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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Global Economic Crisis and Revelation

We start this article with few quotes from the Bible (Revelation)

1.   And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. []

  1. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
  2. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
  3. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
  4. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
  5. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
  6. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
  7. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
  8. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

– Revelation 13, King James Bible

The Woman on the Beast

  1. And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
  2. With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
  3. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
  4. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
  6. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.


The Mystery Explained

  1. And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
  2. The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
  3. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
  4. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
  5. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
  6. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
  7. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

– Revelation 17, King James Bible

Is this prophetic quote related to our times???

– – –

We’ve now arrived at the tyranny of the body politic – snooping on the media – snooping on you and your organization by your friendly IRS agent – and fundamentally snooping around the Middle East figuring out which war to either stay out of or get involved in!

The other day Dene McGriff was down in San Diego talking to a native Chilean now living in the USA – the conversation was pleasant about Bible prophecy and then the biggie came up:  Who do you think could be Mystery Babylon of the Last Days – What great commercial colossus from whence all the nations of the earth and her kings who trade with her are made wealthy?  

Without hesitation, the Chilean said:  That’d be the USA, no question!  So, why is it that everyone else outside of the USA knows who Babylon on the Hudson is but Babylon on the Hudson?  

We now arrive at the 10 Kings/10 Horns of the Revelation – talk about unraveling the Numbers of Revelation – well, times are a’changin’ (i.e. “changing”) and in case you’re wondering who this “club of 10″ might be – this will be an eye-opening article to read…a mysterious RF, actually the name is RAF (as in Royal Air Force) – who wishes to remain anonymous lest his cover is blown (mine is big time blown) wrote most of this piece, with my brevity at the end. 

– – –

We find ourselves purposefully bogged down in Revelation 13 – somewhat mesmerized by the 10 horns and the 10 kings – let alone the accounts of the Dragon and that of the Beast from the Abyss.

I dare say that for many moons I’ve conjectured over these 10 Kings/10 Horns – pun intended insofar as our reflections concerning the four Blood Moons upcoming arising over Israel’s landscape and the potential for commencing the Seventieth Week of Daniel…although certain brethren find my possible conjecture naught but theatrical date setting – I, of course, deny any resemblance to one, Harold Camping – a man who in olden times would have been stoned for his false pronouncements – I, on the other hand, get away with mere conjectures and live to fight another day!

Well, that somehow brings us to the “10 Horns and 10 Kings” in both Daniel and the Revelation and their “whereabouts” at the “time of the end.”

Another View of the 10 Horns – 10 Kings

I purposefully have not specified the identity of these latter-day “ten kings.”  Are they nations?  Previous colonial powers?  Nor of the “ten horns” – and, for that matter, nor of the “three” who shall be plucked out by the younger horn: Are the three horns plucked up – England, France and Spain who occupied the “land the rivers divide” – making room for the Little Horn, America?  Suffice it to say, hereunder is a VERY REAL POSSIBILITY – more like a very real probability from RF, one of our Midwest “correspondents” who wishes to remain anonymous – and that’s O.K. – I’d like to remain as such as well – only problem is we’re such massive targets that such obscurity has long passed out of sight!  I told Doug Shearer that I at least have the presence of mind NOT to let out my address!  I’m not sure that’s absolutely trusting the Lord or using what’s left of my brain….now some remarks on the “10 Kings” by the mysterious one …with some comments of mine at the end….

There are two sections to this piece – rest assured, you will find this exceedingly insightful on the issue of the “10 Kings”….

Now, from R.F. …

The world has reached a new state of economic change. We are transitioning from “bail-outs” to “bail-ins” for “too big to fail banks”.

I believe we are witnessing those end-time events that will lead to unveiling of the ten horns spoken of in the book of Revelation. I believe the ten horns will emerge (by design) from the financial reengineering that we see playing out before us today. The ten horns are prophetically important because it is from among these that the AC will arise … displacing three in the process through some form of power struggle. These are “like” kings and will yield their power to the beast in a single hour. They are part of the end-time composite image used to describe both the dragon and the beast. They are an important part of the story.

Anyone who has studied the history of central banking knows whereof I speak. The world is changing quickly around us and it is the power elite (banksters) who are shaping what comes next. Remember, the central banks and the too big to fail banks are made up of the people. The board at the Fed is comprised of big banking elite. Should we be surprised that the Fed is giving $40B a month to the big banks? I think not.


A few days ago, I shared an article on Canada’s “Economic Action Plan 2013”—which is modeled on the “bail-in” policy we now see happening in Cyprus. Cypriot banks are claiming a new tax on deposits in excess of $100,000 Euros. This tax is excessive with reports ranging from 40%-80%. The important takeaway here is the “what” that is being taxed—it is the bank deposits of regular Cypriot citizens. The entities forcing these policies upon Cyprus include the IMF and the ECB.

That’s the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Remember, the IMF is the world’s central bank—it’s a super central bank. Central banks have the power to create money. The IMF is no different. It creates money in the form of SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights). The SDR’s are then acquired by nations. The IMF is a powerful central bank—it ranks #3 in global gold reserves behind the US and UK.

Back to Canada’s “Economic Action Plan 2013” … the architect of this plan is Mark Carney. Mark Carney will assume a new job in June—the British government has appointed him to become the head of the Bank of England. Think about that for a moment—this doesn’t bode well for the average British citizen. Mark Carney is the guy who created the “bail-in” legislation in Canada—what we see playing out in Cyprus now—the confiscation of the bank deposits that belong to regular people. He’s now going to head up the “Old Lady of Thread Needle Street”!


Wait, it gets better. The FSB (Financial Stability Board) is the regulatory agency behind these new “bail-in” policies. The FSB is chaired by—can you guess? That’s right, the governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney. But guess what entity the FSB belongs to? The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland. You’ve heard me speak about the BIS before. The BIS is “the” bank. It’s the banker’s bank. It’s where the central banks—all of them—go to do their banking. It’s also where the G7 finance ministers meet regularly.

So what we see here is the IMF and the ECB working hand in hand with the FSB (an entity of the BIS) to CONFISCATE the money of regular citizens in Cyprus. Further, the Cyprus model has been adopted by Canada—and the chief architect of Canada’s “Economic Action Plan 2013” is now moving on the Bank of England—probably to accelerate the same policies – since the UK can’t seem to embrace the euro.

In the meantime, our own central bank (the FED) is putting more than $80 Billion a month into circulation as part of ongoing quantitative easing [aka, “inflating the dollar”]. The economic recovery in the US is non-existent (as evidenced by today’s paltry job numbers) despite what Wall Street would have you believe.

Remember—the US Stock Market is now controlled by international powers. And, of course, the FDIC is under attack.

There is a lot of mischief going on …

Professor Michel Chossudovsky says:

What is at stake is a process of  “financial cleansing” whereby the “too big to fail banks” in Europe and North America (e.g. Citibank, JPMorgan-Chase, Goldman Sachs, et al ) displace and destroy lesser financial institutions, with a view to eventually taking over the entire “banking landscape.”

The underlying tendency at the national and global levels is towards the centralization and concentration of bank power, while leading to the dramatic slump of the real economy.

What this means is that the money confiscated from bank accounts would be used to meet the failed bank’s financial obligations. In return, the holders of the confiscated bank deposits would become stockholders in a failed financial institution on the verge of bankruptcy.

Bank savings would be transformed overnight into an elusive concept of capital ownership. The confiscation of savings would be adopted under the disguise of a bogus “compensation” in terms of equity.

The bailouts are “rescue packages” whereby the government allocates a significant portion of State revenues in favor of failed financial institutions. The money is channeled from the coffers of the State to the banking conglomerates.

In the US in 2008-2009, a total of $1.45 trillion was channeled to Wall Street financial institutions as part of the Bush and Obama rescue packages.

These bailouts were considered as a de facto government expenditure category. They required the implementation of austerity measures. Together with massive hikes in military expenditure, the bailouts were financed through drastic cuts in social programs including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

In contrast to the Bailout, which is funded from the public purse, the “Bail-in” requires the (in-house) confiscation of bank deposits. The bail-ins are implemented without the use of public funds. The regulatory mechanism is established by the central bank.

At the outset of Obama’s first term in January 2009, a bank bailout of the order of $750 billion was announced by Obama, which was added on to the 700 billion dollar bailout money allocated by the outgoing Bush administration under the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

The total of both programs was a staggering 1.45 trillion dollars to be financed by the US Treasury. (It should be understood that the actual amount of cash financial “aid” to the banks was significantly larger than $1.45 trillion. In addition to this amount defense allocations to fund Obama’s war economy (FY 2010) was a staggering $739 billion. Namely the bank bailouts plus defense combined ($2189 billion) eat up almost the totality of the federal revenues which in FY 2010 amounted to $2381 billion.

What is occurring is that the bank bailouts are no longer functional. At the outset of Obama’s Second term, the coffers of the state are empty. The austerity measures have reached a deadlock.

The bank bail-ins are now being contemplated instead of the “bank bailouts”.

The lower and middle income groups which are invariably indebted will not be the main target. The appropriation of bank deposits would essentially target the upper middle and upper income groups which have significant bank deposits. The second target will be the bank accounts of small and medium sized firms.

This transition is part of the evolution of the global economic crisis and the impasse underlying the application of the austerity measures.

The purpose of the global financial actors is to wipe out competitors, consolidate and centralize bank power and exert an overriding control over the real economy, the institutions of government and the military.


Even if the bail-ins were to be regulated and applied selectively to a limited number of failing financial institutions, credit unions, etc., the announcement of a program of confiscation of deposits could potentially lead to a generalized “run on the banks”. In this context, no banking institution would be regarded as safe.

The application of Bail-in procedures involving deposit confiscation (even when applied locally or selectively) would create financial havoc. It would interrupt the payments process. Wages would no longer be paid. Purchasing power would collapse. Money for investment in plant and equipment would no longer be forthcoming. Small and medium sized businesses would be precipitated into bankruptcy.

The application of a Bail-In in the EU or North America would initiate a new phase of the global financial crisis, a deepening of the economic depression, a greater centralization of banking and finance, increased concentration of corporate power in the real economy to the detriment of regional and local level enterprises.

In turn, an entire global banking network characterized by electronic transactions (which govern deposits, withdrawals, etc), –not to mention money transactions on the stock and commodity markets– could potentially be the object of significant disruptions of a systemic nature.

The social consequences would be devastating. The real economy would plummet as a result of the collapse in the payments system.

The potential disruptions in the functioning of an integrated global monetary system could result in a renewed global economic meltdown as well as a drop off in international commodity trade.

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:17).


The Bernanke takeaway here is of utmost importance because it underscores the serious nature of what’s happened in Cyprus (the IMF has taken a very serious blow).  Let me try to explain.

Bernanke has been leading the effort to put the proverbial lipstick on the pig that is the US economy – and this is one ugly pig! The US economy has remained tepid through multiple rounds of QE. Remember, trillions of dollars have been injected courtesy of the Fed. What is the one thing Bernanke has achieved in this? He has maintained the appearance of stability.

This is very important to understand. The appearance of stability creates “hope” and this is the only thing keeping the system from flying apart right now.

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, just did terrible damage to Bernanke’s handiwork. The Troika (IMF, ECB and EC) decided to use Cyprus as a lab rat to test their newest central banking tool, “bail-ins”. This is unprecedented – up until now, the central banks have relied on bail-outs, they haven’t gone after depositors.

In the aftermath of Cyprus, we also know that the use of bail-ins has been on the drawing board for a while. Mark Carney is the Governor of the Bank of Canada. Carney is the architect of Canada’s “Economic Action Plan 2013″ – which explains how bail-ins will be used in Canada. Carney also chairs the FSB (Financial Stability Board) which is the regulatory agency providing bail-in consultations for various Western countries including the US. The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland has been the host for the high level multilateral talks. Remember, the BIS is where the Western central banks do their banking – it’s the central banker’s bank. Carney will change jobs in June. He has been appointed to head up the Bank of England. No doubt he will bring his bail-in expertise to bear at the Old Lady of Thread Needle Street. It’s also interesting to note that Carney cut his teeth as a senior executive at Goldman Sachs before becoming a central bankster.

The experiment in Cyprus has been an unprecedented disaster for the elite.

It has caused a bright spotlight to be shined on their shadowy world. It’s somewhat unclear to me but it appears that Lagarde’s calculus was off the mark when the IMF selected Cyprus to be their lab rat. Jim Sinclair indicates that it was the Cyprus bankers who messed up. Whatever the case, nobody took into account the KGB. Cyprus is Russia’s Cayman Isles (or was). When the Troika decided to tax deposits above $100,000 Euros in the Cypriot banks, apparently they didn’t consider what Putin’s KGB friends might have to say about it.

The Troika had similar plans for Spain and Italy. According to Sinclair, they thought they could administer bail-ins (and keep control of it) if they kept the percentages low (10% in the case of Cyprus). Their motivation, of course, was to limit central bank exposure (QE).

Of course now we know it all blew up in their face. By inadvertently drawing in the KGB they caught the attention of the entire globe. Every now and then, we get a peek behind the curtain!

Immediately after Cyprus imploded, Christine Lagarde’s flat was raided by the French police. She is being questioned for alleged crimes that occurred twenty years ago.  Coincidence? I think not. The world now knows what happened in Cyprus. There was a run on the banks. The Troika has suffered a significant blow and their masters are not pleased. And if that isn’t enough, they stole lots of money from the KGB. Don’t these people watch James Bond?

The Western NWO (I am referring to the system of central banks) knows that it’s now going to be exceedingly difficult to implement its bail-in policies. The appearance of stability has been shaken.

You can bet old Ben Bernanke knows exactly what this means. As Sinclair said, Lagarde just wiped out everything he did. He knows now that the collapse is imminent and he doesn’t want to be left holding the bag when it all comes crashing down.

To that end, please note that financial advisor, Jim Sinclair, did NOT give us two years. After Cyprus, he issued a new warning to his subscribers. He advised them all to cash out immediately. He’s telling them to cash in their IRAs and 401Ks, pay the fee, pay the taxes, and get out.

It’s no secret that the central banks have been shorting gold for the past few months. This too has been done to create the appearance of stability. There is an excellent article on Global Research about this right now. Sinclair is saying this has now run its course and it’s time to buy gold again. He says it will go to $3500 minimum … probably more like $5000. He’s also predicting hyperinflation to hit this summer.

My question to you guys is this … if Sinclair and others are right … Hmmm … Then I would say the timing of these heightened tensions with North Korea are interesting. Especially since 10 year Japanese government bonds are now yielding only 0.525%! Have you noticed all the yen flooding into the PIGS? The contagion in Europe is spreading. The dollar is gasping.

Further Considerations by RF on the 10-horns & America’s Role as Babylon the Great:

My focus of late has been on the ten horns. I’m trying to discern from whence these will come. It’s a difficult task because they do not yet appear on the world stage. Nevertheless, viewing current world events through this lens is fascinating.

Babylon you say? Hmmm, do you mean Novus Ordo Seclorum? I read about that on the internet. NWO, that’s the Illuminati, right? Adam Weishaupt?

The Rothschild?  The Fed?  The American New World Order System? Wait a minute … what the heck is the NWO? Google it and good luck!

Right now, the world is split. Oh yes, its split big time and along financial fault lines. On the one hand we have what our contemporary Western leaders call the new world order. This is the NWO of Bretton Woods. It is a post WW II pro Western world order. On the other hand, we have the “newer” world order. These are the BRICs. I know, I know, two world orders? Honestly, isn’t one enough?

The BRICs include Brazil, Russia, India and China. Sometimes they include South Africa (BRICS) and sometimes they include Indonesia too (BRICSI). They represent the fastest growing economies … the economies of tomorrow. They see themselves as the future, and very recently they met to create their own world bank. The BRIC World Bank will be a lot like the West’s IMF & World Bank.

Make no mistake however, these are competing world orders – and all joking aside, you can’t have competing world orders on the same planet. The BRICs want to get rid of the dollar as a fiat currency. They want a currency that better represents their own financial interests – and something more stable than the dollar.

But wait … others have tried to throw off the yoke of the petro dollar in recent years. Let’s see, there was Saddam Hussein … hmmm, that didn’t go so well for him. Then there was Muammar Gadaffi … er, that didn’t go so well for him either. What about Dominick Strauss-Kahn? He was a former head of the IMF who was expected to become the President of France. He thought the euro could be used as an alternative to the dollar for buying Middle-Eastern oil. Hmmm, didn’t he have problems with his maid?

In November of 2011, Obama gave his Asia-pivot speech before the Australian Parliament. Since then, America has taken a tougher stand against China. Obama said, ”As a Pacific nation, the United States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping this region and its future…The United States is a Pacific power, and we are here to stay.”

In the Biden article that Doug shared today:

At a banking conference on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden called for the creation of a “new world order” with new financial institutions, updated global rules, a level playing field, and a prosperous China.

Note that this is a banking meeting (Ex-Im) so NWO talk is appropriate … but is he speaking about Bretton Woods?

He continued: “Because the global order is changing again, and the institutions of the world worked so well in the Post-World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened, and some need to be changed.”

Clearly he’s not! Interesting? Biden has just told us the NWO created after WW II, the Bretton Woods system, is no longer relevant. We need something STRONGER. This is really important stuff Joe is sharing. The changing global order is code for the BRIC threat and our need to do something about it vis-à-vis  Obama’s Asia-Pivot. By the way, is the Asia-Pivot anything like the old Potomac two-step?

So what’s going on in North Korea?

On Friday, WND published an article asking whether the Obama administration’s military build-up in the Pacific is part of the President’s so-called pivot-toward-Asia strategy, a move that could demonstrate the biggest shift in world power since World War II?

It is difficult for most seasoned observers to explain why Obama is suddenly responding to North Korean aggression when the White House did little in 2008 when North Korea refused to allow United Nations’ inspectors into its nuclear plants.

The Obama administration also took little action when North Korea in 2009 carried out at least two nuclear tests, one of which is believed to have been the cause of a magnitude 4.7 seismic event.

The White House did not allow the U.S. military any significant response when in 2010 North Korea torpedoed a South Korean navy ship, killing 46 sailors. North Korea then shelled a South Korean island with little U.S. reaction.

My friends, I think the Asia-Pivot has BRIC all over it!

As an aside, the new ship that’s mentioned at least twice in the article Doug shared is the USS Freedom. An old shipmate of mine (and my best man) is the Deputy Program Director for this new class of ship at Lockheed Martin.

Now, purportedly in response to aggressive action by North Korea’s new leader, the White House is sending to Singapore a new class of warship designed to fight in coastal waters.


The USS Freedom is an LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) meaning it’s designed to operate in the Littorals – i.e. close to shore.  I spoke to my friend about a month ago just as the USS Freedom was finishing sea trials off the coast of Southern California. The Navy has plans to build 50 of these ships. They are extremely fast and agile. They are basically a torpedo boat on steroids. The LCS can be configured many different ways for different combat situations.

Time magazine says the “U.S. pivot toward Asia – and the potential for confrontation with China – became a little more real this week with the arrival of a new class of warship designed to fight in coastal waters.”

Back to the BRICs…

The U.S. military shift comes as the so-called BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – seek to create a monetary system to rival and even surpass the West.

While it received little U.S. media attention, last week at its fifth annual summit the BRICS group unveiled what it said was a new development bank aimed at breaking the monopoly held by Western-backed institutions.


The bank would use $50 billion of seed capital shared equally between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa but would clearly be dominated by China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave support for the bank while India’s trade minister said BRICS will “have a defining influence on the global order of this century.”

Iran likes the idea…

Iran’s Press TV described the deal this way: “The BRICS bank will present an alternative solution to the Western-dominated global banking system comprised of the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“The new bank will provide a collective foreign exchange reserve and a fund for financing developmental projects in order to address the needs of emerging and poor economies.”

Challenging the US Fiat Currency…

Press TV reported, “BRICS members say the current global balance of power is unworkable, with institutions such as the WB, the IMF and the United Nations Security Council irrelevant in addressing matters concerning global economics.”

Latest Update:

Under the deal, the two largest economies of the emerging power groups, China and Brazil, agreed to remove nearly half of their trade exchanges out of the U.S. dollar zone – a significant blow to the U.S. dollar.

Now, the big question is (and getting back to the question who is Babylon or can America be Babylon?) … what about all of this financial chaos in the EU? And what about Jim Sinclair’s predictions for hyperinflation in the US? Are the Western central banks (led by the Fed) in trouble? What about the IMF?

If this banking system fails, how can the West (USA) be Babylon? Might a different scenario play out? Might the Fed implode creating a situation where the IMF takes over?

I don’t know!! But one thing is certain. American is becoming increasingly more aggressive and imperialistic.

We are fomenting a war in Syria, exiting Afghanistan, occupying Iraq, holding on Iran, ready to start a new war with North Korea and reclaiming the Pacific Rim!

The answer I think is obvious, but I still don’t see those ten horns!!!

Latest Update from R.F.

There is an incredible amount of financial stress building globally. We all know this. Though the situation is murky, given all the players and changing alliances, I think we can discern some of what is happening if we simply look at the facts. We are very likely witnessing the end game. I believe the global economy is about to undergo a radical change. I also believe the ten horns will emerge from this process.

There are several important things to bear in mind …

First, we have witnessed a major schism on the global stage. This has to do with the West (Bretton Woods) and the emerging BRICs (namely Brazil, Russia, India and China) lead by China. With the recent formation of a new BRIC world bank, much of the world has put the dollar on notice. It is now an undeniable fact that a large part of the world is openly moving away from the dollar as the global fiat currency. The West will not willingly relinquish control of global trade to the east.

And this is precisely what we are seeing. Immediately after the BRICs announced the creation of a new world bank, BoJ (Japan’s central bank) initiated its own massive QE program. In Europe, where the IMF, ECB, EC has been implementing austerity in place of QE, we now see significant pressure being applied to ease money and start printing Euros en masse. So what we have here, seems to be a concerted effort, on behalf of leading Western powers, to strengthen the dollar by maintaining its exchange rate — at least in the West — despite the fact that the Fed is printing more than $1T a year with no end in sight.

Now lets consider gold. Over the course of the last two weeks, the price of gold on the COMEX has gone down even though there is grave uncertainty in the world regarding the dollar. Indeed since 2008 we’ve seen a run up on gold – which, of course, makes perfect sense because gold has always been the de-facto standard … ALWAYS. So why now the sudden drop in gold pricing? The experts tell us this is due to a very well orchestrated effort by the central planners. You see, this event too appears to be directly linked to the West’s intention to preserve the dollar as the globe’s fiat currency at all costs.

The games being played at the COMEX are somewhat unprecedented, though the experts point to events in the ’80′s as a comparison. There is, however, a major difference between what happened at the COMEX in the ’80′s compared to today — and that has everything to do with physical gold. What has the leading gold traders so up in arms (they are panicking) is the fact that it is becoming exceedingly difficult to take physical delivery of gold. Already wealthy gold owners are being turned away by Swiss banks when they go to take delivery on their gold. The banks are telling these people that they will be paid in cash instead. Where is the gold? Who has it?

I offer another data point to consider … in January of this year Deutsche Bundesbank (the central bank of Germany) tried to take physical delivery of its gold from the NY Fed. The Germans were turned away. They’ve been told they have to wait seven years! As we all know, a lot can happen in seven years!

Even Texas is trying to move its gold to its own repository in the state of Texas! A lot of people in lofty places seem to be placing their trust in gold rather than dollars.

So where is the gold, and just what is going on here? I think the central planners know the dollar is in trouble. Obviously the BRICs don’t trust the dollar, and the West is pulling every lever it can to keep the dollar afloat. At the end of the day, however, there is clearly great uncertainty amongst even the central planners. We know they are hoarding gold. Physical gold, not the paper garbage. People like Sinclair and Celente are predicting the demise of the COMEX as a result of what we see playing out now. When the COMEX crashes, due to all the worthless paper, the price of gold will sky rocket again. Sinclair is saying gold will jump to $3500. I’ve heard others say $5000. Those who own physical gold will realize unprecedented gains.

The formation of the ten horns represents a major “reorganization” of power under either a Western or Eastern power center (very likely brought about by some form of economic schism). I think we’d all agree that the West best fits prophecy.

I find it very interesting that Christine LaGarde (Managing Director of the IMF) is widely reported to be one of the two most powerful women leaders in Europe. The other is Angela Merkel. Merkel is, of course, a legitimate head of state. LaGarde is a banker. LaGarde now has greater stature than many European heads of state. Lets not forget that some European leaders have been put into office by the banks. We live in interesting times.

I offer one last data point that further underscores the lack of confidence. Bail-ins. Bail-ins are a wealth redistribution tool devised by the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) – the bank where the central banks go to bank. Bail-ins are supported by the G7.


 This tool was recently used in Cypress, and it is ready to be used elsewhere. Bail-ins probably won’t be used in the too big to fail. Instead they will be used to destroy smaller banks and steal wealth just as was done in Cypress. The fact that this tool has been deployed globally by the BIS indicates that either those in the know don’t trust the current system, or that they willingly plan to bring down the system.

It’s difficult to say what will happen to the dollar with all that the central planners are doing to maintain control. Four things are very clear however …

  • The ten horns must come to be.
  • The central planners have the gold.
  • The US government has purchased 2 trillion rounds of ammunition.
  • Monetary systems require one thing … trust.

Doug Krieger’s Final Note:

I know that many of you wonder why we don’t spend more time on such matters of this magnitude – well, we are but a very small fish in an enormous pond.  It is obvious to all, if you read any of our material, that we, as are a number of pundits – and our little “club” seems to be growing in number of late – contend that THE FINAL BABYLON – a book soon to be published by Doug Woodward – is clearly the final Commercial Empire of the Canaanites – the Ancient Phoenicians – the Punic Peoples who colonized the Mediterranean and advanced their commercial pursuits, as the Ships of Tarshish, to the uttermost reaches of the New World…for the Spaniards once were thoroughly colonized by these Ancient Canaanites/Punic Peoples…inexorably moving West (even their Visigoth past prepared them well for the journey).  Furthermore, as can be easily ascertained in this and many of our articles, the West is the dominant “empire” which shall have the greatest of influences in the Middle East, and, in particular, Israel in the “latter days.”

The Bible’s clear about this prospect in reference to the Western Civilization found in Daniel 7-8 wherein on both the Four Horns (“younger/little horn”) who came out of the “Notable Horn” of Alexander the Great (Greco) and the Fourth Beast (along with his ten horns and the eleventh which plucked out three of the ten before coming forth) which has been the “continuation of Gentile World Power” in its relationship to Israel these past 2,000 years (primarily “Roman” in its orientation) – for most of the Jews in the Diaspora found their lot in the West;  hence:  GRECO-ROMAN MAN – Western Civilization.

That said – what of the West’s Cardinal, though “little-younger” Son:  the United States of America?  Obviously, during the past decade, with the supreme technologies for squeezing oil out of the immense oil-shale deposits in North America – especially in the USA – the uncontested POWER HOUSE – the Commercial Machine of the World – will be the uncontested Commercial Empire of these “ancient Canaanites!”

And, this is to say NOTHING of the gazillions of cubic feet of LNG (liquid natural gas) – which is simply overwhelming!  We’ve got 300 Billion Barrels and a whole lot more just in Monterey Bay!

8Oh, and that’s not counting gazillions throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas and on and on and on and then going back in Oklahoma, Texas and through the USA’s old oil fields like in Ohio/PA – it’s endless and then there’s the Gulf and all the off-shore stuff in the Middle Atlantic States – it’s simply overwhelming to the tune of, says the illustrious Dene McGriff, upwards of 300 TRILLION Barrels and counting – the very idea of suggesting just 3 Trillion Barrels!  I tell you folks, the Illuminati is lying!  We’ve got so much of this stuff that it’s beyond belief – so absorbed in oil is Babylon the Great!

If you want to see how all the liars fight over how much oil is just in California alone – check out this site – it’s absolutely laughable!

Dene’s calculations are really not all that suspect.  My own private research has concluded that with recent breakthroughs in fracking technology, America is poised to become the world’s foremost EXPORTER of oil within years – that means we don’t have to import anymore oil – of course, the LIARS will tell you otherwise – good grief, I might as well tell you how I really feel about this!

I’m getting to be somewhat like Paul in these matters:  “I said in my haste that all environmentalist wakkos are liars” – which of course, they aren’t, but when it comes to how much oil is down there, let alone coal and gas and the like, listen – if for one Texas minute you think that Babylon the Great will let a bunch of BRICSI nations (I included Indonesia in that mix.) tell us where to get off, you’ve got another thing comin’.  That ain’t gonna happen G.I. – like NEVER!  Take a gander at this map and you’ll see why the Merchants of the Earth shall on that day weep over her:


Now, this map doesn’t include ALASKA nor our Canadian and Mexican compatriots who understand “how the game is played” – so don’t tell me that Babylon the Great is not called Babylon the Great for no reason!  Furthermore, this map shows NOTHING of the true Monterey Bay, California “play” of upwards of 300,000,000 billion barrels of oil and unlimited natural gas!

And, these maps are terribly outdated in that 2009 and 2011 is four or five years behind schedule and things have RADICALLY CHANGED in the fracking business since these publications were made.  The gas fields are so extensive that if we wanted to, we could supply the whole earth with enough energy from gas alone to last a thousand years!  Whatever you do – don’t light a match!

Likewise, all I’m showing you doesn’t even include existing oil (not oil-shale) – that’s just as dramatic and maybe more so – just can’t imagine – meanwhile the Russians have to drill through enough rock that atomic bombs might be more suitable in order to get to their so-called mass reserves in Siberia – fat chance that will EVER happen and neither India or China, or for that matter, South Africa, have any such potential – and Brazil has some but compared to Uncle Sam – there is absolutely no comparison!


The collaboration among the antagonists of Tyre, Babylon, Greece and Rome are united under the banner of the West and that dominance is none other than the United States of America – notwithstanding the childish efforts of the BRICs or any other bland effort sought after by other Gentile Powers.  Ezekiel 38-39 is absolutely clear as to who are the antagonists confronting the efforts of Gog-Magog – i.e., the Islamic belligerents surrounding Israel vs. The Ships of Tarshish and the commercial powers of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, partners of the West – OIL IS KING.

These are not all that strange bedfellows – viz., the Ancient Canaanites and their compatriots among Sheba and Dedan…for they have been trading partners for thousands of years…and, at the end of days they shall find common cause to refute the aspirations of even their Moslem brothers (Gog-Magog) – even so, as “rumors from the East and North will trouble him” – therefore, he – the Antichrist – will arise and annihilate many – Daniel 11:40-44…don’t think that the BRICs will get away with it much longer…but “he will come to his end and no one will help him” (Daniel 11:45).

One further comment – don’t think that the Israelis are not way ahead of the curve on this oil and gas business – they’ve got plenty and I mean PLENTY.  Don’t let a few bogus “gas ventures” detour you from thinking that Israel doesn’t know how to work an oil patch – to the contrary – Europe better reconsider their little relationship with Israel and real soon!



Copyright 2013 by by Doug Krieger & RF

Apocalypse & Armageddon

The apocalypse is approaching: which Torah prophecies about the End of the World began to come true

In 2018, the predictions of the end of the world made by the Jewish prophets began to come true.

According to legend, the text of the Torah was dictated to Moses by the Almighty himself. Over the centuries, these divine precepts were supplemented by various sages, they clarified certain provisions of the ancient religious document for their contemporaries, and also wrote down their own prophecies.

Of course, the lengthy text of the Torah contains many contradictions, because each of its co-authors had a personal idea of ​​the end of the world, for example. But in its most general form it says that the Almighty gave our world six millennia from the moment of creation. Then, as the prophets predict, bloody wars, numerous natural disasters will begin, the death of most of humanity will occur.

But every cloud has a silver lining: at this time the Messiah will appear on earth, who will lead the righteous to prosperity and prosperity. Therefore, individual followers of Judaism are trying with all their might to bring the end of the world closer, hoping to see the long-awaited messenger of the Almighty with their own eyes.

Three prophecies come true

Mystically minded people are always looking for signs of the approaching Apocalypse in various events: the movement of comets; natural disasters; solar and lunar eclipses; armed conflicts. There are several reasons for the followers of Judaism to believe that the end of the world is near. Three prophecies from the Torah, predicting the imminent Apocalypse, came true one after another.

Judge for yourself, in September 2018, a red heifer was born in Israel, which symbolizes the imminent divine cleansing of our world. In early October, renowned photographer Noam Bedein unveiled sensational photographs proving the presence of live fish in the waters of the Dead Sea, which has not been seen for millennia. And a month later, tourists were surprised to see a snake on the Wailing Wall hunting a pigeon.

All these events are similar to the omens of the Apocalypse described in the Torah, which gave various mystics and conspiracy theorists the opportunity to talk about the approach of the Day of Judgment. The next date for the imminent end of the world, based on these predictions, is set for fall 2021 – three years after the prophecies came true.

Snake on the Western Wall

On November 3, 2018, the British edition of The Sun and several other information resources reported about a snake that crawled between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A reptile hunted a pigeon in the female section of the tourist complex.

However, the event did not cause much commotion. The Western Wall Heritage Foundation (the official organization responsible for this site of cultural and religious value) made a statement that the snake, approximately 1 meter long, was non-venomous. The summoned serpentologist without much difficulty caught her, and the incident was over.

But numerous mystics found a special, sacred meaning in this event. As you know, the inhabitants of the Middle East, like other lands, in ancient times worshiped animal totems. It was believed that they protect and support people, give them strength. Conspiracy theorists claim that the snake was a symbol of the ancient family from which the legendary kings of the Jewish people – Solomon and David – originated. The appearance of their totem animal in the women’s section of the Western Wall was interpreted as a sign of future changes. And the fact that the snake hunted a dove, personifying the Christian faith in various esoteric practices, was perceived by many mystics as evidence of the approach of the Apocalypse.

Although, according to some Jewish religious leaders, this event has a positive meaning. It is possible that our civilization will face a serious transformation in the near future, because any changes bring not only troubles, but also renewal of life. Moreover, the number of snakes (nakhash) in traditional numerology is 358, and the word “Messiah” (Moshiach) has the same arithmetic indicator.

The Book of Zohar, referred to by many Jewish mystics, calls our world a kind of opposite to the Garden of Eden. That is, on a sinful earth, a snake is not the personification of the forces of Evil. On the contrary, this reptile here signifies the purification and revival of divine holiness.

It is noteworthy that a few months ago, just after the end of the Tisha Bav fast, dedicated to mourning over the destruction of two Jewish temples, a stone weighing 220 pounds fell from the western part of the Western Wall.

Explaining this event, the conspiracy theorists decided that the centuries-old suffering of the Jewish people was over. Now the long-awaited revival begins, which will mark the imminent appearance of the Third Temple – a mystical religious building, which should be a testament to the onset of an era of prosperity and prosperity.

Live fish in the Dead Sea

In early October 2018, all the world’s news agencies published sensational photographs taken by the famous Israeli photographer Noam Bedein. For many years he explored the Dead Sea, capturing this unique natural reservoir. And here’s the real luck – in the waters, which were considered absolutely lifeless, fish calmly swim. And earlier, algae were seen there.

The Dead Sea is a closed lake with a salinity level of 300-350%, which is one of the highest in the world. According to biblical tradition, the reservoir was formed on the site of the destroyed cities – Sodom and Gomorrah. And here, on the earth cursed by the Almighty, there were no traces of life for many millennia.

The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel (622-570 BC), however, left an unambiguous indication of this. He wrote that the dead waters will come to life again just before the end of the world. And in the reservoir, which was considered unusable, fish will appear again.

But on the other hand, salt water is not an insurmountable obstacle to life. For example, Artemia (toad-legged crustacean) lives in the lakes of the Tiligul reserve, located near Odessa. The salinity level of those reservoirs is 269%. This is lower than the Dead Sea, but not much. And in the estuaries of Tuzla near the Kerch Strait, a furry worm lives quietly.

In any case, the appearance of fish in the Dead Sea is proof of significant changes taking place in nature.

Red calf

The book of the biblical prophet Daniel says that the sacrifice of the red cow will be another foreshadowing of the imminent appearance of the Messiah, since this ritual action will help to cleanse the world from all accumulated filth. Many followers of Judaism believe that after the sacrifice, the construction of the mystical Third Temple will begin, marking the beginning of an era of prosperity.

But the problem is that it is very difficult to find a cow suitable for the ritual. It should be an animal with perfectly red fur. Even two hairs next to each other, which have a different shade, make the horned pretender unfit for sacrifice. In addition, a cow should never wear yokes, be involved in agricultural work, and she must also be born on Israeli soil.

According to biologists, a perfectly red cow is a biological anomaly. Nevertheless, the Old Testament says that the first such sacrifice was made by Moses himself, and before the destruction of the Second Temple, the ritual was performed eight or nine times.

The Israeli religious organization “The Establishment of the Temple” set itself the goal of accelerating the coming of the Messiah, and breeders were involved in the work. And so, in September 2018, the birth of the “red heifer”, suitable for sacrifice, was solemnly announced to the whole world.

According to the instructions of the Mishnah (the sacred text of the followers of Judaism), the cow should be slaughtered in a special, ritual way, and the carcass should be burned. The ashes of such an animal have a cleansing power, which should contribute to the restoration of biblical purity in our sinful world.

According to mystics, the birth of the red calf is another omen of global changes that await our world. After all, it was from clay of this color, according to legend, that the first people were created.

By themselves, the above events are not particularly remarkable. Snakes are found in Israel and crawl wherever they please. Stones fall from the Western Wall, after all, this is an ancient structure. Ginger calves are born from time to time. And fish can live in salt water if they adapt. But it all depends on how you look. And if these are really omens of the Apocalypse? Wait and see.

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Will the conflict in Karabakh develop into a nuclear one?

With the outbreak of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, crowds of political correspondents rushed to televisions and newspapers, spreading their fingers and puffing out their cheeks, vang about a future that will never come true. 

Nevertheless, everyone, especially the inhabitants of the Caucasus, is terribly interested in this future, and in the absence of another source of information, people are forced to listen to the songs of the mindless and stupid. Meanwhile, there are other sources of information, which are called Prophecies. 

With prophecies, however, everything is very difficult, especially with fake texts of recent times, where some “Lugansk elders” vang about getting up from their knees and call to unite around the great supreme leader.

The second problem with prophecies is the absence of such small countries as Armenia and Azerbaijan, for example. Prophets communicate with angels, and angels think on the scale of continents and hardly show them small territories. However, sometimes a few things slip: 

I saw an Angel lifting a sickle. He moved it over the countries of the Middle East. I saw Iran, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, all of Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, all of Asia Minor. All these lands were covered in blood. I saw fire. Atomic weapons were used against many of these countries, smoke rose to the sky everywhere. Great destruction – people destroyed each other. I heard the words: “Israel, Oh Israel, the time of the great judgment has come.”

This prophecy belongs to a gentleman named Samuel Doctorian or Doctorian. He lives (lived?) In the United States and was either an ethnic Greek or an Armenian – we have no exact information. The prophecy was made in 1998, and by some miracle for 1998, it lists all the hotbeds of current or emerging conflicts.

The only thing is that there is nothing in Georgia yet, but from other sources we know that at least the city of Tbilisi will be destroyed by a nuclear explosion. One of the well-known elders in Georgia spoke about this back in the 1970s. Literally, he described the black ruins remaining from the city, over which even birds fell dead, but this is a separate topic, so we turn to the prophecies of Lord Doctorian:

The angel said: “Millions will die in China and India. The largest river in China will flood and destroy thousands of homes in flooding. Some nationalities will be against other nationalities, brother will go against brother. Asians will fight among themselves, atomic weapons will be used, which will destroy millions of people. ” Twice I’ve heard the word “disaster”. Then the Angel said that there would be a financial crisis in Asia and God would shake the world.

The largest river in China and in general on the continent is the Yangtze River. And somehow it so happened that in the summer of 2020, an unprecedented flood in the history of the PRC began there, which is taking place against the backdrop of a covid financial crisis, the conflict in Ladakh, Hong Kong and the South China Sea. And if not today, then tomorrow the dam of the Three Gorges hydroelectric power station will collapse, after which everyone will say “disaster” in chorus . But we read further:

I saw how large stones fell from the sky in different parts of Africa. The earth will be shaken with such force, with which it has not yet been shaken from the creation of the world. No one can escape the sword of the Lord. I saw the Nile river dry, the Nile was a god for the Egyptians. Most of central Africa will be covered in water – millions will die.

A very strange prophecy. On the one hand, it says that the Nile will dry up, on the other, Africa will be flooded. What does it mean? And to understand this as the Hydase hydroelectric power station, which is being built by the Ethiopians:

The result of filling this reservoir will first be the drying up of the Nile, and then a tactical missile strike on the dam, followed by flooding. And somehow it so strangely coincided that the dam began to be filled in 2020 – simultaneously with the flooding in China and the beginning of the war in the Caucasus. 

In general, three hits out of five (in total, Mr. Doctorian had five visions) and all three fall on 2020. The Angels did not name the date, but there is every reason to believe that the time for the fulfillment of the prophecies has begun.

H askolko exactly they realized we did not know how and do not know that they were there for the Angels. Maybe Angels from local orbital hosts, maybe Angels from a rival company, or maybe it’s some kind of Third Force. But in any case, the prophecy deserves to be brought in full and wang it on the development of events. 

The prophecy of Samuel Doctorian about a future tectonic cataclysm.

 This prophecy (vision) was revealed to Doctor Samuel Doktorian on the island of Patmos in 1998. On the same island, John the Theologian wrote down his predictions – “The Revelations of John the Theologian”.

Doctorian says: “I was alone for some weeks on the island of Patmos in my house. There I prayed and sought the Lord. There was a small church of St. Nicholas on the island, which no one visited. I went there and poured my heart into it before God. One day I found a large rock at the edge of a cliff, I wanted to sit on it to pray and read the Bible. I ate very little these days. Repeatedly visited the place where John saw the Revelation. A month has passed since I prayed in this remote place. I thought, asking myself, “Maybe God will send me HIS ANGEL for the tenth time?” I have already seen Angels nine times: in England, in Belgrade, Amman, in Jerusalem. I saw one Angel in Upper Egypt: He saved a woman who decided to commit suicide by hanging. I saw the Ninth Angel amid the hostilities in Beirut. At three o’clock in the morning, he woke me up from sleep and told me to leave this country at once. Until today, I am grateful to God for this, although I do not know what could have happened to me. And so I thought, “Will I see an Angel for the tenth time?”

An angel appeared with a message

On June 20, 1998, at 3:50 am here on Patmos, my room suddenly filled with light, even though there was no electricity here. On my right side were two Angels. Looking to the left, I led away three more Angels with wings. I saw their faces as the faces of people, they shone. They were dressed in very nice white long clothes. It cannot be described in human language. I asked myself “Why are there five of them?”

I was trembling all over, I was shaking. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Then I saw myself standing in front of the meeting and prophesying, these words: “My Church, you preach love, but you must live by love, you must show it to others. There must be unity in my Body. There are many divisions among you. Where there is no unity, the Spirit cannot move and work. The flesh rules in My Church. There is a lot of impurity in My Church. I need and yearn for a people who would live a holy life. I died to make you holy. ”

While the prophecy was going on in the Spirit, I was shaking all over. Opening my eyes, I looked into the crowd. During this prophecy, these powerful Angels suddenly appeared. Walking back from the pulpit, I thought I was going to fall. Some force supported me so that I would not fall. I asked myself: “What will happen next?”

Suddenly the first Angel said: “We, the Angels of the five continents, have come to tell you about the future of these continents.” At that moment, I heard the screams of the people standing in front of me ” Oh-oh-oh-oh! ” I think they saw Angels too. Somehow, God made me understand that in the coming days in many places on earth He will reveal Himself to people through Angels. Such phenomena will often occur in churches. Thousands of people will simultaneously see Angels. The angels said: “What you see and hear – tell people.” Whether the peoples will accept it or not, I consider it my duty to announce what has been said to me.

First Angel: Message to All Asia

The First Angel said, “I have a message for all of Asia.” When He said this, in the blink of an eye I saw all of China, India and other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia. Then the Angel showed me New Guinea and further down to Australia and New Zealand. “I am the Angel for Asia,” He said.

I saw in His hand a very large trumpet with which He will blow over all Asia. Millions will hear this powerful trumpet voice. Then He said: “There will be catastrophes and famines. Many will starve to death. All over Asia there will be earthquakes and the sea will cover the land. “

I clearly heard the words spoken by the Angel: “Large parts of the earth will fall into the sea. In some places in Australia there will be earthquakes, it will split and most of it will be covered by the sea. ” It was scary.

I asked myself, “Did I hear correctly?” To this the Angel said: “In China and India, millions will die. The largest river in China will flood and destroy thousands of homes in flooding. Some nationalities will be against other nationalities, brother will go against brother. Asians will fight among themselves, atomic weapons will be used, which will destroy millions of people. ” Twice I’ve heard the word “disaster”. Then the Angel said that there would be a financial crisis in Asia and God would shake the world.

As He spoke, I was shaking. Looking at me, He smiled and said: “There will be a great spiritual awakening, the chains will break, the obstacles will be overcome. All over Asia, China, India, people will come to Christ. There is going to be a big and strong revival in Australia. This is the final harvest. “

Then, as if in the name of God, He said: “I will prepare My Church for My coming.” After the news of the judgment, I was happy to hear this good news. All this time, five Angels were in my room. It was a powerful experience.

Second Angel: Middle East

Then I saw the second Angel holding a sickle in his hand, as they do during the harvest. He said, “The harvest has come in Israel and the countries before Iran.” In the blink of an eye, I saw these countries and heard: “All Turkey and those countries that rejected Me, rejected the message of love, will hate and destroy each other.”

I saw an Angel lifting a sickle. He moved it over the countries of the Middle East. I saw Iran, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, all of Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, all of Asia Minor. All these lands were covered in blood. I saw fire. Atomic weapons were used against many of these countries, smoke rose to the sky everywhere. Great destruction – people destroyed each other. I heard the words: “Israel, O Israel, the time of the great judgment has come.”

The angel said: “The elect, the Church and the remnant, the people will be cleansed. The Holy Spirit will prepare the children of God. ” I saw a flame of fire rising to the sky. The angel said, “This is the final judgment. My Church will be cleansed, preserved, and prepared for the last day. People will die of thirst. There will be very little water throughout the Middle East. The rivers will dry up, and the people in these countries will wage war over water. “

The angel showed me that the UN, due to the catastrophic situation in the Middle East, would disintegrate and as such would no longer exist. The angel with the sickle will reap the harvest.

Third Angel: Europe

After that, Angel showed me all of Europe from the North down to Spain and Portugal. In His hand He held a measuring branch.

I saw Him flying over Europe and saying these words: “I am deeply concerned, filled with suffering. Injustice, impurity and godlessness throughout Europe. Sin has risen to the sky. The Holy Spirit is filled with suffering. “

I’ve seen rivers in Europe overflow their banks and flood millions of homes. Czechoslovakia has had the worst floods ever before.

Suddenly I heard the rumble of an earthquake all over Europe. “Countries that have never been shaken by an earthquake will be shaken,” said the Angel. Suddenly I saw how the Eiffel Tower broke and disintegrated in Paris. Most of Germany will be destroyed. Big city London – destruction everywhere.

I’ve seen floods all over Scandinavia. I looked south and saw Spain going through great famine and great destruction. Many in Spain and Portugal will starve to death.

I was alarmed and said: “Lord, what will happen to Your Children?” The angel responded with the words of God: “I will prepare them. They should be looking forward to the appearance of the Lord. Many in these days will cry to Me and I will save them. I will work great miracles for them, I will show them My Power. Amid this great destruction, in these countries the mercy of God will dwell. I was happy – God protects his children.

4th Angel: Africa

Now we went to Africa. I saw the fourth Angel with wings flying over Africa. Also, I could see all the way, from the cities in the south to Cairo in the north. The angel destined for Africa was carrying a huge sword.

Suddenly I heard them say the words: “Innocent blood is shed, strife among the nations. Generations are far from the Lord – thousands have ruined each other. I have seen my believing children in Africa. I will bless them abundantly. I will control the weather: the sun will burn fieryly in certain places. Big rivers will dry up, millions will die of hunger. There will be floods elsewhere. The grounds will be shaken. Those who thirst for blood and do lies, My sword will judge, there will be many earthquakes, many cities will be flooded. “

I saw large stones falling from the sky in different parts of Africa. The earth will be shaken with such force, with which it has not yet been shaken from the creation of the world. No one can escape the sword of the Lord. I saw the Nile river dry, the Nile was a god for the Egyptians. Most of central Africa will be covered in water – millions will die.

“Lord, this is all bad news, just all destruction. Is there any good news? ”I asked. The Lord answered: “The last day has come – the day of judgment. My love was rejected and the day of judgment came. ” I was trembling and shaking all over. I thought I would not survive this.

Fifth Angel: America

I saw the last Angel flying over North and South America, en route from the North Pole to Argentina, from the US East to California. I saw the cup in his hand. The angel said that he would pour out the judgments of the court over these countries, which are in this bowl.

Then I heard an Angel speaking: “There is no morality, no justice, no holiness. Idol worship, materialism, drunkenness, attachment to sin. The shedding of innocent blood – millions of children are killed before they are born. Families break up. An adulterous generation. Exactly the same position as in the days of Noah. Lying preachers, false prophets, rejection of My love. Many of them preach religion, rejecting the true Power. “

When I heard all this, I asked the Angel: “Can’t you wait a little longer? Don’t pour it out. Give one more chance for repentance! ” He replied, “The Lord often spoke to them, but they did not listen. Look, the time has come. They love money and entertainment more than they love Me. “

When the Angel began to pour out the contents of the bowl, I saw how large icebergs began to melt. When it started, I saw flooding all over Canada and North America: all the rivers overflowed their banks, causing destruction everywhere.

I heard how international trade collapsed – like an earthquake and New York’s skyscrapers collapsed and fell. In the oceans I saw ships sinking, I saw how an Angel poured a bowl over Mexico, and both oceans joined – the Atlantic and the Pacific. Most of Brazil was covered in water. The Amazon River has turned into a large lake. Forests have been destroyed and flooded. Major cities in Brazil have been destroyed, and earthquakes have hit many places. When the Angel poured out the contents of the bowl, great destruction occurred in Chile and Brazil, which had not happened before. The whole earth was shaking.

Everything will be done soon

Here the Angel said: “This will all happen in a very short time.” I said, “Can’t you put it all off? Don’t pour these things over the globe (earth). ” Suddenly I saw five Angels standing around the globe with their arms and wings raised to heaven, saying, “All the glory of God is in heaven and on earth. The time has come and He will glorify His Son. A new heaven and a new earth will be created. God will destroy the works of the devil forever. I will show My Power by keeping My children in this destruction. Get ready for the day when the Lord comes. “

My room was filled with light and brilliance of Angels. Suddenly, they ascended into the sky. As I looked up into the sky, I saw Angels heading in five directions. I did not sleep, my body trembled all the time.

I asked: “Lord, should I leave Patmos?” He said, “No, for a special reason I brought you here.” I said, “The Angels’ message about the whole world is not good news. This is judgment, punishment, destruction, obliteration. What will people say about me? I have always been a preacher of love, peace and good news. ” The angel said, “This is our message. You are an instrument, a channel ”. I said, “Lord, let your will be done.”

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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Scientists warn of imminent pole reversal and critical weakening of the Earth’s geomagnetic shield

Since 1850, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. At the turn of the millennium, it began to decline exponentially, by more than 10% in a decade – this decline is extreme and alarming.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from cosmic radiation. Our shields have been discharged and this is very bad news for all life on our planet and this may even lead to another mass extinction.

“”When the magnetic field weakens, the poles change,” says David Mauriello of ORP and MRN. Over the past 100 years, both the north and south poles have been rapidly approaching the equator and their rate of mixing increases, Mauriello warns. 

The S Pole is now behind the Antarctic continent and is heading straight for Indonesia, and the N Pole is moving across the Arctic Circle towards Siberia, it too is heading for Indonesia – where the poles are likely to meet over the next few decades, perhaps around 2050.

This “meeting” will lead to one of two possible options: 

1) a complete reversal will occur (aka “reversal”, where the magnetic poles change)
2) a “bounce back” will occur and the poles will quickly return to their original starting points (in other words, an “excursion”).

The main problem, however, is not the pole shift, although that is certainly one of the problems, Mauriello continues. No, the biggest problem is the waning magnetosphere resulting from the pole shift.

“As the magnetic field weakens, more and more cosmic radiation can penetrate the Earth,” Mauriello explains

“Not only cosmic rays will increase, but also the entire wide spectrum of radiation. Did you notice this summer, just standing in the sun for even a few minutes was hell? ” 

“This is because we are at the solar minimum, we have a reduced magnetic field, and you feel the influence of this radiation. And this, unfortunately, will increase for the rest of your life – or as long as the reversal / hike takes place. “

In recent years, it has been documented that magnetic inversions and excursions have caused some of the largest mass extinctions on the planet, including the Early Dryas event, which wiped out up to 65% of the world’s megafauna.

And this is already happening right now!

Heartbreaking images show the aftermath of Australia’s worst massive whale landfall in history. To date, an estimated 400 whales have died.

It may well go down in history as one of the largest such events in history, but it certainly isn’t unprecedented. Recently, there are data in many other directions, and moreover, that they all occur during solar minima.

Back in 1985, about 450 whales were stranded in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1996, 320 whales stranded off Dunsborough, Washington. 

In addition, this week in Tasmania, for the first time since 2009, more than 50 stranded whales were deployed. 

And in 2017, a staggering 600 whales landed on New Zealand’s South Island, killing more than 350.

So, this is 1985, 1996, 2009, 2017, and now 2020 – these are not random dates: all these years fall within the solar minima, “when the maximum cosmic radiation penetrates the planet, and this would also be a decrease in the magnetic field – confusion for animals “- Mauriello notes.

“These are predictable events based on the simultaneous extinction of the magnetosphere and the disintegration of our Sun,” Mauriello says. “”These events will continue for maybe another year or so, and then when we hit the solar minimum of cycle 25, we can expect them to happen in 2031, 2032, 2033.””

Mauriello concludes: “The magnetic deflection or reversal will continue as the Sun also enters great lows – these two events occurring at the same time, in my opinion, are not accidental, but will actually intensify the already ongoing Little Ice Age.”

“You and I – we all seem to be experiencing the beginning of the next cosmic catastrophe here on Earth.”

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