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Global warming will not cause the Apocalypse

Global warming will not cause the Apocalypse 1

The news of global warming is increasingly terrifying. Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm and say ,that changing weather patterns on the planet will lead to disaster. But is it? A new study suggests, it would be difficult, but the apocalypse is canceled.

In a new job presented both good and bad news. Worst-case climate scenarios may turn out to be somewhat less likely than previous studies suggested. However, the best climate scenarios, that is, those with the least warming, almost certainly will not happen.

This work specified and gave more accurate estimates of the upcoming global warming. “The main message is that, unfortunately, we cannot expect luck to save us from climate change,” says Reto Knutti, one of the authors. 

“The good news is that we’ve narrowed the range of future long-term warming somewhat, the bad news is that we can no longer hope or argue that the problem will just magically disappear.”

So far, the UN Panel on Climate Change has estimated the temperature rise from atmospheric carbon dioxide with a 66% probability from 1.5 ° C to 4.5 ° C.

The new study is reducing this likely range of climate sensitivity from 2.6 ° C to 3.9 ° C. This smaller streak is still dangerously high, but the darkest predictions are now considered the least likely (but the best too).

“This is moderately good news. This reduces the likelihood of some disastrously high ratings. If we planned the worst, then the worst would become less likely. But, in essence, it means we must do more to limit climate change,” the authors say.

It was possible to obtain such accurate data by analyzing many aspects. Most of the previous work focused on specific categories, for example, only considered the ancient climate of the Earth, or studied exclusively clouds.

As the authors comment, the data has never been collected and analyzed together before. And this is very important for a climate issue in which there are too many factors influencing change.


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