man and other, better known beasts, such as the Jersey Devil of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

“The Goat Man” as sketched under direction from a witness, was seen in Smith Mills, Ky in the late 1970′s.

Goat Man Sightings 9


Early writes that, “Opinions differ about the goat man’s origins and intentions. Some versions of the legend hold that the goat man is an ill-tempered beast that seeks only to be left alone. A group of Boy Scouts camping nearby reported being driven from their camp site by a screaming beast that threw rocks at them. Some claim that the screams or calls of the goat man are in imitation of the whistle of the train that passes through his territory, which is said to extend to the Jefferson Memorial Forest to the south. During the earliest days of the legend, it was claimed that the goat man was responsible for the mutilation of livestock from farms in the surrounding area.”

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“The more disturbing part of the goat man legend is its intersection with the truly tragic history of the Pope Lick trestle. The trestle, which overlooks Taylorsville Road, just past Interstate 265, rises 90 feet in the air, and extends over 700 feet. Since it was built, crossing the trestle has been a popular dare for local teenagers, and even visitors from other parts of Louisville,” says Early.

Depiction of Pope Lick Goat Man

Goat Man Sightings 10

Credit: Weird Kentucky

According to Mary Green of G.C.B.R.O. web site:  ”Fifteen miles east of Louisville, Ky., the L&N Railroad passes over Pope Lick Creek on a high trestle, approximately 80 feet above the creek and several hundred yards long. Almost from the time the trestle was built, it became a magnet for teen-agers who would go there at night and dare each other to walk the trestle. Unfortunately, because of a trick of sound in the surrounding hills, trains cannot be heard until they are nearly on the trestle. As a result, several people have either been struck by trains or have jumped off the trestle to their deaths to avoid a train. These deaths are NOT some urban legend; they are real. The most recent one occurred just a month or two ago.

This would be just a tragic case of teen-age folly except for the other part of the story: the Pope Lick Monster, which was seen by numerous people in earlier years. A short independent film, Legend of the Pope Lick Monster, was made about this beast a few years ago. Copies of the tape can be found in the Louisville Free Public Library.

Most descriptions of the monster call it a “goat man,” with the body of a man and the head of a goat, and in the film it is depicted this way. However, the descriptions of its actions appear to have much more in common with Bigfoot. I suspect that at the time this beast was being seen, no one knew what a Bigfoot was.

For example, descriptions of the creature’s cry refer to a long, loud wail, possibly in mimickry of a train whistle. The creature also would scream at people on the trestle, allegedly to warn them off, but perhaps also to demand that they leave its territory. Also, in earlier years when the area supported several farms, farmers would sometimes find their sheep ripped apart.

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In perhaps the best-known incident involving the monster, a group of Boy Scouts camping on a hillside near the trestle were driven from their camp late at night by a creature that screamed and threw stones at them. This also sounds like Bigfoot behavior.

As far as I know the creature has not been seen for many years. I suspect that any Bigfeet in the area have moved a few miles south, into the Jefferson Memorial Forest, to escape rapid development of the Pope Lick area. There have been a couple of sightings in the Jefferson Forest, which offers thousands of acres of woods in which the creatures can roam. “ See more here

Goat Man Texas

Numerous sightings in July 1969 led to the belief of a half-man, half-goat creature living in Lake Worth in Texas. Terry Deckard, a reporter, wrote an article about it in the newspaper, which made the front page. The headline read: “Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth.” The couples that reported the sightings described it as a half-man, half-goat, with fur and scales.

A man named Tommy Burson soon after reported the creature landed on his car after jumping out of a tree. An 18-inch scar on the side of his car was shown by Burson as proof. The police at this point decided to investigate. Up until then, they had laughed at any reports they received, thinking it was a hoax.

Location of Lake Worth, Texas


File:Tarrant County Texas Incorporated Areas Lake Worth highlighted.svg

The following night, reports came in of the creature hurling a tire from a bluff at overlooking bystanders, which was reportedly witnessed by up to 10 individuals. The most well-known photograph (and perhaps the only one) of the creature belongs to a woman named Debrah Grabee, who received the photo from Allen Plaster, who took the picture in October 1969 near Lake Worth during the tire throwing incident.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh tells this story in  The real Goatman (Goat Man Of Texas) Legend:  ”The Goatman beast of Marshall and Denton, Texas has a undying want for for sex.” “It does not discriminate against just having it’s way with man or woman or beast.” “And often all are said to be equal prey as far as it is concerned.” “Many liken the creature to being a 7- 9 foot tall Pan or devil like creature with red eyes and bluish skin.” “With the body of a human being, and the horns and head of a goat.” Says Lisa Lee Harp Waugh. ” I with the late Kerry von Erich hunted for many a night in the summers of my youth.”

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“In Australia there is a story of a Goatman that tends to help individuals in distress. He leads those lost in the desert to water.” Said Waugh, “Some Goatman Mysteries revolve around the infamous tales of goatman Bridge in the States, but in other countries there is a Goatman Well, hill, And the most haunted Goatman location in the world the Banks of Lock Ness.” Many believe the Goatman of Loch Ness is a disturbing demonic creature that the great beast Aliester Crowley let loose in one of his Black Magick Spells that he prefomed at Boleskines.” “The Boleskines Devil goatman is often called the red eyed or green eyed ghost of the loch.”

In the late 1800′s Denton, Texas was quite small and Arglye (where the actual haunted cursed goatman’s bridge is actually located) was all but non existent at the time. There was a man named Jack “Goat Man” Kendall that lived out that way who owned several flocks of large black orange red and green eyed goats. Through the sale of Goat meat, cheese milk hides and hooves and horns he made a humble living.

Many of the merchants in Denton, Marshall, Henderson and as far as Galveston and also Shreveport, Louisiana thought this old man to be very strange and often he was the topic of conversation as far as New Orleans.

This Jack “The “Goat Man” was a private person, only because no one wanted to know his private affairs only for the fear that what he did in the hot fields was actually perverse and not Christian. Many believed that not only did his sexual involvement with his many goats produce strange half human offspring’s but that he was in league with the works of the devil.

Some believe that one day on the Fourth of July a few of the men in Denton got drunk and started riding around the area. They found Old Jack herding his goats late at night and drove the old man and his goats off the bridge. Others believe he found them stealing his goats or possible even having sex with his prized goat Delilah. But as the rest of the sorted story goes he told them to get off is land. The processed to beat him mercifully cutting his throat and the head off of his beloved Delilah and they threw him bleeding and his goats head into the dark waters of the creek.

When the sheriff’s of Denton and Marshall found out about this he investigated and could no longer find the old man or a single hair nor sign of his great flock of over 500 plus goats.

Weeks later after an event in the city a family was crossing the bridge in their wagon and could hear odd noises from underneath the bridge.

After they crossed the bridge they smelled a foul death stench that made them cover their faces. The horrid great smell was like some huge wild animal had died and the smell of sulfur and urine. When supposedly they turned and looked back and saw a wild beast man 9 foot tall goatman thing with devil red frey eyes staring at them, holding the head of Jacks favorite goat and in the other the lifeless body of old Jack himself.

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Many believe that the Goatman creature is actually the child or offspring from Jacks sexual unions with his goats. and many believe he fathered hundreds of the creatures and they went on to father even more that are said to haunt the woods and swamps from Marshall and as Far as the swamps of New Orleans.

Now as of today the stories are that you can hear the sound of hooves on the bridge and splashes in the water and some people say they saw the man but his head was a goats head. Many often tell of the terrible stench when the goatman or thing is near. They say it smells like a culmination of rancid flesh, urine, sulphur and an odor similar to a fertilizer plant.

I’ve been to this what many call The Goatman Bridge many times in my life, But to this day I have only smelled him approaching and decided not to stick around to see if he was real.

I must warn you and tell everyone that the old bridge is very dangerous at night and I have heard the splashes and heard weird sounds while standing on the bridge. One night Kerry Von Erich myself and several of our ghost hunting friends set out to see if we could meet the demon Goatman eye to eye. but when this great smelling evil stench filled the air we decided to leave in hurry. We were all only in our early teens and i guess the fear that we had come across something really supernatural made us panic and run.

WARNING: Do NOT By any means try to Investigate This Very Haunted Bridge Alone At Night.

Others across the United States have describe it as being a cross between the two a mutant form to a large degree. It is likely that the demonized images of the incubus and even the horns and cloven hooves of Satan, as depicted in much medieval and post-medieval Christian literature and art, were taken from the images of Pan. More here

Maryland Goatman

According to legend, Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went astray, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, MD. A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.

Folklorist at the University of Maryland Barry Lee Pearson said modern examples of folk legends like Goatman are most commonly generated by teenagers, and the stories end up stirring interest in sites like Fletchertown Road

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According to author Mark Opsasnick in a Washington Post interview, “There were basically three aspects to the Goatman legend, as described by early newspaper accounts. Number one is that they described a creature that was half-man, half-animal, walking on two feet. The other aspect of the legend was that it was a mad scientist — a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center who was experimenting on goats, and the experiment went astray, and he started attacking cars with an ax. [He’d attack] anyone who would roam the back roads of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The third aspect of the legend was that it was just an old hermit who retreated to the woods and would be seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road, and when anyone would come around, he’d just run away.”


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