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Global Terrorists or New World Order?

Global Terrorists or New World Order? 1

For all the truth seekers who care about justice, accountability, individual freedom, the Constitution and the American way here is a question. Are we fighting to expose the globalists who have hijacked democracy, freedom and the constitution to impose their will on the masses? Yes we are. Many people call this the “New World Order” and rightly so as George H.W. Bush and many others have coined this phrase in the past and it has become a commonly used term to refer to the so called global elite plan for world domination. Let take a closer look however, at this topic of names and titles. Anyone who knows a thing or two about marketing and brand building knows that sometimes it’s all in the name.

For those that understand what is happening globally and understand how the central bankers, financial elite, politicians and military have sequestered their influence and power to form this current system, which was referred to by President Dwight Eisenhower as the ‘Military Industrial Complex’, I want to suggest that this so called “New World Order” should be kept in the right context. By that I mean let’s use this term only when it applies. For example; The “New World Order” is the term they have used to refer to the structure of their plans as it relates to the world. They however, carefully chose this name.

Let’s examine this closer: “New” implies that it is something that is not old and has never existed. People love “new” things. “New” things usually have value if for no other reason than because it’s new. New things are also generally associated with satisfaction, happiness, excitement and elation however examining these characteristics one can see that there is nothing “exciting”, “elating” or happiness rendering about a global government that is prepared to control all human activity and stifle every form of dissent.

Then there is the word “World”. While the word “world” is not a bad or unkind word in any way it does however, when contrasted with terms such as ‘Nation States’ and ‘National Sovereignty’, ring a different kind of bell. In terms of securing national sovereignty and individual freedom suddenly the notion of ‘world’ can present a major threat to that sovereignty. The founding fathers understood the importance of having MULTIPLE checks and balances of legal and moral responsibilities and authority. They understood the importance of ‘separation of powers’ and the importance of not allowing power to be coalesced into the hands a few. This prevention of coalescence is fundamental to healthy and happy human living. If there are any lessons that we can take from this battle for prevention of global domination by a few this is definitely one of them. Power must be kept separated and in the hands of as many people as possible. This is a fundamental principle recognized by the founding fathers, let us not ignore this lesson.

Finally there is the term “Order”. Order implies something good, organized, free of stress and confusion, and maybe even godly. Order also implies that you have nothing to fear because things are comfortably in place, chaos is missing and things are right. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The globalist plans for global domination is only “orderly” from the ‘masters’ point of view. They will gladly exterminate three-quarters of humanity in an ‘orderly’ manner and continue with their business. Beware of this deceptive term. There could never be order for humanity when psychopaths are in control and lies are the norm. Order cannot be achieved when human life is disregarded and human suffering is looked the other way upon. There is nothing stress relieving, comfortable or right about human behavior being monitored and controlled by the wishes of a few psychopaths. Nature in fact teaches us that randomness, spontaneity, constant change, adaptation and evolution is the norm. One cannot try to engineer and interfere with nature. Attempting to artificially impose “order” on a planet of over 6 billion amazing sovereign human beings is an experiment out of a Frankenstein movie. It is the manifestation of the psychopath mentality.

For these reasons we should focus on what the globalist really are. They are global terrorists in the process of implementing their global terror plans on the rest of humanity. Their true nature is being fully revealed to humanity in an accelerated manner. Humanity can now identify who these global terrorists are, what they want, how they operate and where they want to go with their agenda. To see their plans is to stop their plans. Humanity can now begin the momentum against these global terrorists that is long overdue. They know that their time is running out and that soon, enough of humanity will be awakened to their plans and their identities and they will be systematically removed from power and punished accordingly.

Until then, please consider the difference between what and who someone is and what ideology they represent versus what they WANT to be called or how they want to be viewed. In psychology this is referred to as the way a person wants to be perceived which is often quite different from the way a person is actually perceived by the world around them. Since there are a lot more of us who understand the global terror plans of the One World Government, we are choosing to call this movement what it is; a criminal plan of atrocities and oppression on the human race for the benefit of criminals who temporarily happen to be in positions of power. The name they have chosen as the representation of their plans is just another marketing campaign for their product that makes it sound likable. As we have seen, nothing could be further from the truth so please consider how you refer to these criminals and their plans and use the phrase carefully.

Finally, the “New World Order” blueprint these criminals have designed is the very proof of why we must continue to fight to expose and eventually dissolve this ideology. Humanity will get there in due time. Let us all continue this fight and let the chips fall where they may. For humanity that is good news, for the globalists not so good.


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